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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Throw Your Hands In The Ayer ..Ay-Ayer


Wow, we're goin with the blonde theme today....and we've got a good one for ya. This girl is super cute. That's the only way I can think to describe her. I'm kinda going against the grain in ALL of my beliefs on this site (you'll find out why in a moment), but Irina was just too hot for me to pass up. She's got the she's blonde, now she's brunette, and yep, she's still hot either way. That's the sign of a true hottie. I can't even decide which I like better on her...blonde or brunette. She's not a model, but probably could be...It's the smile that gets me. It's a no holding back , live your life to the fullest smile. The kind that comes with a laugh that can probably make you laugh....and she's had her cleavage pierced.

My name is Irina, and I'm 21 years old.I'm currently a student at Temple University majoring in psychology.I'm the epitome of a workaholic, but when it comes time to party, I party hard :)I'm shy at first,but eventually I get wild and crazy. I love laughing and making other do the same.Looking for someone who could make me laugh, its not too hard. Did I mention I love football? I love philly but, sorry I'm starstruck. GO COWBOYS!!!

Wai-Wha...huh? Cowboys, REALLY? So yes, I went against everything I believe in to bring you this hottie today. One bonus.....she doesn't have any pictures in a TO cowboy jersey. That results in permanent banishment from our pages and our hearts. This girl really does just enjoy life though. It looks like whenever she's out there's never a dull moment. She is majoring in psychology which means if she wants to play games with you, she'll probably win. On the other hand, she's also gotta be pretty smart, so she could be a keeper. I'm a big fan of Irina...I just wanna know how do you become a Dallas fan, and what can we do to make you realize that Tony Romo is a closet homosexual, who's most likely a power bottom. TO is probably the passive one in the relationship. Remember, he diiiid cry a few times last year. So, hottie Irina, how can we bring you back from the darkside?

Tip of the Day

Q: Irina, what would your dream date be???

A: Would be for guy to plan a romantic picnic for me in a private, scenic, beautiful place. I know it sounds corny, but something like that actually takes a lot of time to plan. And believe it or not a lot of girls appreciate the thought and effort. It wouldnt have to be anything fancy, just a simple picnic basket with things i like and the fact that you would spend your day with me is enough. Who knows what all that fresh air could lead to! ;) Oh and guys, its def a lot cheaper, and more creative, than going to dinner and a movie.

Hmmmmmm ... I like it.

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Monday, September 29, 2008



What a weekend! I was at the Phightin's game on Saturday when we clinched the division, and that place was wild! Got all rally-toweled out, and we even stayed after to listen to the players speak and party and what not...then yesterday, I got to watch those damned New Yorkers witness their team implode AGAIN! Life was sweet. Then the Eagles came on...and life was, ummm, not so sweet. In order to make life sweet again we brought you the uber-cutie, Gina. This petite hottie comes to us from Souderton, which is the hometown of Phil's Grandfather, Jaime Moyer. Gina is a wicked smaht brunette, and has emailed us back and forth for months. I think we originally asked her to be on our site, and she declined us, but continued to email back and forth for a while.....then I get the gem of an email that is on our site today. Before we get to the sheer genius of Gina's First date....let's hear more about her.

Okay. I'm 25. I'm 5'1 and 105 lbs. I work out incessantly, and if one more person says I have an eating disorder I'm torching their house. There is nothing better to me than having a good laugh; I'm the queen of beating a dead horse. I can sing my toned little ass off. I'm off the market now; just did the whole NUPTUAL thing in June. I'm a nanny for a sweet lil cherub named Justin...I love kids. They're our future and judging from the ppl in the world today, it's CRUCIAL to prepare them to be well-adjusted adults. I'm smart. I hold that in higher regard than my "hotness" because I seriously just think I'm awkward and dorky, but I apparently make it work. I hate stupid ppl, ESPECIALLY's NOT CUTE. Read a book. Ask questions without that "adorable" giggle and the twirling of your perfect deep-conditioned hair.

But i love the adorable giggle combined with the fluttering eyelashes! Gina's got brains, beauty and she backs it up with a fun, outgoing personality that's guaranteed to never leave you bored. She's real good friends with our past hottie Mama Mia! (aka Renee who right boob is prominently featured on the left side of Gina's booty picture) and the two of them together is a recipe for trouble. And yes, Gina is married, but she's still hot, and somebody still musta done something right to win her over. (Remember the site isn't about picking up this actual girl, but girls kinda like her...aka The ones outta your league). So I'd reAlly love to talk more about this girl's beauty and all her smarts, and certainly her ass, but this story is just too goddamn funny. If you never read anything on our site.....please read this. You'll be in tears.

Tip of the Day

Q: Heeeey Gina, What's , like, y'know, your worst date EVEEEER!?

A: Okay, well, I know I was asked to describe my worst date…the problem with that is, I have been a serial monogamist my whole life, so I’m going to put my own personal spin on this topic and talk about my worst “4 year date”. I was 15 years old, and happened to have caught the eye of the “hot senior” in my high school. I thought I was really cool and oh so privileged to receive this honor, so we began dating.

After about a year of really weird, outlandish behavior, he confessed to me that he had an obsession with DIAPERS. Immediately, I traveled through this timeline in my brain of him asking “what kind of diapers do you use with the babies you watch? Has a baby ever taken a shit and gotten it on you? I’m sure if you just had used to correct TYPE of diaper with the correct ABSORBENCY, that could have been avoided.” Yes, ironically, I happen to work with small children, so I’m sure I was considered a goldmine to this child of a senior.

