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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Atomic Bombshell's Anatomically Correct Dating Advice

Dear Readers,

Well it's that time of year, and you probably haven't even begun your Christmas shopping for that special someone. That's okay, I'm here to help you!

You can't go wrong with a nice evening out and great pair of earrings! I don't just mean dinner, I mean a night out in New York or tickets to a show. Maybe a night at the Borgata. SOMETHING SPECIAL. It really doesn't take much. Especially if you have been dating under six months. Do not buy her a hair dryer (yes, it happened to me) and if you haven't discussed secret fetishes, now is not the time to buy her a full leather face mask! You better just ease into that one. Trust me when I tell you, a night out, can go a long way. (Yes, that requires a little planning on your part).

And for that person that you can easily name ten things you hate about them, here are some really fun revenge gift web sites;
*I'm sure you can guess what kind of revenge gifts they have.
*This web site offers a number of gifts for neighbors, employers, etc. I guess it depends on your flavor.
*This web site offers a variety of gifts and promises anonymity. Still, I saw nothing on their product list that really "did it" for me.
We’ll do all the dirty work, and they’ll never know where it came from, because it’s ANONYMOUS and ONLY YOU will know where it came from.
You are going to send them a DirtBagTM and an official seal certifying them as a Dirtbag. In a few days, this package will be delivered to the Dirtbag who pissed you off.


*This one is actually funny. Not too mention, for $8.95 per dirt bag, you can send quite a few.

And finally-

Christmas Gift Ideas for Jerks: Taking them Down a NotchMany jerks think they're God's gift to mankind. They talk about everyone else but can't even see the things they do. They have a tendency to rub things in other people's faces or pass judgement. Let's say your friend thinks he's the greatest golfer ever when he really sucks at it. Try buying him a golf scorecard as a Christmas gift. Maybe one of your female friends is a bit of a slut and drinks too much, get her a book on settling down and finding the right guy. They should not feel quite so superior after they receive your present, but they won't really be aware that you've made a statement.

Stay tuned until next week!


Atomic Bombshell

Do you have questions or comments about sex or dating? I want to hear all about it. Email me at

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

But Dani, You're Neither A Business Nor A Man.....


So how did she get to go to a Businessman's Special Phils Game this year? Cause she's hot. And hot girls get whatever they want. Or she bought a ticket, but I'm not really a stickler for detail. This former model has the looks and a few good jobs, so you only have to worry about making your ends meet. What goes together better than beauty and brains??? Oh yeah, a great personality. Check out the Let's Get Ready To Stumble T Shirt. Brilliant. And she drinks from the pitcher, so undo your bowtie, Urkel. Let's hear about this hottie ...

I work for a mortgage bank as an Account Manager. To sum it up I'm a consultant to brokers on their borrowers loans. Been doing it for 3 years now and love it. Stinks that the industry is in a hole.

For fun? I love to shop of course, bar hop with friends, coordinate parties and events... I'm a model part time now, although when I was younger had done it FT- TV, movies, events, magazine, etc... had tons of fun, still do :) I bartend PT 2 nights a week in the city and Conshohocken for some play $...

I love to stay busy, I cant sit still :)

You can't stay still cause of the ADHD, but don't worry, that's just a made up disease anyway. What? Oh yeah, Dani. Ohhh Dani. Stunning. The looks are a 10. Great eyes, infectious smile, and killer body. I mean, do I really have to say more? NO? Good. Read her advice and take notes. There will be a quiz next week.

Yip of the Day

Q: What's the best place to take a woman on a date, Classy Dani?

A: I think the best thing a guy can do for a date, is be creative. Pay attention to the things a girl says she likes and mirror that... it proves you actually listen and are interested in learning more and experiencing it with her.

I had told a co-worker once that I loved seafood- blue crabs to be exact... he asked to take me to the coolest little spot in philly where they put newspaper on the tables, crackers in your hand and let you go to town. The fact that he didn't assume a date had to be super upscale or financially impressive was awesome- it just has to be fun for us. I had another guy who knew I loved beer take me to his favorite brewery and we tried all their beers... it was great. Be thoughtful and creative... and just listen.

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Atomic Bombshell's Anatomically Correct Dating Advice

Don't try this at home!

Bold moves, in love.

Movies can be really great for inspiration. They can teach us lessons or they can just entertain us. In the Hollywood-driven world that we live in, you never really know what you are going to hear on the news about some idiot that was influenced by something they saw on the big screen. So for fun this week, I thought I would give you some examples of what not to do;


Going on a drug induced killing spree with your loved one. NOT GOOD. This is why drugs are bad. If you ever find yourself in this position, just ask yourself, "What would Jesus do?"


We follow this loooong saga about these two people in love. Will they? Won't they? Didn't it just piss you off that they didn't end up together? Lesson: Do not go through a bunch of drama with a girl you're in love with, just to become undead and sail the seven seas for eternity. It's just bullshit. KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!


Look, we all hate our significant other's friends. Killing all of their friends and making it look like suicide, makes you UNPOPULAR. True story! Just don't do it!


