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Thursday, June 28, 2007

BabyGirl So Major, They Should Front Page Her


So we did. Bristol What?! TONGUE RING ALERT!!! This Hottie works with children during the day, but her real love is dancing. Before you ask, it's the non-naked type, fellas. She's taken jazz, tap, ballet and recently tried out for the Philadelphia Kixx dance team. Too bad she didn't make it.....Maybe they coulda sold a few tickets. Limber, graceful, and hot....this could be your dream girl.....oh and again, TONGUE RING ALERT!!! That leads me to believe there's a certain level of freakiness in this Hottie. Similar to the way the lower back tattoo makes me think sex too. No info on if she's packin that too. I'm a big fan of today's Hottie. Pretty smile, bangin body, and limber. Triple Threat! TONGUE RING ALERT!!!! Sorry big fan of those too.

Tip of the Day

Q: What can a guy do to get past a first date with a Hottie like you?

A: To start off I have to be attracted to them. I love guys with dark hair and light eyes so if thats you have a good chance at a second date. They deffinately have to be mature. I can't stand guys who act immature it's a big turn off to me. Basically just be yourself and don't try to be a big tough guy. Don't use pick up lines I hate that. We have to have good conversation. I can't be on a date with someone and just sit there in silence. Don't talk about sex or ask me about my sex life. You deffinately won't get a second date then. Show me that your interested in me and getting to know me. If your a liar, cheater, or the player type don't even think about approching me because i'm not interested.

"There's an important phrase that we use here and I think it's time you all learned it. "Act as if". Do you understand what that means? Act as if you are the f*cking president of this firm. Act as if you have a nine inch cock. Act as if. "

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

You Know We Act All Day, Play All Night


This aspiring actress comes to us from Bucks County...Trevose to be exact. Yeah, I was shocked too. Just kidding, Sam. Seriously though...every once in a while I get down on the idea of this website. It's not picking up like I thought, and then a girl like this comes along and reminds me how cool this site can be. This girl may be an aspiring actress, but she's less Paris Hilton, and more Kate Hudson...umm with dark hair. Oh and green eyes. You gotta love green eyed Hotties! I got the impression she's kind of a freethinker, a little hippie-ish, and a tad bit of a wild child. She even lists one of her hobbies as "being barefoot." And that whats it's all about!! Finding different types of girls...Baskin Robbins is full of flavors, why not try all 31? I may not like the cherry swirly one, but there's gotta be something I do like....right? But back to our Hottie...she's leaving us soon, fellas. For the Big Apple...Los Angeles. City of Angels whatever...she's leaving Philly. She's ambitous. She set her goals, and won't let anyone stop her from achieving them. I'd watch her movies....she reminds me of the hot chick in "40 Days and 40 Nights"...I really like this one, guys. So this is my call to all our readers....give us feedback. Let us know YOUR flavor. Vanilla, Chocolate, Puerto Rican....tell us. We listen occasionally, and if not, we'll still have a stunner like this up on our page everyday for you to look at!

Tip of the Day

Q:How does a guy get PAST the first date with a hottie like you??

A: Just be yourself, guys. Don't act like a nervous puppy, girls hate that. We like guys that are confident, funny, artistic, and intelligent. Don't be too clingy, that freaks us out. And don't make us pay for dinner, even if we offer. I know that we live in the age of equality and all, but it's in poor form to insist on going "dutch" on the first date. It's not about the money, it's about feeling like we're being taken care of.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Why Do Good Girls (what what what), Like This Site?

Tiela Marie

I've searched the internet, various name books, and googled the hell out of our Hottie's name....and all I found was her. But I don't need to know what it means, to know that this girl is hot. ....and she works constantly so she'll eventually support your lazy ass. So if your just a laid back guy running an up and coming website that makes no money yet, GET HER!! Yeah right. Like a hottie like this is gonna be atracted to lazy asses like us. I'll let her explain it...

