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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Atomic Bombshell's Anatomically Correct Dating Advice

Dear Atomic Bombshell,

My girlfriend goes through my stuff and then picks a fight with me about the things that she finds. We have spent hours talking about this and I feel like it gets me no where.The stuff that she finds, I don't even remember having. Like phone numbers from two years ago, condoms that are so old that they expired and a break up letter from an ex girlfriend in college. She was angry because she thought I was holding on to my ex girlfriend because I still had an old letter. I kept telling her that I didn't even realize that I still had it. She is so worried that I'm doing something wrong, that she can't help but go through my things. I'm not even doing anything! She is wrong, every single time. At what point is this going to end?

-Caught with Nothing

Dear Caught with Nothing,

Women snoop. It's just one of those things that we can't stop ourselves from doing. Maybe we want to know if you have a secret life or some or a sacred place where you have kept the collected memories of your life. We are very curious creatures. I think that it is ridiculous that she would get upset over an old break-up letter. If there was a shrine to your ex, then I could understand. This doesn't sound like a very healthy situation. I think it comes down to maturity. Just because the title "boyfriend" is given, doesn't automatically stop someone from cheating or wandering. Neither does snooping. Snooping is not preventive for cheating. If you were behaving strangely and not coming home, I might see why someone would be curious enough to go through your things, but to do it regularly and punish you for things that don't exist, THAT'S MENTAL. Who wants to live like that? You need to set some boundaries or move on. Thanks for writing.

Atomic Bombshell
Do you have questions or comments about sex or dating? I want to hear your pain Email me at

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Friday, May 30, 2008

It's My Hottie, And I'll Cry If I Want To


So today starts off my birthday weekend, and unlike my last 2 or 3 birthdays, I'm gonna celebrate like a champ. My brother's grlfriend won tickets to some free concert tonite, then we're headin out to Cebu for the after party. All wekk I thought to myself, "Hey, how can we make this site pop on your birthday?" I had no answer...then I got an e-mail nominating Abbey as our hottie of the day. Immediately, I e-mailed her back. Luckily for us, she was pretty receptive. I've just been threatened with castration if I don't do a good job. Sooooo here goes nothing. (Sorry, wang, if I screw this up)

I'm a Northeastern PA native, living in and loving Philadelphia. I work at Hollywood Tans for the past 2 years and love it cause I can sit and look cute while getting paid (though I do work hard!! Sweatyyy! haha) I loveeee going out at night, taking my Chihuahua Jack for walks (and "carries" haha) around Manayunk and the Main Line area, and love concerts. I'm a bit of a groupie for some bands (Tool, A Perfect Circle). I'm a Graphic Design major and Fashion concentration at Philadelphia University, so I love creativity and fashion. I also recently auditioned for the new Paris BFF reality show on MTV filming this summer and they better pick me! ;)

I've gone tanning once, but I've been in tanning salons plenty of times (it was for work, not some weird pervert thing), and every tanning salon has hoooot chicks in it. Abbey obviously isn't the over tanned, orange, oompa loompa lookin girl you see way too often. No, this is sheer beauty. With a smile that can kick you in the balls, and eyes that can melt, Abbey's poised to take Philadelphia on head first. She really is like a mini Paris Hilton. She's even got the chihuahua....Jack. Hopefully, by the time this hotties nabs up her graphic design degree, this website will be a monster, and I can hire her. Then I can stay out of tanning salons for life. Why go to the tanning salon, when you can bring the workers to you? She's also a big Tool fan which works out well for you, hammer. So she's got some decent tastes, a gorgeous look, and gosh darnit, people like her. So, Abbey, do I get to keep my balls??

