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Friday, October 31, 2008

Maria, Maria....You Remind Me Of A Westside Story


Soooo my boss is a grinch, and I'm now stuck at work wondering what's going on in the Streets of Philadelphia (naaa na na na). I feel like it's compelte pandemonium, and I'm one of the only suckers left out. It's like everyones getting laid at the prom, and I'm in the bathroom passed out drunk. So as the city of Philadelphia cheers on its WORLD CHAMPION PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES, I'm going to cheer on today's hottie....the lovely Maria. Please remove your jaws from the floor, fella. It's unbecoming. Now, everyday basically I brag about how hot and beautiful the girls on our site are, but this time I'm honestly smitten. Maria is absolutely gorgeous....possibly the perfect package. For starters just look at her, she's absolutely flawless. Gorgeous girl next store face, with a killer hot girl at the gym body, mixed with the Sex and the City sense of style. She's even a bartender on top of it, so as I've explained before, your drunken blunders will go largely unnotticed cause bartenders see all sorts of drunken idiots. Just don't use the drunk card too often. So now that's we've bragged about Maria's beauty, let see what really makes this hottie unique.
My name is Maria im 22 im in my senior year at rowan university, my major is law and justice studies. I work at a local bar around my school part time as a bartender. I was born in Colombia, and my parents moved to the united states when i was 5 years old. I usually spend my time studying, partying, bartending and working out.

Ok, so she's the hot girl in your class, the hot girl at work, the hot bartender, and the hot girl at the gym. She's also a law and justice major, which woulda worked out well for me with my little Medford Lakes run-in and subsequent fine. So she's super smart on top of the looks, which makes this girl the perfect package. Honestly, if I could draw up my starter wife.....this would be her. Brains, beauty, style, passion and personality. Colombian women are known for their passion and their beauty, and Maria is certainly no let's find out what makes this hottie tick.

Tip of the Day
Q: What's your beeeest piece of dating advice for all of us shy Philly guys?
A: my best piece of advice for the shy single guy in philly is to exude confidence, not to be mistaken with cockiness. Girls naturally flock to guys that carry themselves confidently. So make sure to stand tall and and demand being noticed, itll make you feel better and hopefully draw the attention of the hot chick you've been drooling over all night.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Your 2008 World Champion Philadelphia Phillies

It's done...the curses, the hexes, and all the anger and pain (ok, the pain's gone, anger not so much) the Phillies won the World Series. It was "We Are The Champions" hit the sound system, tears rolled down my face. The sheer joy of watching the last strike in person sent me into a frenzied combination of jumping, screaming,,maybe crying (MANtears only), Hi Fiving and texting. This is equivalent to farting, burping, sneezing, and coughing all at the same time. It sounds impossible, yet somehow millions of people pulled it off last nite. The guy in front of me hugged me...the guy next to me hi-fived...I screamed...The girl next to me kissed the old man in front of me. I jumped onto my seat and started pumping my fist in victory for the Phillies...but more importantly for us. For the fans...the city. It's for the players like Pat Burrell and J-Roll, the longest tenured Phillies, and guys like Charlie who's the constant underdog. It was a big Eff You to Fox, Joe Buck, Tim McCarver, and Ken Rosenthal. To all the "anal-ysts" who had us going down in 5 to LA...what have you got to say now?

To steal from Lenny Dykstra...Didn't We????!!! Didn't we just roll over every team to face us in the playoffs? Didn't we just not lose a playoff game at home? Didn't we have a closer that went 48 for 48 in saves this year. DIDN'T WE!!! As fans, we've been receiving thanks and praise from the players and management (not so much form national media), but it's time we thank this group. Without these guys coming out and never saying die, this season would never exist. This feeling we feel now, gone. So thanks Phils. Thanks for a memory that will last my whole life. Thanks for giving us a story we can pass on to our kids and our grandkids.
Jenkins hitting his double

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

G'day, Bloke. I Sure Do Fancy Your Hotties


I'm not talking about the Phils today because I don't wanna jinx anything. Let's just hope that I'm back here tomorrow telling you about the greatest half of a baseball game ever. Today got the lovely Tara. This cutie is currently in England, but she always heads back to the Illadelph (Roots Reference!), and even flew in last week. She sounds like a live life by the seat of your pants type, and I'd love talk more about this leggy brunette, but you gotta hear this to believe it. It sounds chaotic, but amazingly, she's got it all under control. Smooth as Ice.

