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Thursday, October 23, 2008

1 Down, 3 To Go! Keep Phightin!


Ohmygoooooood, we snuck Game 1. I had two keys to the game that I told to my brother....Set the tone early, and sneak one game in Tampa. And we did it. Chase Utley set the tone bright and early, and we actually ripped this game from BJ Upton's out-for-himself hands. Tonite's another biggie...if we can take two in Tampa, it virtually locks the series in. I'll be watching with my Utley jersey on, and a rally towel in my hand to combat the nervousness. But onto bigger and better things, figuratively, not literally, cause the biggest thing on today's hottie is the absolutely incredible smile she's got. On daily basis, I feel pretty good about myself for the quality of hotties that appear on this site, but today I'm ecstatic. Lauren is a 23 year old bartender from Glenolden, who can be found every weekend at Philly's hottest new spot...Buckhead Saloon (real it,trick) . Pure, natural beauty can be hard to find, and I guess it's the whole eye of the beholder thing, but I'll bet every last dollar I have that there isn't one person logging onto this site today who won't agree that this hottie is beautiful. I don't even have any goofy or witty comments to make..... just put your hands on your chin, stare longingly into the screen, and let's see what Lauren has to tell us about herself...
I have a fulltime job in an office answering phones and working on the computer, its not my cup of tea but i took what i could get my hands on quick..but I have a degree in Dental Assisting but I am continuing school to become a hygienist so my job now is just temporary until i pursue my plans. I probably played every sport there was all my life but basketball is my favorite. I won best smile in highschool which is awesome because you can always catch me with a smile on my face :) and I also have a twin sister who also bartends with me at Buckheads! I'm alot of fun to be around and am never in a bad mood. I'm always ready to get the party started and make sure everyone is having fun, ya know shots and dancing!

A twin sister who bartends with her, combined with shots and dancing?? (insert schoolgirl giggles..teehee) Lauren also has a great future ahead of her. There's nothing better in the world than a hottie who is constantly looking to improve her future. I mean, Lauren goes to school and works two jobs?! I can't wrap my oddly shaped head around that. She won best smile in high school, which is no surprise. It's the first thing you notice on Lauren, followed closely by the eyes. The eyes are stunning, too. I mean, the best way to describe this hottie, I guess would just be to say she's pretty. I'll certainly be stopping by Buckhead Saloon to blow my next paycheck To top it off, by all accounts, she's just as fun and personable as she is pretty. She's like an uber-hottie. Besides Buckhead, where are these girls? I swear I never see girls this hot anywhere. Laurens got the type of smile and gleam in her eye that can change your whole attitude for the day. And she plays basketball, so during slow days you can kill time by playing horse or a game of one on one. I'm just gonna stop now...and end this write up with a simple WOW.

Tip of the Day

Q: Since you work at a bar, whats proper etiquette to hitting on a bartender? I generally have a rule that I don't hit on bartenders, waitresses, strippers, or the guy who washes my windows on Packer Ave, cause their paid to be friendly. But if one was to break that rule, whats the best approach to it without getting suckered for tips?

A: Dating can be fun depending on what you are looking for. Dont try to get too serious too quick, and Ladies wait for the guy to call you! Working at a bar as a bartender you have guys trying to either get free drinks or your number.. I just smile and say, "cmon you can do better then that!" of course I will take a compliment here and there, but guys- take it easy we are there to make money lol and we are sober!!! Just be nice and make a small good conversation thats all!