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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

You Never Count Your Money, While The Hotties At The Table

Amanda aka Rachel Benet

Soooooooooey! That means I'm fired up. It's redneck for Yeeehaw! We have a first here at Local Hotties....a female poker player. She won the Borgata Poker Summer Open Ladies Event. That means she's a badass at the table. Insert corny "poke-her" joke here. Sorry, Amanda, had to do it. I would have actually thought of a joke, but I'm not really that clever. Amanda was also a caddy at the Playboy Golf Tounrament in Vegas. Hmmm.....Amanda, our past hottie Brenda Lynn, and playboy bunnies. Oh and golf. There's more variety there than a value meal at KFC. She's currently single and looking, fellas. So strap on your game no...go with the other one. That one make your ass look big, Fumbles. In order to woo this fine lady, you must be in shape, tall, dark and handsome, and have a great personality or a good sense of humor. Ehhhhh great. 0 for 4. Oh my god, at least I've got beer to wash away my sorrows. This woman is amazing. Strong personality...wild, outgoing, and humble and timid all in one tight little package. Amanda claims that she is the one girl every guy is looking for in order to prove that all women are not the same. No Amanda, they aren't. Not many look like you. Just take a walk around my office.....(shakes head...makes bitterface due to lack of hotties in the workforce). And not many women can be saved on the river when holding a pair of 2's. But this hottie isn't all looks. She just genuinely seems like a down to earth, fun hottie. Like a night out at a dive bar with her would be a great time. And that's how I rate women. Can you entertain me with your clothes on (or partially off) while we're out at a dive bar. Shallow I know. I wallow in it. If she's a pool shark and can shoot darts....I'm proposing......again.

Tip of the Day

Q: Would you ever date someone off the internet? (myspace, facebook, etc)

A: Its funny that that is my question.. i always said no- never would i date anyone from the internet. but now- YES!! i think that that is going to be my only way to find a guy. I do not have time to go out and meet guys. I work/play poker late hours and long hours. I am so single and so looking!!!

Ladies and Gentile-men, you have got to check this hottie out. Her myspace is below. She's got millions of pictures...since I know half of you are illiterate and just check our site for the pictures only.


amanda said...

wow! nice work! any bites yet? lol...