Im 26 and i have an 8 year old son. As you can see form my pictures im petite with a nice backside.LOL. I currently live in England. Im working as a restraunt supervisor and waitress in a Hotel. I have been here since July and will be returning to Philly in the summer. Im originally from Philly I worked in Old City all last year at my favorite bar Nicks Roast Beef on 2nd. I love to travel and have been to alot places I lived in Budapest Hungary for two years and traveled to Italy and some other countries in that time as well. I love to swim and dance ,although im not a super dancer but when im drunk i like to think I am. I take an aerobics class once a week always something different. Last week was a dance aerobics class, its a fun way to work out. I currently started taking a ballet class which i enjoy alot. But no matter where i go I always come back to Philly I love Philadelphians there the best around.

As far as dating advice goes I would say be yourself and be honest. Im probably the last person to ask for dating advice Im living with my soon to be X Husband and I have a boyfriend waiting for me back in Philly. Who i just flew over to see last week and so we could go to th Rise Against concert together. Im always up for meeting new people and I love to go out to eat, so if the guy is nice and i mean nice plus easy to talk to ( of course the restaurant choice helps ) I usually say yes. I think if a guy likes a girl and has a plan before the awkwardness of conversation and he just goes for it the worst that can happen is she says no. Its not that serious.

See sounds like a lot to take in right? But this hotties awesome. She's even been to LegoLand in Englad and loves to travel. One question though....after Budapest and England, doesn't it suck to come back to the Jersey Shore??? One would think, but Tara thoroughly loooooves Phily. If you've never been to Nick's Roast Beef, get your ass down to Old City and eat that shit, son. It's awesome. Tara's not afraid to let loose and just be herself. Gorgeous, and fun. I'm lovin the legs on Tara, and the booty. Nice backside! Let's get onto the ever important advice...

Tip of the Day
Q: If you were responsible for planning a first date for a guy...what would you do and why?
A:If I had to plan the first date Im pretty easy to please and I know what i like and what breaks the ice. I would say we meet up at a local bar in the city have few social drinks. Then we could go to the comedy club on south street ,laughter is a goood ice breaker, plus we would have something to fill the moments of awkward silence during dinner, in between talking about our selves . The restraunt (well this is a tuff one i dont know what kinda budget my date is on or if im paying my half) oh but i just thought of the perfect place...Continental Midtown because they have the rooftop bar which is really great at night and if we get cozy its the perfect spot. So we can eat inside on the fun swinging chairs and if we can still stand each other after dinner we go up to the roof for a drink and some cuddling(maybe). That sounds like a nice night to me for the first date.
Continental Midtown....(scribbles furiously in notepad)

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nottie of the Day

Instead of hotties today, we will be discussing EZ Bake ovens and Barbie dolls. I'm just absolutely disgusted with Bud Selig right now. Let me explain.. I'll break it down in average economic terms....I got a World Series ticket...let's say it cost me 200 dollars, If I make 13 dollars an hour AFTER tax, that's 15 hours of work that game just cost me. Roughly 2 days of work. Add on to that the 3 hours I had to leave work early it's 36 more dollars. So as of now we're at 18 hours of work and 236 dollars this game has cost me. This is before I even touch the gravel parking lot. On the way down, we get a 12 pack. 13 dollars even, and that's one more hour of sweat and tears. On my way into the gorgeous stadium, I grab a Bubba Burger and order of fries and a Budweiser or whatever they re selling. 20 bucks, one and a half hours of work. During the game, I may drink 6 beers at 7 bucks a piece, and theres 42 dollars. 3 more hours of work. Oh, and it rained so I need a new Phillie's hat. 35 dollars. 3 hours of work. Did I mention parking...last nite my normal 10 dollar lot.....30 bucks...3 more hours. Fuck, and I tipped Tom, our usher 10 bucks for being awesome. 1 hour. Shit adds up, Budward Selig.

Total Tally for one game. It cost the average fan 27.5 hours of work at 13 dollars post tax = 357.50 for one game.

BUT WAIT A MINUTE!!!!! The jackoff Bud Selig wants to suspend the game...HOOORAY!!!