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your best piece of dating advice for all the Philly guys out there?
A: I want guys to know that there is absolutely no need to throw any pick up lines out there, nearly all respectable girls think they are rediculous. A well-dressed (ie, fashionable but not necessarily obsessed), well-groomed, and well-mannered man is a success everywhere, not just in dating! Try not to talk about how much you hate this, think that's gross, etc and try to be a positive person you will attract more admirers. No one likes a hater! I think you need to prepare a good joke too for a date -- it's almost imperative to be good-humored. Oh, and smelling nice never hurt anyone! ;)

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Better Wear A Latex, Cause You Don't Want That Late Text, That "I Think I'm Late" Text


We would like to encourage safe sex, and always use a spotter when trying auto-erotic asphyxiation. This has been a Public Service Announcement From Local Hotties, so remember...wrap it before you slap it. Today we've got the lovely brunette, Yelena. I love my Bucks County girls, and Yelena is no exception, she may even set the brunette gold standard. It baffles me that these hotties live right near me, yet I rarely ever see them. I've got good radar...What's the problem? Let's see if Yelena can give us any insight on where hotties like this hang out....

im yelena. im 21 from upper southampton, i was born in ukraine lived there for 9 years, graduated from william tennent. i go to bucks county community college and i want to become an accountant!!! i work at fridays in willow grove and a medical lab!!! im a very outgoing crazy funny sweet person never a dull moment when your with me!!!! i love to make people smile and would do pretty outrageous things.. ask anyone that knows me!!! i love to dance to britney and techno, i work 7 days a week and i love it!!! my favorite food ever is sushi and steves steak!!! yummmm

Okay, so I think I should be trolling BCCC's campus. That seems to be the hot spot. Yelena promises a good time whenever you hang out her, and judging from her pictures, I'd say she's correct. If she's still got a hint of an accent, I'll marry lie. Plus I hear those Tennent girls are no joke! Now she does say she does some outrageous things....I'd like to know what, how, when...ummmm, where? Examples please? Yelena's got a gorgeous face and bangin' body (bikini pics!!!). One thing I love about the Ukraine hotties is that they don't mind working. They work hard to maintain a certain lifestyle, and in return just ask you do the same. That's not too hard is it? It's a case where the risk isn't even close to the reward. But really, Yelena.... Britney? I expected sooo much more out of you. I was beginning to lose some faith in your taste, then you said those two magic words....Steve's Steaks. My heart just melted like the cheese on a steamy Whiz Wit'.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your best piece of advice for all those single bums out here in Philly?

A: best dating advice? hmmmmmm, probably would have to be for a guy to be himself and stop puttin on an act and playing games just because he thinks its make the girl want him more. That is realllyy annoying and immature. you want to play games play on your xbox not wit a girls mind.. dont act a certain way if its not really who you are, because sooner or later we all find out, trust me were not as dumb as some may think. just be yourself. also, if you love someone enough, make it work. dont give up when times are rough. compromise and make a few sacrifices, dont be stubborn because itll just come back at you and youll be sitting at home constantly thinking about it . Love is the easiest thing to fall into and the hardest to fall out of... if you love someone let them know!!!

"If you love someone let them know"...with words, or with one of those planes that spells shit out in the sky? And what if I write shit out in the sky, but the hottie gets stuck at work, and some other hottie with the same name sees it, and well, her boyfriend gets all the credit, and here I am a day late and a dollar short, wondering why I wasted my money, and now I can't even take her out to a nice dinner.... Maybe us fellas should just stick to saying it..

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I've Got 2 Tickets To Paradise


EDITORS NOTE: The bet is on. If Pittsburgh wins 2 or more games, I will sport a Penguins Jersey and post it on the site. If Sindey Crosby shits the bed and they win one game, we will have Caitlyn appearing on the site in a Flyers Jersey. So for the sake of all of our eyes, Go Red Wings.

My name is Caitlin. I am from Pittsburgh, GO PENS (SHH)! I just graduated from Penn State with a degree in elementary education, so yes, I like the little ones. I just got an apartment in Manayunk; I decided to spread my wings and see what all the Philly hype was about. I don't know many people so that sucks but I love meeting new friends and going out; so it shouldn't be a problem for too long. I have a boyfriend, I've been with him for 3 years. In addition, I'm crazy about Penn State, Pittsburgh Sports teams, my family, friends, and traveling (Vegas esp). I hope that's good!