Well, I'm in college for business. I want to open my own entertainment company one day. Right now I work for an entertainment company; I sing, dance, MC and am also an event specialist. My day job is working for a Ford Dealership. I like it because it shows me the innerworkings of a business. I also have my Real Estate license and am eventually opening up a joint Agency/ Mortgage company with my best friend. I really enjoy the beach and going out to clubs. Dancing and Singing are my favorite things in the world so any chance I get to do that, I'm down for. I'm really funny at the most random times..I consider myself a self proclaimed dork.. Oh and I hate sharks.

Got it all? No? Read it again. Oh, and she likes to cook. Seriously...I'm in real estate for my "real" job, and I'd still buy a house off this hottie. I'm counting my pennies right now, and unless someone can loan me like 20g's, I'm screwed.

Tip of the Day:
Q: How does a guy get PAST the first date with a hottie like you??

A: How to get past a first date with me? Well, I think that honesty is important. I don't want a guy telling me that he makes $250 k a year and that he has a house in the hamptons, if it isn't true. I think that men don't realize that most women don't care what car you drive, how much money you make or where you live. What matters is the person. Most women aren't into the men who try to say all the right things in order to get them into bed. Women are smart. Don't expect to sleep with me, it's not gonna happen. Asking me personal sexual questions is a sure fire way to not get a second date. I like a funny guy, men who make can make a women laugh are always ahead of the game. being smart and having goals is also a bonus. Charisma is key. But the biggest thing to get past a first date with me is: To be yourself.
Oh and she just turned 21 this weekend, fellas. So buy her a drink!

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Damn All These Beautiful Girls


Ever walk into the bar, and you see that group in the corner? You think they're loud, obnoxious, maybe a little out of control? Well...that's this girl and her group, and guess what? They don't give a shit what you think. This hottie works hard during the week, so when you see her out, it's her time to let off some steam...CHOOO CHOOO! So if your in the way, you better have something good to add to the party. This woman is hot, hard-working and opinionated. A self proclaimed socialite of Philadelphia. Odds are you've seen her around. Odds are you wanted to hit on her. Odds are you didn't. (Sorry, thats half the reason your here... Plus the pictures). This Drexel graduate now works in medical sales, and spends her summer at the shore, where her house is hosted by The Public House, Red Bull and Kettle One. Seems fiesty, fellas. I'm keeping this write up short and sweet....just like our Hottie of the Day!

Tip of the Day!
Q: How do I get PAST the first date with a hottie like you??

A: I think guys these days are not into taking girls out to dinner and just getting to know them unless its in a bar scene. So my advice is to guys to get to a second date is treat the girl to a nice first date. Dating is about getting to know someone sober and having a great conversation with them. Obviously you have to be attracted to them.

This is what this site is about, fellas. This is the girl you probably caught eyes with....went and took a shot to build up that liquid courage, then neglected to even speak to her. PAY ATTENTION!

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson

Lauren aka Lauren Looselips

Happy Birthday, Dear Hooooooottie. Happy Birthday to you!! Yes, it's our Hottie of the Day's Birthday. Anyways, Danger's an accurate description of this Hottie! Her hobbies include Foxy Boxing, WEW Wrestling, modeling, and clubbing. She's the sweetheart with a wildside....and I'll be damned if I'm gonna try to tame her. Just look at that knockout combo...the face, then the body. I think with this girl, your better off just going along for the ride. I mean, this hottie wants to box Mike Tyson...for real. Iron Mike better hope they take him off his meds for this wildcat! You can find this type of hottie at the club, with her group of hot friends just tearing it up on the dancefloor. Don't even try to get in the middle though, unless your a skilled professional (i.e: black Michael Jackson, Usher, or Chris Brown). If you have enough balls to try, you better bring your mouthpiece. I'd try myself, but I've got a glass jaw, and no health insurance.

Tip of The Day:

Q: How do I get PAST the first date with a hottie like you??