So noooooow, I have to get off of work AGAIN.....3 hours early....39 dollars. Pay for parking again....30 dollars, 3 hours. Fuck Tom the Usher this time, I'm on a budget. Another 12 pack. 1 hour, 13 bucks. 3 beers for the short game....21 bucks. 2 hours of work. Not too mention the 2 hours of work I'm going to spend TRYING TO GET OUT OF WORK. 26 bucks. And the three hours I get out early again.....39 bucks. And I'm stopping there.....I'm not even going to build onto this mountain.

Total Tally for a 2 day World Series Game....41 hours @ 13 bucks an hour (post tax) = $533 even. Time and Money.....How about we make the millionaires play the game in a weeee widdle bit of rain. Sure the field was a mess...but how else would we do it? This shit can't be perfect. I PAID to be there....remember that Bud. We, as fans, pay our hard earned money to watch this beautiful game. How dare you make us come back another day, unless you personally plan to foot the bill. We've waited out games until 4:10 in the morning, you pompous old ass. I'm sorry if your Bridge Club might miss a few innings once their Lunesta kicks in, but ITS NOT ABOUT's about us. The diehards who waited our whole lives for that moment....We bleed Red and spit Green. We've risked our jobs and our lives for this playoff run alone. Add that over 25 years and there's alot of blood and sweat in that time. To put this game off one more night is a travesty. You've made the game a fucking joke. I don't want a 5 inning win. I wanna sit in the rain, watching the players slide across the tarp....I wanna go to McFaddens, get piss wasted and arm wrestle strangers until I hear that there's 20 more minutes til we step on the field. This is the beauty of the game, Bud. I want to have rain pelted on top of me as we win the World Series, and create a moment that will be remembered forever. Baseball bridges the gap between generations....and you took it from us, Bud. Now the memory I have is going to the park and having to go back the next day if I can even get out of work. Thanks, pal. Glad to see this whole commissioner thing hasn't taken out the fan in you. Imagine this story, 20 years from was pouring rain. Each drop stung as it pelted our heads, but we all hung in there. 46,000 of us stood and cheered in a monsoon as the Phillies won the World Series. Chills....

This is what its about .... let us live.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Ya Gotta Believe!


Can you taste it, yet? With the thrill of victory right at our fingertips, we're so close to seeing something many of us have never been witness to. And I have the luck of the draw to be sitting at tonite's game as Hollywood Hamels steps on the Tug McGraw sprinkled mound. My heart and mind are racing even though it's only 10 am. I'm ready...millions of us, are ready. This is our time, our year, and our moment. We've dreamed of this our whole lives and have come oh so close to tasting the fruits of a championship...but never have we actually experienced the joy. It's at our doorstep now...pounding on our door just waiting for someone to let it in. Who's gonna turn that knob? Will Burrell step up? Will Howard or Hollywood answer the call? We can only wait now...but there's about 10 hours left until we get an opportunity to answer that door. So let's go. Get up, get out and let's do this shit. I'll be at the game, drunk and stumbling and hopefully by the end I'll be crying mantears of joy. Tugger will be lookin down rallying us on, and hopefully tomorrow this post has a conclusion.
Bucks County brings us some of the finer things in, rolling valleys and hotties. Gorgeous hotties. Brielle ain't no different. This 19 year old hottie comes to us from Warrington and currently attends Bucks County Community College...wait wha? I've never seen talent like this strolling the rolling hills of Bucks County. I mean, there's some talent wandering around the frozen tundra of a campus, but I'm gonna be on the lookout for this cutie. That vibrant smile is hard to miss. And attaching a tight little body to that smile never hurts to help be recognized either. Brielle is part girl next door, part gangster, and all hottie. Blonde hair and brown eyes, she spends her time working for clubs promoting parties....and she even likes to go fishing (THATS 2 IN ONE WEEK! Time to look into a new hobbie!) And she also likes video games. So what your saying Brielle, is that your possibly the perfect woman? If you can beat my ass in Madden, I'll concur. I think every hottie should have this exact body. Just wow. We switched up the advice this week...instead of finding out what girls expect from us, I'd like to see what they are willing to do for us..and Brielle certainly doesn't disappoint

Tip of the Day

Q: Brielle, if you had to take a guy on a date, and you were responsible for planning the whole thing...what would ur date be?
A: if I had to take a guy on date and it was my responsibility to set it up.....I would take him out to dinner, somewhere nice but not over the top, like Red Lobster , or Texas road house, and then after take him to ultrazone to play lazor tag. I love to eat and i love playing lazor tag its very fun and competitive.