Go Pens? Right. Ladies and gentlemen, time to put on your "charming" faces. This Tittsburgh transplant needs to see the better half of Philly, so that when she goes back to PA's ugly stepbrother city, she can tell stories of debauchery, good times, and absolute craziness. Oh, and by charming face, I mean your "drinking, root for the Phils, bitter-beer" faces. This blonde haired, blue eyed hottie likes the little ones, so apparently, ahem, Sullivan your in. *schoolgirl giggles at the tiny penis joke* Really, she's an aspiring teacher who has spent time as a Bacardi girl. I don't think I've ever said that about any teacher I've ever had, unless Mr. Kinkead was moonlighting. The only downside to this hottie is that whole Pittsburgh thing, but I'm willing to overlook it if she'll model a Phillies Jersey for this very website. Caitlyn, I'm calling you out...we should make a friendly bet. Winner wears the other cities jersey and its posted on the website. It's too late to bet that Pittsburgh will lose the Stanley Cup, but I'm willing to say they only win 1 game. So, in?

Tip of the Day

Q: Caitlyn, what's your best piece of dating advice for all those single guys in Philly?
A: And my best piece of dating advice to single guys is to be yourself!!! Girls like guys that have JOBS and who don't mind putting the girl first every now and then.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Layout----Kind Of

In order to increase efficiency and make our website look a little more organized and professional, we have added a READ MORE link. On our main page you will only see one picture, and the first paragraph. Once you click on the read More link, it will take you to the full post. It's a way to hel-p attract more comments, but also make this page a little easier for you to use! Thanks for your patience

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Ladies And Gentlemen, Introducing Lady Von Vicious

Lady Von Vicious

Wheeeeew, boy! Have we got a treat for you today. After the long weekend, we came in ready to rock this morning. Let's let Lady Von Vicious speak as I get some hangover juice.

My name is Lady Von Vicious. Im 20 years old. Puerto rican and black, most people are shocked when they hear that...most think im Caucasian..I guess I dont hit the tanning bed too often ( Im'll get over it). Im a freelance model and freelance makeup artist. Im from south jersey but I stay in PA.

I HATE normal jobs you will never find me working in back of a register unless its at a club. Or giving clothing advice and trying to sell them just to get back a $100 paycheck after busting my ass 40 hrs a week, unless I was at a shoot dressing beautiful models for a high fashion show. Most of my jobs revolve around the club nightlife.

I have an amazing girlfriend and when not so busy I just like to spend time with her. I've been busy lately though trying to build up my portfolio and get things together to build up my own website. The website would be very different from others. I wont be doing your average glamor, no talent, no creative ideas type deal.

It would be very scattered . I do guarantee it will be SEXY but Vicious and definitely IN YOUR FACE. Im hoping to get myself out there and ROCK HARD while still being F.A.B.O.L.O.U.S<3

What a beauty. Sometimes we like to switch things up now and then to keep you on your toes, and this hottie definitely will keep you guessin. She's got an original look, which is a little on the wilder side than we're used to here. And I asolutely effin love it. Now, she does have a girlfriend, so unless your vagina is in tip top shape, you probably have no shot. So why get advice from a girl who likes girls? Simple! She knows what it takes to get her, and also knows how to pick up the its like a double dose of advice. Plus, her girlfriend is hotter than 90% of the chicks you're pulling, so she obviously knows a lil somethin. I expect to see big things out of Lady Von Vicious. I'm sure this won't be the last you hear about her. With a body like that, and her wild-style attitude, I'm sure this hottie will be doing big things....they just won't be big penises. (sorry, couldn't resist)

Tip of the Day

Q: LVV, What's your hottest piece of dating advice for all the single guys out there??

A: . Look hot. Get a new wardrobe if you are still wearing those old Nikes from 1995. Get clothes that actually FIT YOU. Im tired of seeing guys wearing shirts that show what color shirt you had on the day before. EVIDENCE ( the color lint in your belly button...GROSS).

.Get your hygiene straitened out TAKE A SHOWER!! Buy some nice cologne and a grooming kit. Get your hair cut and styled! Trust me..women appreciate it.

.Don't be stupid or LAZY..Do make your life consist of drinking in the bar 7 nights a week. It would not win her heart.

.LEARN TO DANCE. You do not have to Justin Timberlake but please do have SOME sort of rhythm. .Give up the drugs and smoking ASAP aka NOW!

.Do not expect sex on the first date. If you are looking for the girl you want to spend your life with there is nothing better then a patience. If you are expecting sex your looking in the wrong place. TRY A CORNER on the BLVD.!!

.STOP talking and start to listen!!! Chicks love to talk so you need to start paying attention to what she says. Remembering stuff she has told you will definitely impress her.