A: Well, one i don't go for guys spitting their game at me, i don't give into those cheesy lines. girls like me don't go home w/ dudes on a first date. i know i have a huge rack, but dont obviously stare..even though its hard not to, haha. if a guy can handle the goofy, dont care about being embarassing, retarded lauren at heart then kudos. i'm totally and completely obsessed w/ my dogs, i talk dog talk to all of them and dress them up if ya aint up for the dog seat in your car...peace.. my dogs come first! lol~ i tend to talk baby talk w/ my girls, occasionally a lisp and me and my sister have our own language. if you don't laugh at me or my jokes...then uhmmmm you can't handle me. a guy needs to know how to dance, i go out and we tear it up on the dance floor. oh and pretty boys are out of the question.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Are you Kidding me??? I Was All State..I'll Make It Rain


Grab your 30 pack of Natty Ice! This girl can tailgate with the best of em. I'm in love with her just for her beer pong skills. HEY HOTTIE.....At least she has faith in our team. Marty Mornigwehg better take notes. If I had a girl like this calling my plays.... I'd faint. Blue 42...RED 98..HUT HUT.....Donnie Mac drops back....throws....OH ITS COMPLETE TO HOTTIE #8......she dodges one tackle..she might be..she is..shes gone! Rachel can call me out on my game any day she wants.....I effin love blondes. I need to be an athlete. I've said it my whole life and now I finally regret it. I want this girl to tailgate for me. Muaaah. Hot Classy Smart.....and in a Westbrook jersey.....YES!!!!! She can be my hottie as long as when she scores she doesn't do the worm! Whatever!!....She can CARLTON and I'll still be a fan!
Tip of the Day
Q: Where does a guy take a hottie like you on a first date?
A: For a first date if any guy took me to an eagles game with good seats (obviously) he would win my heart without a doubt. Because well i love football and beer haha....i've loved the eagles ever since i can remember...also philly fans are just the shit the atmosphere at the linc is amazing....everyones just so happy to be there

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sabrina, the Twenty-Somethin' Gangsta (with an A, please)


Ever see "You Got Served" or "Kickin It Old School"? Now take out Jaime Kennedy and the white guy from Wild'n Out, and imagine the lead character is smokin hot and has an insane body. That would give you today's Hottie, Sabrina...reppin Old City. I didn't quite understand her answer for the Tip of the Day, until I realized that she breakdances...and I think it's worth the price of admission just to see if she spin on her head. (Hang on, I need a second. I thought of the possiblities of taking out a hot breakdancer) She can also get hotter sneakers than you too. Before you ask, Sullivan, I'll find out how she gets em. If you ask nicely she'll probably hook you up. But she's not in the shoe business, she's in finance by day. So I wonder if that makes her like a modern day superhero? Mild mannered professional by day..then she blinks her pretty eyes, and POOF ...ass-kickin breakdancer by night. Sounds about right to me. I wonder what her break dancing superhero outfit looks like. My only guess.... verrrrrry tiny.

Tip of the Day

Q: Where should a guy take a Hottie like you on a first date?

A: Where do i think would be a great first date...hmm. Well im a big goof ball so my ultimate first date, would be something fun, like, lazer tag, or challenging each other to a dance off in the parking lot of wawa. But my ultimate fav. thing is goin to barnes and nobles and wrestling thru the aisles..haha. People have no idea what the hell is goin on!!!

Fellas, You're just mad... 'cause tonight you suckas got served!

I really couldn't resist that one. And let me know what Wawa at what time, and I'll break out the greatest running man you've ever seen on your ass. Domo!

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It's Little Miss Sunshine, Rachel, Where You At?


In the aftermath of those violent storms last nite, I bring you a ray of light to start off your day. The lovely Rachel. Now let me start by saying one of her best friends is Miss Monday herself...Jenny Rae. Okay, so we know she's got great taste. Her hobbies include smiling and meeting new people. This hottie is ALSO a deans list student, double major: Psychology and...wait for it....Elementary Education. Yeah, if this girl's modeling career doesn't pan out...she's gonna be teaching kids. So track down your illegitimate ones, and move them to whatever district she's in. Parent - Teacher conferences just got a whole lot better. In fact, if all teachers looked like her, I bet we'd have less deadbeat fathers. I'd pick my future kids up in a minivan for a sneak peak at this. Oh, she's also a massage therapist.....shut it, fellas. None of those happy ending jokes here. Anyways, I asked her for a wild story....and got nothing, except she likes to run around her car at red lights. She's an honest to goodness good girl. The type you bring to family functions too impress Grandma, but hot enough so your pervy uncle will come over and give u a nudge with his elbow. Sit back, look at that smile, and hope she let's you stand under her umbrella.