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Atomic Bombshell's Anatomically Correct Dating Advice

Dear Atomic Bombshell,

I went out with this girl last weekend. We had the best time. We just seemed to be on the same page with everything. At the end of our date, we even sat in the car for another hour, just talking. Everything seemed perfect. I really felt that she was into me. In fact, she kissed me first to say good night. She said she really wanted to see me again in the next few days. She was going home to visit her family but she would call me when she got back. So I just sent her a text the next day to tell her I hope she has a nice time with her family. She didn't respond at all which was no big deal. Then 2 days went by and I got a text saying she will be really busy with school for the next week. She will call me soon. I don't get what happened??? She couldn't wait to see me and we made plans. We had a great time, I thought we really connected. What happened? What do you think I should do next? I only text her maybe twice since?

-Need a Clue

Dear "Need a Clue,"

I say back off. She obviously is very confused. She has other priorities and if she is busting out the "I have a lot going on with school" on you already, then I would start taking some eggs out of that basket. Some people are truly sincere in the moment, but given time to process the situation, they sometimes take the easy road out. I have know plenty of girls who bug out like that. It's unfortunate, but not everyone is like you or I. I think if you back off, she'll come back around again. I still wouldn't look at it as anything more than this for a while. Don't sit around and wait for this girl. DATE!! One great date, doesn't a relationship a make! Keep on, keepin' on! Best of luck to you!

Atomic Bombshell

Do you have questions or comments about sex or dating? I want to hear all about it. Email me at

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Visit and GreenFansTheMovie.c

Michele Karmin
Photo by James A. Ruggerio

I'm not even gonna speak about Jimmy Rollins and the Phillies today. Their recent play isn't even deserving of space on this website. We're gonna get right into business and talk hotties. And by hotties I'm talking about the Philadelphia singing sensation and Green Fans Calender Covergirl, Michele Karmin. As I spoke about the other day, this Green Fans The Movie is a whole look at the life of Eagles fans in Philly and worldwide. In order to promote the movies, these savvy businessmen just released a calender.....and we're wise enough to put Michele smack dab on the cover! I had the chance to meet this beauty the other night, and I completely missed it. Didn't even realize she was the cover girl til I left. I mean, how cool would I look standing in front of the table...calender open like a playboy centerfold...nodding my head as I match the hottie from the calender to the face in front of me?

Not only is Michele a model, but she's also Philly's next big singing sensation. She's about to release her new album entitled "This Is The Story" so when that shit drops, you better pick it up. Her website is in the works but for now, check out her myspace HERE! (REAL LINK, TRICKS) We've been fortunate this week. We've really got some beautiful, naturally pretty women on our site. And Michele finishes the week off just right, so let's hear what this hotties all aboot!

Ive been in a relationship for over 6 years and secondly, my income comes from gigging at bars so I usually dont go out if i dont have to...Lol, I kno i sound like a loser but I really am just a workaholic...

Im not sure if Im the kinda "hottie of the day" u are looking for...I really cant answer those questions honestly, and i'd rather not lie and make myself look like someone i'm not ...

but i do have hobbies: obviously writing music and performing...i like to collect things like cds, and rare coins ...I have a shoe fetish...and I love remodeling old homes, i enjoy interior design and graphic art..

Oh yeah, she's happily in a relationship. DOH....Michele is another well-rounded gorgeous hottie. Interior design usually means a good sense of style. Another beautiful smile....who isn't a sucker for a great smile? And the body......ohhhh goddamn the body. Outta this world. I'd love to head to one of Michele's shows and catch one of her gigs. Go buy her CD! We need to support our hot local artists! Let's put this hottie on the map and show the world our true colors. Ugliest city my ass! Interior design and graphic art is an obvious sign of creativity, which is a not so obvious sign of a good sense of humor, which rules. Since Michele is in a committed relationship for 6 years, I spun the question a little bit. Let's not find out how to PICK UP this type of hottie. Let's put the old advice to use, then implement Michele's advice on how to KEEP a hottie.

Photo by James A. Ruggerio

Tip of the Day

Q: What traits does your boyfriend have that make him a keeper?

