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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ally with a Y...I'm Daniel with an L.---NAME THAT MOVIE QUOTE!


Oh boy, here we go baby!!! NLCS tonight, and the Phils are goin up against a hot team right now, so let's see how we size up. I feel confident that my main man, Pat the Bat, is gonna have a big series, but tonite we have to rely on Cole the Kid, and guys with other ridiculously juvenile nicknames. So paint the town red and let's get down to the business at hand. Montgomery County is where i now reside for work, and I have to be honest, I absolutely hate it. but I did stumble upon on bright spot for this county......Ally. This brunette beauty makes this county a lovable and fun place to be, but even she knows to get into the city for the nightlife. Unless you like country music (which I looooove) and wanna line dance to Achy Breaky Heart all night at the Montana West. Top it off with the fact that she's smokin hot and barely legal...this hotties got other things goin for her too.... name is Ally,(single) im 19 years old and i'll be 20 in November, i know young..but mature!I live in the phillyburbs! I have 5 tattoos, addicted i wont lie & many more to come ;). There is also nothing more attractive than a guy with tattoos! I work for one of the largest companies in the country, some may know it, Verizon Wireless. I go to work and school days off..none, but when i go out i'll be with my girls in old city! to be honest i don't know what i'd do w/o my girls!! also i love nothing more than going out to the club & dancing i dont go much anymore but when i do..the only thing im feeln is the beatt..or a sexy guy that knows how to feel it with me! (a guy that can dance..def. hot!)

A guy that can dance? What qualifies as good dancing? Running man? I can do that ish backwards, pimpin. 5 tattoos? A well placed tattoo on a hottie is always a welcome sight. But, damn Ally, 5?? Another master of the self pic, this hottie can discount your cell phone bill ($248 last month, seriously), and then go out for drinks (virgin daiquiris) and have you spending your newly saved money on her. Ally may be from the Hatfield, the town of hotdogs, but don't let that fool you. This hottie has a little attitude in her, and isn't afraid to tell it like it is. You can catch her has no fear of driving down in her tractor to the big ol' city. Sorry, that's what I picture people in Hatfield driving. Ally's got a great smile and the style to match. So let's really dig deeper and find out some advice from this Pretty Young Thang.

Tip of the Day

Q: Ally, What would be your biggest pet peeve with the guys you meet in Philly?

A: There's probably a few, but my biggest pet peeve with philly guys is how overly conceited they can be! We all get it you're good-looking, love to be center of attention, WHO DOESNT!. but when it comes down to they want to take you out..their schedule is rediculous they say how "popular" they are, places to go, people to see... don't we all?..If a guy is getting your number and wants to take you out, you would think he'd be free. Personally, I'm not gonna waste my time waiting around for a guy that wants to go out if he's not going to make the time and effort to see are there any men out there not lil boys that wanna make that effort? if not..i might have to find me a nice newyorkkerr ..;)

A NEW YORKER??!?!?!?! WTF is that?!


xoally said...

&& yes i do drive a tractor to the city how did u kno? haha yehh right!! so do i have any takers or do i have to go to newyork?? my sn is allybrizzle ;)!

Lindsey said...

This hottie of the day is my twin sister! Thanks for not mentioning you are a twin!!

oh well, I love you allissonnnn <3