Tip of the Day:

Q: Where should a guy take a hottie like yourself on a first date?

A:The best place to take me on a first date is, anywhere romantic . A nice walk on the beach in the summer or a stroll in the park in the fall is perfect. To catch my attention do something romantic right off the bat! Go all out for the first date and you've got my heart!
Once again, visit to view more pics of this hottie. Goddamned Bryan Troll. I want his job.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Como Se Llama, Lil Momma?


I somehow manage to be impressed every single day. I had the ring for yesterday's hottie, but I got cold feet so I'm not engaged yet. JK. Today's stunner is another Bucks County born hottie, except this one's relocated to the big city. A year out of college, Megan's an Account Executive for an advertising agency....which, to me, means one thing...the business suit. That's my kryptonite right there. She's classy, sophisticated and has a zest for life. But to impress this hottie you better put down the cigarettes and the beer, or this girl will leave you in the dust. She includes in her hobbies : Rock Climbing, yoga, and she just signed up for salsa dancing lessons. Okay, I can get into the first two but salsa dancing...ehhhhh. I don't know, she is pretty hot though. Just leave the frilly shirt behind and break out those tattoos because this one likes the bad boys. Honestly, I'm running out of breath just THINKING about keeping up with this hottie, but something tells me the effort is well worth it. I mean, for real, just take a look. Okay, who's hitting the gym with me tonight?

Tip of the Day

Q: Where's the best place to take a hottie like you on a first date?

A:Do NOT take me to a bar. Very boring and unoriginal. I don't like drinking on first dates, I like them to be intimate and personal, so don't shove me into loud, crowded bar. Other than that I'm up for whatever...dinner, movie, skydiving :), etc. I like when a guy asks me out and has a plan...I hate when they ask me what I want to do...I need a guy to take charge. And ALWAYS pay on a first guys are a turn off.

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Let's Go Get Some Bar-B-Q and Get Busy

Jenny Rae

Oh my goodness, fellas. I found us a winner here. I think I'm in love. This is what this website is about! This Hottie is the classic overachiever. She tried to convince me she's the girl next door, but i wasn't havin' any of that. The girl who grew up next door to me was Italian, liked food and pot more than the gym, and had a gift for having not hot friends (but they all had great personalities). Let's just run down this girls list of achievements. Homecoming Queen, Voted Best Smile and Friendliest. She graduated at the Top of her class with a 4.0 gpa...she owns her own home, and she does photo shoots in her free time. Oh yeah, plus she's smokin hot. I don't know what I lilke the most....Is it the puppy dog eyes, the smile, or the smoking hot body? I might propose to this one. She says she's "Ur All-American Girl", but 99% of women I meet do not look like this, or have this much going for her. But, fellas, this type of hottie takes time and work. She's thrilled to help us out, and I think she just set a whole new standard for this site. My job just got a lot harder, but it's worth it.

Tip of the Day:

Q: Where should a guy take a hottie like you on a first date?

A: Lets see..well if i could create the perfect setting this is what it would be...Ok here goes..We'd be lying on the beach right before sunset on this little cosey blanket looking up at the sky just getting to know one another..meanwhile we'd be feeding eachother grape and giggling at one another. I like Romance as u can see!

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Friday, June 15, 2007

A4, A6, A8, Who Do We Appreciate


Your an asshole Sullivan! My buddy gets to work with this girl every single day. Do you have girls like this in your office? I sure don't. All my co-workers have kids, husbands and stretch marks. Anyway, enough about me. Onto our hottie. Interested in an Audi? This little hottie sells them, and here's the fun part....she can fix em, too! A6, A8, A4, FU.......Where else in the world are you gonna find a chick who's hobby is ATV'ing and looking hot?? where but here, bitchboy. I definitely need to get into fo'-wheelin. She sells cars, fixes cars, rides quads, and likes to get dirty......She's like a goddamned superhero. So not only is she super hero worthy, but her sales experience will get you a deal on that new dishwasher. And if our really worried about a deal on that new dishwasher, don't ever come back here. This chick is waaaaaaaay to hot for you. Thanks Sully....Thanks alot.

