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Monday, October 6, 2008

Let Go Hott-ies!!


There's a magical feeling in the air! ThePhils have this city's collective attention span. I watched like 4 plays of the Eagles, got disgusted, and kept on rootin for the Phils. What a bomb from Pat the Anyway, it's Monday, and we have no baseball til THURSDAY. So to ease up on that Monday morning downer, we're ushering in a new hottie, Megan. Look at the smile on this girl That right there is enough to knock any man down a few pegs. She's got a smile that makes other people smile. Megan is a mild mannered professional by day, who by night, let's out her inner party girl and is ready to cut up dancefloors everywhere. But it's no fun when I tell it....let's hear from this blonde haired beauty. Megan?

My name is Megan and I'm from Northeast Philly. I live in my own apartment with one of girls. I graduated from Community College of Philadelphia in 2005 with an associates degree in Retail Management and Fashion Merchandising. I'm currently a payroll manager for a staffing agency in center city. I love going out partying with my girls as much as possible. I also love to chill and have pizza and a movie night. I love music! Dancing is my hobby if you want to call it that?! LoL I'm very independent and I don't depend on anyone to take care of me. Since I am an only child my girls are my life. I hate being lonely and my biggest fear is fire.

I love a girl who dances like no one is's refreshing to see a hottie who knows when to take herself seriously, and knows when she can just let loose. Assuming this dancing she speaks of doesn't involves the Carlton dance, then we're all good./ Hell, it may even be hot to see her do the Carlton dance. I'm diggin Megan. Independent women are always a big turn on...I mean, the less I have to work to support people, the more time there is for play, right? And Megan can play with the best of em. Whether it be a nice night out at a local bar, and night down the city, or even the Erin Express, Megan knows her way around the nightlife. But don;t let that fool you. She takes care of her shit during the day. It's like a modern day female Clark Kent. Business Suit by Day, Mahnolos by night. What more could you seriously ask for in a hottie? Toss in her off the wall personality, and this hottie is just an explosion of fun waiting to happen. (That's in NO way meant as a sexual innuendo) So kick back, relax, and heed this hotties advice, holmes.

Tip of the Day

Q: Megan, what is your biggest pet peeve about the opposite sex?

A: My biggest pet peev that guys do is LIE!!! There is no reason to lie. Guys think that it's better to lie then tell the truth and make a girl upset. Hell0o0o...we will be more upset when we find out the truth and figure out that you lied (Because most girls always find out the truth). If guys were more honest with girls there would be a lot less drama. I also hate when guys are too into themselves. Like you might be good looking and Mr. slick rick but you are definitely not gods gift to earth....Let's be serious!