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Thursday, August 23, 2007

My Pimp Game Proper, My Local Hotties Proper, So Run And I Will Hit You Like Jeremiah Trotter

Gina Lynn

All you dirty little perverts are in for a treat! Today we bring to you our first celebrity. She's from Birdsboro, PA, but it's close enough for me to post her. Gina Lynn has been seen in The Soprnos, Analyze That, Eminem's Superman video, and Third Watch. She's now promoting her new movie "Top Notch Bitches 6", and you can also see her in "Meet The Fuckers" (thats not a typo) Seriously, this girl may have grown up around the corner from you. She's the total package who loves the outdoors, and has her own monster truck. Fo' Real...its got her on the hood and she drives it! YEEHAW. I'm fully convinced that pornstars are just normal girls who love sex and get paid for it. Aside from work, they're no different than you and me. Except they probably make more money. Gina Lynn's also got her own production company. I really think there's nothing hotter about a chick with an entrepeneurial mindset, and a great ass. Look at the body and the lips and the eyes and the smile and the legs and the list goes on. As always....Keep your hands above your desk please. And visit her sites!! Buy her calender...I bought 3. they're gonna be stocking stuffers.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's the best way to win a Hottie's heart?

A: The best way to my heart would be to keep it real and try not to be someone your not, also be polite and you must love animals.

Would it be completely improper for me to profess my love right now? Yeah, it would? Dammit.


Anonymous said...

I love porn star Gina Lynn