Marisa's Tip of the Day:

You would approach me just like you would anyone else. This is how I see it. Nice guys can be intimidated by a “hottie”, which is a problem. This allows all of the obnoxious assholes to move right on in. Personally, I am the last one to ever go up to guy and ask him out. Which means it takes me much longer to find a great guy that’s not just after some butt. So if you want to score a “hottie”, it is simple grow a set of balls and approach me. I’d much rather talk to you then someone just simply spitting game.
Hehe...she said butt.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Shorty Meet Me at the Bar, Respect Big Pimpin


Today's Hottie comes straight to us from the lovely Manayunk area. But, seriously, she could easily live down the street from you. She's educated, sophisticated, and downright hot! Girls like this travel in packs. They're all hot, and they all stick together and watch eachothers backs. Head down to the Fox and the Hound, and Cavanaughs tonite to catch her in action as a Miller Lite Girl for the Philadelphia Soul. No wonder Bon Jovi's always smiling! Grab your Wingman now, and use today's tip from our Hottie of the Day!

Tip of the Day:

Q: How does a normal guy approach a Hottie like you?

A: If you are approaching me at a me a drank! Haha. Oh, and my friends too while you're at it. Your not just trying to impress me. You have to put in the effort and impress them too! And i like tall guys & red heads

Fellas, grab your spraypaint, dye your hair, and put on your finest T-Pain impression and spend that money!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'll Take the Combo Platter!

Roxi Gunz

Fellas, I searched high and low on the internet today to bring you a special little treat today. Roxi Gunz will kick your ass, and then let you buy her a beer. Roxi also qualifies as our MILF of the Week, and also our Freak of the Week! When not be harrassed by me to be our HOTD ( Hottie of the Day), Roxi can be found kicking ass in her Women's Roller Derby team, the Wilmington RuffRollers. She's #.357 for those of you keeping stats. So strap on your elbow pads, guys, and head out to their next event. One tip, approach with caution! I have a feeling this one won't hesitate to knock you out! Hell, I think thats what I like about her!

Roxi Gunz Tip of The Day:

Ok so you want to know how to approach a hottie… I would say first off make sure you make the eye contact if eyes lock that is a good thing give her a little shitty ass grin and see what response you get it she falls and smile back your in.. if not WALK AWAY, don’t keep trying to get her attention…When you walk up to her don’t give her some cheesy line like, I saw you looking at me, you like what you see?? You have to be slick like telling her how her smile just made your day or something. Try to keep eye contact and not stare her up and down while your talking to her while your licking your lips. Talk to her like she is a human being and not just some girl you want to take home for the night, that is a huge turn-off. You can offer to buy her a drink but only one if you keep offering she’ll think you just want to get her drunk and take her home. Don’t keep talking about yourself all night a little information and being a little cocky is good but don’t over do it. Be interested in what she is talking about you don’t have to hang on her every word but pay attention to what she is talking about don’t keep looking around for your next prey. When the night is over giver her a hug and ask if it would be ok to give her a call sometime (if you really mean it) and that you enjoyed her company. Women love getting attention remember that.....
Fellow nerds, it seems confidence is the key. Thats two in a row that mentioned confidence. So remember, EYE contact will get you THIGH contact. Oh my god that's lame.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays


MEEEEE-YOW.......this local hottie comes to us from B-E-A-U-tiful Bucks County. Uncensored indeed. Beware, fellas, the innocent look wears off quick.

Lind-Z's tip of the day:
Q: How do I approach a hottie like yourself?

A: Whatever you do be smooth. If you can, compliment her on her eyes or her smile without being cheesy about it. Forget the lines and bring your game. Women crave attention. Try to keep your eyes locked on her and hang on her every word without looking creepy and seeming like a weird stalker. Buy her a drink. Try to refrain from staring at her breasts. If you really can’t dance, then don’t. The last thing you want to do is make a complete ass out of yourself. Women like a challenge, so if you seem like you could live without her she’ll totally dig it. It’ll make her want you even more and she’ll want to make you feel like there is no way you could go a day without her. Be polite about asking for her number and whatever you do, do not ask her to go home with you that night. A hot girl with class that is hard to get would never go home with a guy on the first night.

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