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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

G'day, Bloke. I Sure Do Fancy Your Hotties


I'm not talking about the Phils today because I don't wanna jinx anything. Let's just hope that I'm back here tomorrow telling you about the greatest half of a baseball game ever. Today got the lovely Tara. This cutie is currently in England, but she always heads back to the Illadelph (Roots Reference!), and even flew in last week. She sounds like a live life by the seat of your pants type, and I'd love talk more about this leggy brunette, but you gotta hear this to believe it. It sounds chaotic, but amazingly, she's got it all under control. Smooth as Ice.

Im 26 and i have an 8 year old son. As you can see form my pictures im petite with a nice backside.LOL. I currently live in England. Im working as a restraunt supervisor and waitress in a Hotel. I have been here since July and will be returning to Philly in the summer. Im originally from Philly I worked in Old City all last year at my favorite bar Nicks Roast Beef on 2nd. I love to travel and have been to alot places I lived in Budapest Hungary for two years and traveled to Italy and some other countries in that time as well. I love to swim and dance ,although im not a super dancer but when im drunk i like to think I am. I take an aerobics class once a week always something different. Last week was a dance aerobics class, its a fun way to work out. I currently started taking a ballet class which i enjoy alot. But no matter where i go I always come back to Philly I love Philadelphians there the best around.

As far as dating advice goes I would say be yourself and be honest. Im probably the last person to ask for dating advice Im living with my soon to be X Husband and I have a boyfriend waiting for me back in Philly. Who i just flew over to see last week and so we could go to th Rise Against concert together. Im always up for meeting new people and I love to go out to eat, so if the guy is nice and i mean nice plus easy to talk to ( of course the restaurant choice helps ) I usually say yes. I think if a guy likes a girl and has a plan before the awkwardness of conversation and he just goes for it the worst that can happen is she says no. Its not that serious.

See sounds like a lot to take in right? But this hotties awesome. She's even been to LegoLand in Englad and loves to travel. One question though....after Budapest and England, doesn't it suck to come back to the Jersey Shore??? One would think, but Tara thoroughly loooooves Phily. If you've never been to Nick's Roast Beef, get your ass down to Old City and eat that shit, son. It's awesome. Tara's not afraid to let loose and just be herself. Gorgeous, and fun. I'm lovin the legs on Tara, and the booty. Nice backside! Let's get onto the ever important advice...

Tip of the Day
Q: If you were responsible for planning a first date for a guy...what would you do and why?
A:If I had to plan the first date Im pretty easy to please and I know what i like and what breaks the ice. I would say we meet up at a local bar in the city have few social drinks. Then we could go to the comedy club on south street ,laughter is a goood ice breaker, plus we would have something to fill the moments of awkward silence during dinner, in between talking about our selves . The restraunt (well this is a tuff one i dont know what kinda budget my date is on or if im paying my half) oh but i just thought of the perfect place...Continental Midtown because they have the rooftop bar which is really great at night and if we get cozy its the perfect spot. So we can eat inside on the fun swinging chairs and if we can still stand each other after dinner we go up to the roof for a drink and some cuddling(maybe). That sounds like a nice night to me for the first date.
Continental Midtown....(scribbles furiously in notepad)