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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dickie V....You're Goin Down, Baby With A Capital D!!


Today is the day, fella!! World Series tonite! First time in 15 years! This series is more elusive in Philly than Hailey's Comet. And I'm taking time out to write to Tampa Bay's biggest blowhard fan, Dick Vitale. You know him, the ESPN college basketball announcer who has been seen with his cowbell all over national tv. Dickie V....this ain't Duke, clown. There's no winning history with the Tampa Bay Rays. Tonite, we need Rollins to set the tone from the first at bat. we will not be messed with, and we're goin out with our bats blazin.

As for today's hottie, all I can say is "Oh my lord." This is true wifey material here. In fact my mental picture of my wife isn't far off from this....Dana is beautiful, sophisticated, and has an advanced sense of humor! She knows when to part, and when it''s time to just be a sweats wearing, movie watching wife. And she looks good in her Sarah Palin-ish glasses so naughty Vice President is always a bedroom option. In fact, the ONLY downside to this hottie, is that some lucky SOB already realized the potential of this hottie and scooped her up for his own. In fact, Let's hear it from her....

I'm a 27 year old, mother of 2 young girls, and married to my first love. I met him when I was 20 & never was swept off my feet prior because the guys who would approach me just DIDN'T GET IT. They either came across too insecure (Which can be cute but after a while, it's like "grow a set already!...make me proud to show off you as my MAN"), or they came across too cocky, "Look at this watch...this cost me $___" or "I would take you to Le Bec Fin. You know what kind of restaurant that place is, right?" And of course, there's those who never make a connection because they seem dull. So my advice to get a girl laughing & talking from the get go? Before ever even having to buy her a drink? GET HER LAUGHING!

A little sense of humor can go a loooong way. Heck out this advice. It's truly some of the best and most unique advice we've ever had. So step your game up, because this sounds like a foolproof plan. Then again, knowing most of you, foolproof isn't exactly idiot proof.

Tip of the Day

Q: Dana...can you give us the best way to approach an unmarried hottie who may or may not be a hottie?

A: Here's something simple & great that I just thought up & guarantee will get her to the point where you come across as confident and funny...Stand by the girl you want to start a convo with and say, "Ya know, that's just not right. It's not right....", shaking your head jokingly & whatnot. "What? Me?? What are you talking about??" " That guy over there...(and point out the craziest/silliest/nerdiest looking guy) the way you just left him hanging like that after leading him on by popping your booty all up on him, risque dancing &'s a little messed up quite frankly...the poor guy is heartbroken now. Look at his face! You should keep those moves to yourself if you're just gonna use & abuse like that".

And keep it going for a minute. She'll know you're messing around & wanta hear what you're gonna say next. So by the time you lead to that next convo she will already think you're confident & a good time! Sure, everyone's sense of humor is try it or another similar funny accusation!

If that leads to a date, be yourself. Speak your mind & treat not only her, but those serving you (waitress, movie theater attendant) with respect. Don't hold your true personality back because of nervousness. Because if your personality isn't shown, then you're not only wasting her time, but your own as well. You can't figure out if you like someone, their ways, and their sense of humor if it's not put out there! :-)