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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Better Wear A Latex, Cause You Don't Want That Late Text, That "I Think I'm Late" Text


We would like to encourage safe sex, and always use a spotter when trying auto-erotic asphyxiation. This has been a Public Service Announcement From Local Hotties, so remember...wrap it before you slap it. Today we've got the lovely brunette, Yelena. I love my Bucks County girls, and Yelena is no exception, she may even set the brunette gold standard. It baffles me that these hotties live right near me, yet I rarely ever see them. I've got good radar...What's the problem? Let's see if Yelena can give us any insight on where hotties like this hang out....

im yelena. im 21 from upper southampton, i was born in ukraine lived there for 9 years, graduated from william tennent. i go to bucks county community college and i want to become an accountant!!! i work at fridays in willow grove and a medical lab!!! im a very outgoing crazy funny sweet person never a dull moment when your with me!!!! i love to make people smile and would do pretty outrageous things.. ask anyone that knows me!!! i love to dance to britney and techno, i work 7 days a week and i love it!!! my favorite food ever is sushi and steves steak!!! yummmm

Okay, so I think I should be trolling BCCC's campus. That seems to be the hot spot. Yelena promises a good time whenever you hang out her, and judging from her pictures, I'd say she's correct. If she's still got a hint of an accent, I'll marry lie. Plus I hear those Tennent girls are no joke! Now she does say she does some outrageous things....I'd like to know what, how, when...ummmm, where? Examples please? Yelena's got a gorgeous face and bangin' body (bikini pics!!!). One thing I love about the Ukraine hotties is that they don't mind working. They work hard to maintain a certain lifestyle, and in return just ask you do the same. That's not too hard is it? It's a case where the risk isn't even close to the reward. But really, Yelena.... Britney? I expected sooo much more out of you. I was beginning to lose some faith in your taste, then you said those two magic words....Steve's Steaks. My heart just melted like the cheese on a steamy Whiz Wit'.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your best piece of advice for all those single bums out here in Philly?

A: best dating advice? hmmmmmm, probably would have to be for a guy to be himself and stop puttin on an act and playing games just because he thinks its make the girl want him more. That is realllyy annoying and immature. you want to play games play on your xbox not wit a girls mind.. dont act a certain way if its not really who you are, because sooner or later we all find out, trust me were not as dumb as some may think. just be yourself. also, if you love someone enough, make it work. dont give up when times are rough. compromise and make a few sacrifices, dont be stubborn because itll just come back at you and youll be sitting at home constantly thinking about it . Love is the easiest thing to fall into and the hardest to fall out of... if you love someone let them know!!!

"If you love someone let them know"...with words, or with one of those planes that spells shit out in the sky? And what if I write shit out in the sky, but the hottie gets stuck at work, and some other hottie with the same name sees it, and well, her boyfriend gets all the credit, and here I am a day late and a dollar short, wondering why I wasted my money, and now I can't even take her out to a nice dinner.... Maybe us fellas should just stick to saying it..