.And definitely do NOT talk in slang. If you know the RIGHT way to say something. PLEASE do not change it into something else. It does not make you look cool. SPEAK RIGHT or do not speak AT ALL and just walk away. No women wants a man who still talks like a 3 year old!

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Atomic Bombshell's Anatomically Correct Dating Advice

Dear Atomic Bombshell,

I recently discovered that my girlfriend still talks to her ex boyfriend. I really had no idea that this was happening. She always spoke of him in a very negative way. Everything she has told me about their relationship was always bad. I was really shocked to hear this from one of her closest friends who has sworn me to secrecy. Two days later, I caved in and I confronted her. She says that it's nothing. They were together for four years and why shouldn't they be friends? She said that she didn't tell me because they don't talk often and she was afraid of how I would react. I just don't understand why you would need to be friends with someone that you had such a bad relationship with? I don't think that I totally believe her nor can I ever be okay with this.

-The Beguiled Boyfriend

Dear Beguiled Boyfriend,

Because you didn't "own" that relationship, it's hard to explain why there is a need to hold on to that person or still have them in your life. Sometimes, when we go through awful things with someone, there is a weird sense of sentiment. It is possible that they still have an attachment to one another. I think your concern should be that she kept it from you. It wasn't just a piece of information that she didn't mention. This is a big deal! She was hiding the fact that her ex boyfriend was still in her life in some way. That is deceit and that is what your concern should be. Can you move on with someone who hides things from you? You need to talk to her about your relationship and the boundaries that she has crossed. I wish you the best of luck.
I would also like to add; How the hell does her friend run her mouth about it and then swears you to secrecy? That's bullshit. Something sounds really fishy, there.

Atomic Bombshell

Do you have questions or comments about sex or dating? I want to hear your pain. Email me at

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Nerd By Day...But Just Wait Until You See Me At Night ;)


Oh, boy! Another one of the Glamorous Girls! Man, I absolutely love these chicks. Go to their myspace to find out where and when they are dancing at a club near you! Lucy is a 21 year old hottie from Plymouth Meeting. She's like a really hot Clark Kent. Read below, you'll see what I mean. I know I've said this before, and most likely I'll say it again, but ohmigod, I think I'm in love. As Bombshell would tell me, "I'm in love with the idea of her", fine... whatever, where can I get me one? I honestly NEVER see women like this's perplexing (Pee-Wee's Funhouse word of the day). And I gotta admit, when I do see hem out, I don't say shit. I just oggle and tap my buddy on the arm and say "yep". Holy shit, I'm a tool.

My name is Lucy. Im 21 years old. I work at a security company during the week doing computer programming of building security systems!! I know what your thinking..super fun, right? SIKE! Yeah thats right i'm a nerd but a hott nerd! ;) Then on the weekends i go from super nerd to super sexy! Now let's talk about that!?! All, the guys who are reading this just woke up! I work as dancer in the city! I love dancing i've been go-go dancing in clubs for about a year now and its so much fun, i've meet great people and i work with an awesome group of girls, Glamorous Girls that is! Yeah, i'm tall and i'm skinny but i can shake what my momma gave me. I love to go shopping of course, watch movies, go for walks, play with my dog(i talk to him as if is my kid), hanging with my friends and just relaxing! Also, since i turned 21 i find that i like to drink a whole lot more then before, haha. Nerd? Super Hot Babe? Tell me what you think? I'm not a high maintenance person AT ALL! Now, thats hot right guys!! im really easy going and i get along with just about everyone unless your fake, a liar or you have a bad attitude problem then i want nothing to do with you! Got it! This sexy hot lil' well tall nerd tells it like it is, and doesn't go for no B.S.!

I went to college for two and a half years but after that i figured college wasn't my thing at that point in my life, i do however plan on going back and getting my degree in computer graphics and animation! Right now i'm just enjoying being me and living my life. I recently auditioned for America's Next Top Model...i just have to wait for the phone call now

Screw it. I'm making it my mission to go on a date with this hottie/supernerd/21 year old. That's my new life goal. Some people wanna save whales and other sea creatures, or invent a cure for AIDS....nope, not me! I was trying to find a picture of her in like a professional business type suit thing, but that didn't work out, so I just ganked (thats right, ganked!) pictures of her in as little as possible. Lucy is gaw-jus dahling. She's got that megawatt smile, and she definitely knows how to seduce you with those eyes. I'm shuttin up...just look. Hands where I can see' em, freakboy!!