A: Well, to start out, its very hard to stay mad at him. If and when i get into my little fits (aka moodiness, pms, or just plain cranky) he finds ways to make me laugh at the situation, and turns it around so that I cant be mad at him anymore even if i tried.

He supports what I do, and trusts me. He surprises me with things like shoulder rubs, flowers, and occasionally my favorite breakfast in bed - and his crazy surprise dance moves.

I think the most important thing between us is that it always seems brand new. Doing little things to make a girl smile goes a long way, but its also important you dont over do it. Then we just get spoiled ;)

Seriously though...for my outgoing note for the week, I'd like to get serious for a moment. We would like to thank all the hotties we've had past and present. I know this may not be a big thing to most of them, and I want to let all of them know that we really appreciate what they've done for us. A little bit of their time can go a long way. So thank you again for all your help.

Photo by Bryan Pfaff

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

1 Down, 3 To Go! Keep Phightin!


Ohmygoooooood, we snuck Game 1. I had two keys to the game that I told to my brother....Set the tone early, and sneak one game in Tampa. And we did it. Chase Utley set the tone bright and early, and we actually ripped this game from BJ Upton's out-for-himself hands. Tonite's another biggie...if we can take two in Tampa, it virtually locks the series in. I'll be watching with my Utley jersey on, and a rally towel in my hand to combat the nervousness. But onto bigger and better things, figuratively, not literally, cause the biggest thing on today's hottie is the absolutely incredible smile she's got. On daily basis, I feel pretty good about myself for the quality of hotties that appear on this site, but today I'm ecstatic. Lauren is a 23 year old bartender from Glenolden, who can be found every weekend at Philly's hottest new spot...Buckhead Saloon (real it,trick) . Pure, natural beauty can be hard to find, and I guess it's the whole eye of the beholder thing, but I'll bet every last dollar I have that there isn't one person logging onto this site today who won't agree that this hottie is beautiful. I don't even have any goofy or witty comments to make..... just put your hands on your chin, stare longingly into the screen, and let's see what Lauren has to tell us about herself...
I have a fulltime job in an office answering phones and working on the computer, its not my cup of tea but i took what i could get my hands on quick..but I have a degree in Dental Assisting but I am continuing school to become a hygienist so my job now is just temporary until i pursue my plans. I probably played every sport there was all my life but basketball is my favorite. I won best smile in highschool which is awesome because you can always catch me with a smile on my face :) and I also have a twin sister who also bartends with me at Buckheads! I'm alot of fun to be around and am never in a bad mood. I'm always ready to get the party started and make sure everyone is having fun, ya know shots and dancing!

A twin sister who bartends with her, combined with shots and dancing?? (insert schoolgirl giggles..teehee) Lauren also has a great future ahead of her. There's nothing better in the world than a hottie who is constantly looking to improve her future. I mean, Lauren goes to school and works two jobs?! I can't wrap my oddly shaped head around that. She won best smile in high school, which is no surprise. It's the first thing you notice on Lauren, followed closely by the eyes. The eyes are stunning, too. I mean, the best way to describe this hottie, I guess would just be to say she's pretty. I'll certainly be stopping by Buckhead Saloon to blow my next paycheck To top it off, by all accounts, she's just as fun and personable as she is pretty. She's like an uber-hottie. Besides Buckhead, where are these girls? I swear I never see girls this hot anywhere. Laurens got the type of smile and gleam in her eye that can change your whole attitude for the day. And she plays basketball, so during slow days you can kill time by playing horse or a game of one on one. I'm just gonna stop now...and end this write up with a simple WOW.

Tip of the Day

Q: Since you work at a bar, whats proper etiquette to hitting on a bartender? I generally have a rule that I don't hit on bartenders, waitresses, strippers, or the guy who washes my windows on Packer Ave, cause their paid to be friendly. But if one was to break that rule, whats the best approach to it without getting suckered for tips?

A: Dating can be fun depending on what you are looking for. Dont try to get too serious too quick, and Ladies wait for the guy to call you! Working at a bar as a bartender you have guys trying to either get free drinks or your number.. I just smile and say, "cmon you can do better then that!" of course I will take a compliment here and there, but guys- take it easy we are there to make money lol and we are sober!!! Just be nice and make a small good conversation thats all!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dickie V....You're Goin Down, Baby With A Capital D!!


