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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Your Hottie Can't Help It....Your Hottie Can't Help It!

Brianna Frost

I hope all you slackers had fun being off for yesterday's holiday. I'm sure some of you had some free time to yourselves know what I mean, don't play dumb. I'm biased for the hottie today just because of where she goes to college...PSU! She is majoring in Business Management, but her true passion is modeling. So, I definitely didn't see a girl like this when I was at Penn State. O yeah, its because I'm OLD. She's 5'3, 115lbs and yes folks...her boobs are real. She is self proclaimed sexy and and provocative, yet classy and reserved at times. If you didn't get the sexy part...slap yourself in the face repeatedly, no seriously. She also enjoys shopping, tanning, partying, cooking (there's a big one fellas), dance, gymnastices, snowboarding, STRIP CLUBS (ha and you thought cooking was good)...and the list goes on. She believes you have to experience pain in life to get pleasure. So, tell me what pain I have to endure to get a chance with her.

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Tip of the Day

Q: If you wanted a sexy/romantic gift from a guy...what would it be?

A: It would have to be a shopping spree at victoras secret. then i could model my lingerie for him late at night :)aside from that i am not hard too please, dinner and a movie would be just the perfect date/gift for me.


Anonymous said...

how is it that no one comment this beautiful woman yet? Brianna is amazing in every aspect, looks, personality, everything!