Pretending to be gay to get close to the one you love. It screams STALKER! Not too mention, once you fess up, it's too complicated. There are too many questions and doubts. DON'T BE CRAZY! Pretending to be gay, is going to the extreme. You have issues.


We all love this movie. However, someone tries this crap in real life, you are calling the cops! You are calling your friends on the phone, telling them about this asshole that stood outside your window all night with a BOOM BOX. Seriously. You know it's true. You will forever tell this story for cheap laughs at parties. Person with the boom box, IT ONLY WORKS WHEN JOHN CUSACK DOES IT!

Join me next week for more on dating!
Atomic Bombshell

Do you have questions or comments about sex or dating? I want to hear all about it. Email me at

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Work + Websites = Ahhhhhhhhhhh!


Lemme explain our little delay here and our lack of posts over the last few weeks. I'm in a new job, new girl, and last week of schoool so my tme has been stretched thin, homey. I apologize, but on a high note, we've been gearing up for our move to the big site so cross your fingers, and not your legs (it looks gay when guys sit like that). Now onto Jules. Oh Jules. Where to begin...Jersey Jules is from...Jersey obviously, you dick. This 18 year old (i think...and I HOPE!) hottie brings the Garden State to life, because honestly, nothing else does. She's also friends 3with another one of Jersey's finest....our very own AllieGirl. Mmmmhmmm. They're making sure you forget about all things Bon Jovi, and start thinking about all the Philly girls who cross the Ben Franklin to party at places like Club 27. Let's hear what JJ has to say about herself...

My names Jules
i work at victorias secret
i love to watch football & baseball
i love to be able to joke around with everyone

Ok so first off, she works at Victoria's effin Secret, and no, none of us care WHAT Victoria's secret is, just as long as it's hidden somewhere in that sweet lingerie, and we're allowed to go on a scavenger hunt for it. Not only that she knows sports...and I'd put up pics to prove it but she's wearing a Shockey jersey, and that's a strict no-no on our site. No Giants gear allowed. "Not Peyton" Manning is the biggest aw-shucks loser I've ever seen, and I hope he breaks his leg. Actually I don't so wecan kick his ass in the playoffs. A hottie with a sense of humor is always a plus, just not when she gets in her Vickies and starts telling jokes. Unless they're erotic jokes, in which case, tell away. I'm diggin the girl next door look on Jules, and can;t wait to see more of her parading around the club, or in the pageants she's entered before. Pageant girls are ALWAYS fun. Hit me with your advice Jersey!

Tip of the Day
Q: What's the perfect Philly spot to take your woman on a date?

A: The perfect place to take someone on a date would have to be somewhere like dave and busters so you could just let loose and have a good time with out feeling like all you need to do is have a serious conversation. Sitting down to a dinner and talking on a first date could be very stressful and intimidating. So, instead go somewhere where you can have fun and let your personality come out.=)

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Ahhhh... The Hidden Gem, Fellas

Dara Marie

Ohhh goddamn homey! Lemme explain a lil somethin every week we have different models and personalities that you've seen before. Either at a club, or possibly modeling or dancing....even one on Fox for the Eagles games... Kourtney Lee, whaddup! But what truly makes this site work is finding that hidden gem. That beauty that no one knows about. It's like finding a band before anyone else, and then you tell everyone about it...and their amazed. Then next thing you know, everyone loves this band, and all of a sudden your ironic t shirt isn't so hip anymore. It's the same thing your 13 year teeny boppin cousin is wearing. But hey, you've achieved your goal of making them popular, but no one remembers that it was you who put them onto that band....whoa. Rant. Sorry. But we've found that beauty. We are introducing Philadelphia to Dara Marie. She's our new cool band. You may have never seen her before, you may have no idea who she is, but I'll be damned if this isn't one eof the most attractive women we've had on this site. Look at the perfect crest smile....the lips...the eyes. I mean what more could you want? And she's fun! So ladies and yentlemen....let's hear a little bit more about our very own Incubus (the cool band we found first). Take it away DaraMarie!

My name is DaraMarie I was born and raised in South Philadelphia. I attend Temple University. My major is Communications/ Public Relations. I love to go shopping and spend time with my family and friends. I love vacations and the beach. I also love to exercise and eat healthy. My family, friends and School are my world. I am a very fun, outgoing and independent person. I love to talk about anything and everything.

Wow, and she's got brains? I'm stunned by DaraMarie. Really I am. I'm going to need the photographers and modeling agencies, and even you Frank from Hot girl Dream team, to write me and tell me how you missed this blonde bombshell. No more than 50 words, cause I've got shit to do. But someone needs to explain this to me. It's a modern day travesty, I tell you! This may be one of the finest girls in Philly and we all just turned a blind eye to her beauty. Well, no more I say! We've just unleashed DaraMarie onto the city, and I hope to shit that this isn;;t the last I've heard of her! She's got some banging ass advice to match that package too!

Tip of the Day!

Q: DM, what's the best plac ein Philly to take a hottie out on a date?