Today is the day, fella!! World Series tonite! First time in 15 years! This series is more elusive in Philly than Hailey's Comet. And I'm taking time out to write to Tampa Bay's biggest blowhard fan, Dick Vitale. You know him, the ESPN college basketball announcer who has been seen with his cowbell all over national tv. Dickie V....this ain't Duke, clown. There's no winning history with the Tampa Bay Rays. Tonite, we need Rollins to set the tone from the first at bat. we will not be messed with, and we're goin out with our bats blazin.

As for today's hottie, all I can say is "Oh my lord." This is true wifey material here. In fact my mental picture of my wife isn't far off from this....Dana is beautiful, sophisticated, and has an advanced sense of humor! She knows when to part, and when it''s time to just be a sweats wearing, movie watching wife. And she looks good in her Sarah Palin-ish glasses so naughty Vice President is always a bedroom option. In fact, the ONLY downside to this hottie, is that some lucky SOB already realized the potential of this hottie and scooped her up for his own. In fact, Let's hear it from her....

I'm a 27 year old, mother of 2 young girls, and married to my first love. I met him when I was 20 & never was swept off my feet prior because the guys who would approach me just DIDN'T GET IT. They either came across too insecure (Which can be cute but after a while, it's like "grow a set already!...make me proud to show off you as my MAN"), or they came across too cocky, "Look at this watch...this cost me $___" or "I would take you to Le Bec Fin. You know what kind of restaurant that place is, right?" And of course, there's those who never make a connection because they seem dull. So my advice to get a girl laughing & talking from the get go? Before ever even having to buy her a drink? GET HER LAUGHING!

A little sense of humor can go a loooong way. Heck out this advice. It's truly some of the best and most unique advice we've ever had. So step your game up, because this sounds like a foolproof plan. Then again, knowing most of you, foolproof isn't exactly idiot proof.

Tip of the Day

Q: Dana...can you give us the best way to approach an unmarried hottie who may or may not be a hottie?

A: Here's something simple & great that I just thought up & guarantee will get her to the point where you come across as confident and funny...Stand by the girl you want to start a convo with and say, "Ya know, that's just not right. It's not right....", shaking your head jokingly & whatnot. "What? Me?? What are you talking about??" " That guy over there...(and point out the craziest/silliest/nerdiest looking guy) the way you just left him hanging like that after leading him on by popping your booty all up on him, risque dancing &'s a little messed up quite frankly...the poor guy is heartbroken now. Look at his face! You should keep those moves to yourself if you're just gonna use & abuse like that".

And keep it going for a minute. She'll know you're messing around & wanta hear what you're gonna say next. So by the time you lead to that next convo she will already think you're confident & a good time! Sure, everyone's sense of humor is try it or another similar funny accusation!

If that leads to a date, be yourself. Speak your mind & treat not only her, but those serving you (waitress, movie theater attendant) with respect. Don't hold your true personality back because of nervousness. Because if your personality isn't shown, then you're not only wasting her time, but your own as well. You can't figure out if you like someone, their ways, and their sense of humor if it's not put out there! :-)

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This Is All The Same Hottie...Cool, Huh?


One more more day until we start the World Series, and for the first time in 15 years, we have a vested interest. I can't take all the analysis of who should pitch when and where, and why....I just wanna play the game. Like DMX said, talk is cheap. So one more day until we get to see what this team is really made of....

Last night I went to an awesome little shindig for the Green Fans The Movie, and I got to show some support to our hotties such as; the lovely Theresa Anne(soon to be our logo!), Jessica, and Tara. Let me tell you, this movie looks awesome. It's a documentary about being an Eagles Fan, with Eagles fans far and wide being interviewed and telling their stories. These guys went all out. Let me also explain how absolutely gorgeous all of our hotties looked. If you get a chance, check out the website. you know I don't ever plug anything on here, so this has gotta be good. Thanks for the good time last night, and good job to all our past hotties! And to top it off, I think I met Fred Barnett.

Today...oh today we've got a chameleon of a hottie, Melissa. This Willow Grovian Hair Stylist, likes to use her own head as her practice ground, and judging by the outcome...she's preeetty damn good at her job. She's constantly switching hair color and style, so it's like you have a different woman every week. Not a bad deal, huh? Kinda puts the blonde or brunette debate to bed. Melissa is 20 years old, and says one of her hobbies is making people laugh. Sense of humor is important to her, so you better bring your A game. She also likes to sing, and she's an admitted party girl! It's like this hottie is a mix between Posh Spice and Joan Jett....a little bit of style blended in with a little bit of a rocker attitude, and I bet she plays a mean Air Guitar.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your best piece of dating advice for all of us Philly guys out there?