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your best piece of dating advice for all those single guys in Philly?

A: Okay boys....seriously to get my attention or any girls attention at that..its really easy just be urself...and no not a cocky s.o.b to impress a the guy you are when your hangin out with your friends or when your sittin at home watchin tv. i hate guys that try to put up a front all the time to try and impress a girl don't be that tough guy if your not..although i don't mind my occasional bad boy ;) it gets annoying...sorry! just be the guy you are and u'll grab my attention. Oh yeah...i like someone who challenges me don't give in to easily! if you grab my attention you'll know it! ;)

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Those Catholic Girls Start Much Too Late


The Phils bats woke back up a lil bit last nite, huh? You know what I'd like to see? This girl...immediately. Catholic school girl (the scenarios write themselves sometimes), but I'm not gonna go that route, pervert. I like the adventure in this hottie. 23 years old and living in Ardmore, this is a professional hottie. She's a consultant by day. It's nice to get a change of pace every once in a while....

I was born and raised in the great metropolis of Allentown,PA. I grew up a "kilted Catholic school girl" but once freshman year of high school hit the "mold" and I didn't get along so I transfered out to public school. Classical ballet was my life and I thought it was in my future but my stubborn Italian side pushed my body to the limit and I ended up injuring myself, so off I went to pursue my education again. I moved away from home and went to Saint Joseph's University in Philly for four fabulous years. After graduation I decided to stay in the area. My love for my family is endless, and I miss them every day. I now live the life I lead in Ardmore, PA and work in West Chester as a consultant. One day I will travel the world. I want to experience all the wonders it holds, and leave no sight unseen. I believe in fate and letting life take it's course, so I try not to take things too seriously. True love is a miracle I one day hope to experience in its purest of forms. I have a tough time staying in one place very long or allowing myself to develop habits... I am a creature of change and wouldn't have it any other way. Boredom is death... life is too short so I am always up for something spontaneous and random. Other than that, I have a hard time describing myself because I am constantly working on re-creating myself... let's call it "the quest for eternal self awareness"haha. But this life is fabulous and each day is an adventure. Life, love and the pursuit of happiness. job is done. Thanks, Nat. You made life easy on me today. This girl is absolutely gorgeous. They should sell these at McDonalds, with the happy meals.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your best piece of advice for the single guys in Philly?

A: Be true to yourself and the women you're interested in. If you know you aren't in it for the long run don't lie and send all the wrong signals... that just isn't fair. On the other hand, if you do know you do want to be in it for the long run, put that out there. Women have that whole "female sense" thing, but with some of the characters out there it is just impossible to know what is going on in their heads. Also, never cheat and always be respectful (those are pretty standard though, but nonetheless important). And last but not least, the opinion of a woman's girlfriends on a man is very important, so make sure you get to know her friends.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm Going (Going) Back (Back) To Cali (Cali)


Hmmm....Where to even start. Look at the smile on this one. There's some mischief hidden behind the cute, innocent smile that seriously has me intrigued. Good girl gone bad? I'd say probably not..but Good Girl who can be bad when she wants to? Yeah, that's a little more like it. I dig it. This 21 year old hottie was born in South Philly( Ayooo Rocky!), but recently moved out to the suburbs. Before I babble on, I'm gonna go grab a red bull, and let Ashley talk about her self a lil bit...

Im Ashley. I grew up in South Philly and moved out to Springfield. Im Italian and I love italian food. Im a cheerleader for a college open team. I attend Widener University for Biology/Pre-Med. I love to go out and have a good time. You can find me in Old City on the weekends. I'm Single. I've been modeling for about 2 years and recently went to California. Thats pretty much it.