A: The best place to take a women on a date is first, out to dinner, then take them for a walk in the park, or along the river, anything romantic. Always be able to make a person recall the date they went on with you as romantic and fun and worthwhile. Always conduct yourself to be a gentleman or a lady with class. Conduct yourself with confidence and respect for yourself. =]

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Atomic Bombshell's Anatomically Correct Dating Advice

Dear Readers,
Every now and then, I come across something that I find to be enlightening in the topic of love and dating. This week, I found an article that I want to share with everyone. I hope it leaves you inspired and hopeful. Happy dating!!

Atomic Bombshell

by Red

Looking … everywhere!Many people spend much of their time searching for love, and more importantly, their "soulmate." This personal mission can become all-consuming, and often leads people astray. Just because she smiled at you, or he gave you a playful wink, doesn't mean the search is over, nor does this interaction guarantee a date.
You know you don't want to be alone, and you know that you have lots of love to share. However, if you think "the one" is lurking around every corner, you are setting yourself up for heartache and despair. When loneliness, or the soulmate mission, starts getting the best of you, you are more likely to overlook incompatibilities that have a tendency to turn even the most picturesque fairytale into a living nightmare.

Time for love

There are times when you meet someone, and it feels like you've known them all of your life. Chemistry can be instant, love at first sight does exist. The connection is powerful and immediate, but deciding too quickly that this is "the one" can lead straight into entanglement trouble weeks or months down the road.

The most fatal dating mistake is timing. You may have just met your soulmate, in which case, he or she isn't likely to disappear. But, if this connection is one of pheromones and fantasy, time will eventually show you the error in your ways. Taking things slow is the intelligent way to go. Love can come quickly, and fade just as fast - but true love is nurtured and strengthened by time.

Fact or fantasy?

He opens doors, knows just what to say and even does his own laundry. You have yet to see him ruffled, and when you talk - his eyes meet yours, and you know you have his full attention. She laughs at your jokes, is a sports fanatic and is the reason that little black dress looks good. She doesn't care how much money you make, lets you have time to yourself and hasn't mentioned the boyfriends that came before. Are they the one, or is this all just too good to be true?

Sometimes, the search for your beloved causes a little deception in the initial relationship stages. People tend to be on their best behavior, presenting what they believe the other person wants or expects of them. It is only through time and interaction that guards are dropped and whole truths can come out. Often times, it is only after you decide you have found what you are looking for that you allow yourself - and your partner - to be real.

Keep this in mind when choosing your mate: You can settle for whomever is willing, or hold out for the one who is actually worthy.

Do you have questions or comments about sex or dating? I want to hear all about it. Email me at

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Friday, December 5, 2008

TGIf, Uncle Joey! Where's Uncle Jessie?

Kori aka Seizure

TGIF, trick. And for me that means my newish girlfriend is meeting my parents. Wow, that's some nervewracking shit. Then I get to party at her parents mansion on Saturday at a fully catered Christmas party (this is one reason why being jewish sucks) with valet her parents house. Envy it...and she's hot. So tomorrow I put her on a two glass of wine limit (classssy) so she doesn't mistakenly tell my parents how we broke her bed today. So in honor of my new blonde lady, we're bringing you a brunette...the loooovely Seizure. She's a goddamn Suicide Girl! We broke our Suicide Girl cherry today, and boy, it hurts so good. So let's hear what this brunette vixen has to bring to the table...

For a living I am a graphic design artist. I work from home for a bunch of websites and companys. My job is amazing and gives me the ability to express my self and my artistic ability as my living. I still attend college full time also. Im not your typical girl. Im such a mixture of so many things. I love culture, art, theatre and music. I am a musician and have been one for many years now. I play the guitar and a few other instruments. Music is a huge part of my life and if you are ever looking for me on a Friday night im probably at a show. I love tattoos and piercings and all forms personal expression. Before moving to philadelphia and graduating college I was a body piercer from the time I was 18. I am really into “extreme sports”. I snowboard, wake board, jet ski. Im up for pretty much anything

She's newish to Philly, eh? I love cultured women like this. she;s into the arts, music, and all other things we'd never be willing to admit that we like. And she can rock out?> Only downside...she;s originally from Cleveland. YUCK! Cleveland is the only place where a gay man can play quarterback outside of the bedroom. Seizure certainly has curves, and she's damn proud of them, bitch. So step!I love the fact that on this website we can celebrate different types of women. Big, tall, Suicide, and short, and see them for the beauty that makes them unique. And busty. Can not forget busty. It's Seizure's eyes, curves, passion and culture that truly make her worthy of being on our site. And yes, her boobs and ass. Let's see how you, too, can get your own Suicide Girl.

Just the Tip of the Day

Q: Kori, top 3 qualities you look for in a guy besides tattoos and piercings?

A: What I look for in a guy?

Intelligence- If I cant hold an intelligent conversation with a guy then he has lost me. It doesn’t matter how good looking or what have you. I want to be able to talk and have a good time with my guy.

Honesty- My biggest turn off is being lied to. Just be upfront right away and ill be much happier. Humor- I need someone who makes me laugh. I want a guy who doesn’t take life too seriously and can just have fun.

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