Ayyyyo: advice for guys: always have a sense of humor and be yourself.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Must Love Dogs.....And Country

Joanna aka Annie

Bring on Tampa Bay, baby! The Rookie Rays are primed for a classic meltdown. They've been playing above their ability all season and hopefully the pressure busts their pipes. If Howard or any one of our four sluggers gets hot, this series could end quickly. If they get cold, this series can also end pretty quickly. So the nerves are kicking into full gear here. Either way, at the end of this we'll all probably shed a few tears. To brace yourself for the man tears, we've brought on Annie. this Philly Hotties has a great look to her. She's classy, sophisticated, and seems pretty well rounded. I like the overall girl next door look with Annie. A beautiful smile and a sense of style sure can go a long way in winning over the hearts of a city. Let's hear a little bit about what makes Annie stand out in a crowd.

What I do for fun is take my dogs for walks on the weekends, shop, I LOVE fashion but yet I have a whole other side to me, I would put my waders on and go fishing any time of the day! I work two jobs- full time in a Dr's office and part time at a dentist office. I love lounging around, just being low key, reading and especially cooking!

Waders? Annie seems to have a very Sex and the City look, but then she's tossin on waders, and reveals she's just a down home country girl who doesn't mind getting her hands dirty. Good thing, cause I'd need her to bait my hook. Worms freak me out, man. This down home girl also has a hankering for some Country Music. Yeeee-haww. Blast on some Tim McGraw, let the dogs run wild in the fields, and let's go fishin'! I'll admit that I love country music. All of it. No lie. I grew up listening to that ish as a kid, and it stuck. I just hope that Annie refuses to line dance to Achy Breaky Heart. That song just about ruined everything good about country music for me. But then again, when we've got a hottie who looks like this, we as men, are generally willing to do just about anything to impress them. And I'm sure that I am not the only one who;s gonna strap on some cowboy boots and grill up some catfish for a shot at this hottie.

Tip of the Day
Q: Annie, can you tell us the very best first date you've ever been on, and what made it so special??
A: The best first date I have been on was with my first love Jason. We were gonna play paintball, but the weather was bad so we just had a late lunch and then played beer pong for hours. It felt like I was just hanging around with my best friend. No worries. Just enjoying each others company!

Beer pong as s first date...thats genius!

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Atomic Bombshell's Anatomically Correct Dating Advice

This week, another amazing article sent in by a reader! This is a HOT TOPIC that we should all pay attention too! Personally, I feel that all the email/texting/IM'ing is too impersonal for dating. I guess if you are going to go that route, this is the way to go?!

-Atomic Bombshell

Internet Dating Etiquette

Internet dating & what your email address says about you!

While just a few years ago getting to know someone online via email and IM was a rare thing, today it's all the rage. But be careful about how you choose to present yourself when communicating online. According to the experts, it's not just what you say but how you say it that counts online. Plus, both the "what" and "how" say a lot about who you are - and your potential as a mate.

It all starts with your screen name (or your email address). Take a look at your user name. It reflects who you want to be. If someone's [address] is, be wary.
Research suggests that when you select your name it's okay to be clever, but avoid being cute. Easier said than done, admittedly, but just keep in mind that you want to come off like a grown up, not like someone who's already speaking in cuddly baby talk before you've gone on your first date. Likewise, you want to highlight your best attributes even when being clever. So if you're 35 and you still live at home with your parents (even if it's for a perfectly valid reason) you most likely don't want the username "onthegravytrain." Go for something that accentuates your selling points instead.

Once you've got your username picked out, you may think you're all set, but your Internet etiquette lesson has just begun. When you're first communicating with someone, you want to remember to be brief. Not so brief you're offensive. Things like, "you're sexy" or "like the tattoos" are a little too short and flippant, whereas, sharing your life story is a bit much. A paragraph or two should suffice, and pay attention to spelling and grammar.

For instance, another Internet dater reported receiving the following in response to her appropriate paragraph and a half message:

"It been pretty uneventful as of late. Nothing good or bad happening. Well Hope you had a good weekend or our enjoying one. So what is it you do for work. Are your from maryland."