Ahhh much better, now I'm all fueled up. Ok so let's run down the hottie bonuses here: Cheerleader - flexibility, great bedroom scenario...Biology/Pre-Med Major- Smart. She'll see through the game as you try to convince her to bring the outfit to the bedroom, but there's another scenario for said bedroom.... Model- well, that's the stamp that says, YES! I'm dating a hottie. Although, model or not, it's kind of obvious that this girl's a hottie. She also made a guest appearance for the Glamorous Girls we had on yesterday. Oh, Ashley, I will definitely be perusing Old City in the upcoming future...and I feel a tickle in my throat...I may need a check up. Another bonus to this hottie; since she's pre-med, she can diagnose you from home, so your fear of the Doctor's office doesn't really get in the way. "I'm sorry, Mr. Fresh, but that tingling feelin in your belly is SARS" DAMMIT! Again, really? But honestly, what would I have to do to convince a hottie like Ashley that I'm date worthy?

Tip of the Day

Q: Ashley, what's your best piece of dating advice for all these single Philly guys?

A: best dating advice for these philly boys is to not come off too strong and don't be to protective. Let your girls have some breathing space to hang out with her friends. To much time together could end the relationship or end anything that was pretty much there. If its meant to be then it will happen.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Razzle..Dazzle..Phillipine Dancing Machine

Mall'et Nicole

I think I'm in over my head on this one. This is one of the Glamorous Girls.. a local dance company. They've got the HOTTEST girls dancing at the HOTTEST parties, so I'm sure this isn't the last you'll be hearing from them. In fact, I didn't even realize I've got another one of their girls slated for tomorrow! Onto Mall'et Nicole. This is a fiery Filipino...look at the gorgeous eyes, the sexy smile, and the knockout body. Plus, knowing how she can move that body makes her even hotter. But let's hear it from her.

My name is Mall'et but i go by Nicole. I'm 21 years old. Most little girls get to be little girls but for me i had to fend for myself. My life has been way different that most and if that doesn't make me unique, well then come see me dance! Oh yeah, and don't mess with me i mean i might be only about 5 foot but i'll kick your ass! I Love to dance, listen to music and sing when nobody is listening. I enjoy playing sports, going to bars/clubs, playing video games, and taking long walks on on the beach(alright that one was a joke). But, i do like being outside, hanging with my friends, and just having a good time. I love Kat Williams, he makes me laugh. I eat pickles all the time! The one thing that does make me a little different for other girls is i like guns and knives. I went to college for two years at MCCC but forget that I'm about the take the police test this month. I'm so excited, i've wanted to be a cop all my life!

Right now i'm a dancer for Glamorous Girls which i love. My boss Stacy is awesome and most people would die to have a job like mine. I mean i even get to dance for famous people. Now tell me that ain't cool.

5 foot tall...oh. my. god. If she becomes a cop, it could be a serious downfall for the city. I personally will go on an unparallelled crime spree of petty thefts and vandalism, evading authorities until Mall'et comes along with the cuffs. Only problem is our "long walk on the beach" would be more of a footchase, but that's a minor detail. Just look at the outfit...need I say more? Another bonus is that this hottie is self-made and knows how to survive on her own. So overall, this beauty has the looks, the attitude, and the moves to win your heart. Like I said before, this definitely ain't the last you've heard of these girls!

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your best piece of advice for all those single guys out here in Philly?

A: Single guys..come correct, no disrespect!!I mean just be yourself and if your an asshole stay away from me. Always respect a woman, you have a mother right?If its games you play then go back to school. :)So come correct with myself and all the ladies that i'm speaking for and never disrespect us!, or else!


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Monday, May 19, 2008

Come On, If You Rollin Wit' Me, Follow Follow...It's Muuurder

A. Murder

Some little girls growing up wanting to play with Barbies and be an actual Barbie doll. This one grew up watching horror movies wanting to be an extra in the movies. A. Murder comes to us from Jersey, where this 24 year old hottie lists one of her fascinations as blood and horror movies. Very different from our normal run of the mill hottie, huh? The entertaining part is...she's really hot. Like I'd do her in a minute. Cause I wouldn't last much longer than that...but that's a whole other blog. It's the subtle smirk she implies she's up to no good, but when you look at that innocent looking face, you think that can't be true. I'll admit, the blood things a little creepy, but it's a welcomed change from our normal write ups. A. Murder...please explain that there's some normalness in you...

