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Monday, June 18, 2007

Como Se Llama, Lil Momma?


I somehow manage to be impressed every single day. I had the ring for yesterday's hottie, but I got cold feet so I'm not engaged yet. JK. Today's stunner is another Bucks County born hottie, except this one's relocated to the big city. A year out of college, Megan's an Account Executive for an advertising agency....which, to me, means one thing...the business suit. That's my kryptonite right there. She's classy, sophisticated and has a zest for life. But to impress this hottie you better put down the cigarettes and the beer, or this girl will leave you in the dust. She includes in her hobbies : Rock Climbing, yoga, and she just signed up for salsa dancing lessons. Okay, I can get into the first two but salsa dancing...ehhhhh. I don't know, she is pretty hot though. Just leave the frilly shirt behind and break out those tattoos because this one likes the bad boys. Honestly, I'm running out of breath just THINKING about keeping up with this hottie, but something tells me the effort is well worth it. I mean, for real, just take a look. Okay, who's hitting the gym with me tonight?

Tip of the Day

Q: Where's the best place to take a hottie like you on a first date?

A:Do NOT take me to a bar. Very boring and unoriginal. I don't like drinking on first dates, I like them to be intimate and personal, so don't shove me into loud, crowded bar. Other than that I'm up for whatever...dinner, movie, skydiving :), etc. I like when a guy asks me out and has a plan...I hate when they ask me what I want to do...I need a guy to take charge. And ALWAYS pay on a first guys are a turn off.