Aside from the brevity of the response, the grammar and punctuation errors display disregard on the part of the respondent. Remember that if you're interested, you want to seem interested. You don't want to seem like a desperate stalker writing a lengthy missive about the minute details of your last three days that spells out "I can already envision our wedding, first home and three point five beautiful children who will have your eyes" but you certainly don't want to leave doubt as to your intention in the other direction either.

Lastly, when it comes to the cyberchat, consider your use of Internet speak and emoticons. While "lol" may be perfectly permissible multiple times when you're in an Instant Message, several uses of the "laughing out loud" abbreviation in an email suggest a lack of confidence in yourself or your statements (which can be valid as oftentimes tone is difficult to get across in an email).

As Alexandria Robbins, author of Conquering Your Quarterlife Crisis states: "If someone doesn't spell 'you' out in an email, I assume the writer is in middle school. Email is today's form of a postal letter."

Remember when writing an email that it can be saved and re-read. Don't ever write anything you'd be embarrassed about were someone other than the recipient to read it. And for goodness sake, if you're not a smiley face kind of gal, skip it and come up with a sentence. For instance, if you're joking and fearful he won't get it, add the caveat "just kidding with that by the way"... Or in this case, if you're super cyber savvy, spending a lot of time online and you're already IMing with this person, you could even say "jk, btw!" Although, someone else (who is less familiar with you or cyberchat for instance), may find it annoying...

As with anything in dating, the most important thing to remember is to be yourself. Keep in mind that while communicating via email can be easier than making that first call (especially if you're on the shy side!), what you say has just as much impact as if you were saying it face to face. Lucky for you, it can be reworked until you get it right before you hit send - just don't try to sound like someone you're not.

Do you have questions or comments about sex or dating? I want to hear all about it. Email me at

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Dad, I Think My Hotties Gone Crazy!


So do we want the Rays??? The Sawks??? I'd like the Sawks just so we could kick the ass of anything Boston, and make all those Massholes weep into their lah-gah beers. How you like them apples?? Today we've got a hottie fo' that ass. Look at the body on this one...she can hold a cup between her boobies.....and to top it off, she's either slightly crazy or extremely sarcastic. AND she's gorgeous. Stunning actually. Either way, I got this email and just about lost my shit. It's ridiculously out of control, and I loved every second of it....It's Friday, I'm at my job hungover for the first time, and no amount of Red Bull or Amp can fix me today. So let's get on to the poetic styling of Ash (dims lights, starts beatnik music)

Well where do I start..boxed wine, trannys, mexican dishwashers, internet dating, keeping my peoples teeth clean, saving lives, I like to turn up my music loud in my car and pretend I am a drug lord. I enjoy cotton blend undergarments, cooking AND light-house cleaning. You can find me looking scandalous at THE ROXXY on Saturdays where I sell shots to my homies. Took some time off of school, but look forward to returning this spring semester for Public relations.

Boxed Wine, and trannys, and undies, OH MY! I like mexican dishwashers too, I used to be one. This is the absolute best description of anyone I've ever received. Lighthouse cleaning seems like such fun! Can you do it drunk, and what if your afraid of heights? And the drug lord thing....not really surprising. I mean, who doesn't imagine their a drug lord sometimes? It's just so weird to hear this shit comin from this girl. I mean she's hot and she looks classy, then the first thing she utters is tranny. Threw me for a complete loop. Ash has great boobs too. Like outstanding.... tough enough to carry a beer between 'em, and perky enough to piss off the old ladies at the bar. And she'll cook you lobster even though she's allergic to it herself. That's the sign of a good woman. Really, I'm floored by this hottie. Ok, I gotta go get some GD advil. My head is pounding, and the thought of a tranny just made me queasy.... imagine going downtown and what pops up? Penis. It's a penis. That's when the fight or flight response kicks in. But is hitting a tranny like hitting a woman? I have so many questions.....

Tip of the Day

Q: Ash, how can I effectively approach a hottie (without an adams apple)??

Eh: My advice for a guy for how to approach a hottie starts with confidence! If you see a girl alone at the bar even if you think shes out of your league, give it a shot anyways odds are she doesnt want to stand there by herself! Also a sense of humor and a Mercedes helps

Dick. I was golden til the Mercedes thing.

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