i like to go out.. concerts. bars. roadtrips. sporting events. go flyers! go eagles! i love being outside.. going down the shore. fishing. painting (: having people over. horror movies! covering myself in blood ;] anything that's fun and keeps me entertained =]

i don't go to school at the moment. went to Rider for a few years for psychology, but decided not to follow thru. gonna go back in the fall. i plan on majoring in the medical field. my plan is to head out to cali in the next 2 years.

right now i work at an animal hospital as a vet tech. love my job.. so rewarding! some normalness, minus the covering herself in blood part. Is it real blood, corn syrup? Help me out here. I'm really intrigued....I think A. Murder's really hot, but that blood thing is weird. Lets dig deeper and deeper, shall we? Miss Murder, What is it with the blood fascination?

i'm obsessed w/ it. i dunno where it stems from. or how it started. serial killers absolutely fascinate me. i'm always reading up on them. how they view the world so differently than most. i guess blood just kind've excites me. maybe it's the shock value. i dunno. all i know is that i can't get enough of it (:

Okay, I'm sold. The serial killer thing makes me kinda wanna make sure I don't piss her off, but part of me wants to know what happens when she gets pissed off. Does this beauty turn into a beast?

Tip of the Day

Q: A Murder, what's your best piece of dating advice for all those single Philly guys?

A: not to act so damn intimidated! it's such a turn off! and coming on too strong or obsessive too early on is a definite sign of bad things to come. just keep it cool and let things happen naturally (:

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Atomic Bombshell's Anatomically Correct Dating Advice

Dear Atomic Bombshell,

I have had a girlfriend for almost a year. Except that she pee's with the bathroom door open, tries to have conversations with me while I'm in the bathroom, burp's and thinks its funny and she doesn't shave as much as she used too. I have told her that I just don't like it. She says that this is the reality of being in a relationship. This stuff just didn't happen over night. I'm afraid of what's next. I'm not sure I can handle it. Everything else is good. I just can't take the unshaved legs and the bathroom stuff. It's not sexy at all. How can I get her to see things from my point of view?

- Reality Bites

Dear Reality Bites

People do become more "real" after a period of time. There are some things during your relationship that are so real, you can't avoid. For example; having the flu for a few days and not shaving your legs, drinking too much and throwing up in front of your guy, or having a nasty stomach virus and living under the same roof. I may not be a total lady, all the time. I do believe there are some things we should try and spare our men from. I agree, there is nothing sexy about peeing with the door open. I would tell her that there are just some things that you need not to see SO MUCH of. I'm sure there are a few things about you that she would like you to compromise. Try it from that angle. Or you could always buy her a gift certificate for a wax! I'm sure she won't mind. Thanks for writing.

Atomic Bombshell

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Well Then I Guess It's Nothin! Well, Hey, I Think You're Bluffin'


Philly Burbs Stand Up! Okay, sit the hell down, your blockin my view of this fine hottie. Krista is a 25 year old Penn State student who is studying to be a "clinical research associate. In other words, she's gonna study those new test drugs on unsuspecting citizens. So the next time you have that...errr that little problem, feel free to go to Krista and get your woody on. Not only will she help you regain your high school form, she'll also test out medicine on you that you've never heard of....can't sleep? small bladder? Is your prostate too large? Krista may have somethin to help the swelling...(wow, that ones too easy to comment on). I'm loving this brunette with the shiny hair and the golden smile. And look! She even has a slutty picture for us! In her opinion, every girl should have at least one. I say every girl should have at least 3 slutty pictures and a drawer full of private ones, but I'm a dreamer. Really, though, if you went in and Krista was like, "here, dude, try this blue pill", you know you'd swallow that pill faster than a shot of Jager. So, Krista, what's a guy like me gotta do to get a hottie like you (besides confidence...I'm no good at that one, I prefer self-degradation)?

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your best advice for all the single guys in Philly?

A: to answer that question, I would say, confidence is key. Every guy gets insanely attractive with a big dose of confidence. And don't get confidence confused with being a show-off tool. Yes, we will be impressed by the amount of money you make, or how much you can bench, but we dont want YOU to tell us about it. If you have those things, we'll see for ourselves. Oh, and please dont tell a girl how good you are in bed... You wouldnt want it to be aniticlimactic, would you? :) Just be yourself, that's so much hotter than a BMW.
Shit, confidence.....(slams door as I walk out)

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