ANYWAY, after researching this Jerry Springer-esque issue, I leaned that his little fetish was actually a condition called Infantilism. So, my biggest mistake was telling him about it, and he decided to go all-out researching it, making f’d up sex GAMES for us to play (which I politely avoided), and STEALING DIAPERS from my side babysitting jobs! STEALING DIAPERS! I also heard people checked the history of his internet usage, and found web-sites of pictures with OLD MEN in huge-ass diapers. I was young and stupid, so I stayed with him for a really long time.

During the course of our 4 year relationship, I would get these really disturbing letters (which I still keep for a rainy day to crack up at, and incase I ever need to blackmail him), about how he bought “Luv’s size 6”, and pacifiers, and used the diapers to relieve himself in. BUT, that made him JUST SO EXCITED that he had no choice but to shoot his nasty load into them when he was finished. When we would try and get intimate, he would ask me if I could pretend to be his babysitter, and his code for “do you wanna fuck” was “are you gonna CHANGE ME?” Jesus CHRIST, I am so embarrassed, but he was my first REAL boyfriend, and I thought he’d get over this, and that one day, I’d be enough.

Fortunately for me though, I realized that there were waaaayyyy too many men out there for me to be trying to make someone who was over 3 years older than I was GROW UP. **I heard that now he works at Costco, which is really spectacular considering that he can buy his “Luv’s size 6” in bulk, at a low price, and MOST LIKELY at a discounted rate.**

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Atomic Bombshell's Anatomically Correct Dating Advice

This week I was forwarded an interesting article from a ABACDA reader. I really wanted to share with everyone because I really feel like it's of interest to everyone. I hope that you enjoy!

Atomic Bombshell

Reality vs. Illusions of Love

Falling prey to love's illusions
by Carol Allen

Your friend calls elated - it's finally happened! She's met the one. You're so excited for her. It's just like she's always imagined - she's so in love she can't sleep, can't eat and has never been happier. There's just one little problem... they've never met.

Sound crazy? Believe it or not this happens all the time. Romantic hopefuls now have so many ways to find each other - online dating, chat rooms, and social networking sites all provide new options of communicating with total strangers that may never meet face to face. Yet they often grow to feel so connected and insist what's happening is real. I mean, hey - they've got the endless texts, emails, and instant messages to prove it. Who cares that their beloved perhaps lives far away and could be lying about everything? What does it matter that they haven't so much as held hands? This is l-o-v-e and they've never been so sure.

Why, in this world full of opportunities would this "close but not quite" stuff be so commonplace? The very fact that these lovers have only limited interaction could be adding to the allure...
Dubbed the "Fantasy Bond" by psychologist Robert Firestone, this feeling of illusory connection between people who don't know or barely know one another is created as a defense against loneliness and the fear of intimacy. By having a love life mostly in one's head, they get the benefit of not having to risk the rejection a real love could lead to, while getting some of their needs for attention satisfied by both their own imagination and the fleeting interactions the circumstances allow. It seems harmless, but the danger is that the more a person relies on fantasies of connection, the less he or she will seek or be able to accept love and affection in a real relationship.

In all couplings, it's natural to go through a "fantasy" stage - the time everyone is on their best behavior and being their idealized self. This is enhanced by a euphoric cocktail of chemicals the newly in love brain releases, making it impossible to see the source of infatuation as anything but their perfect dream lover (a stage which sadly lasts only a few months, leading many to later head for the nearest exits, mystified...).

This heady time is Mother Nature's way of getting us together so we'll keep the human race going. The hope is that once everyone's masks come off and the rush of brain opiates calm down, the fantasy will in fact be a reality.

If you fear you may be in the throes of a "fantasy" relationship, ask yourself two questions:

1. What do I want?

2. Is what is happening what I want?

(Meaning, if you want a partner to spend every night with you and be exclusive, but you only see them once a month because they're married, then yup, you're having a fantasy relationship.)

If the answer to #2 is negative, try to fix the situation. If it's not possible, then recognize what you've been doing - you haven't been ready for a full relationship and needed to experience a partial one, and that's okay. But if you want more, be brave and choose to believe in the abundance of life, and move on. You'll only make yourself more attractive to everyone (including the unavailable lover you just gave up) and increase your chances for having something that can bring you the real relationship you long for at last

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listen i understand that every hotties not gonna please everyone.  but as our readers, please understand that someone likes this type of girl.   I dont expect you to love everyone...its life...its hotties.  the girl next to you at the bar is hideous but the guy across from you loves her.. ...these girls DONT put themselves out there to be scrutinized.  we ask them for a favor. can we attract girls like them.    so if u wanna be a dick.  leave a shitty comment.  but understand that this girl was asked and agreed to do give us dating advice.  and i u dont like this girl...and u kill her in a comment.   wel,l you killed four hot chicks from being on this site.  I don't agree with censoring our comments, and to the guy i did it to, I understand your point.   Its just not your flavor.  REMEMBER....i ask these girls to be on here...they dont rip my judgement.   NOT THE GIRLS.  Rip me.  I picked them and Ill stand by my opinion everytime.   Just read the advice and call me a pussy.  I'm cool with that

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Friday, September 26, 2008



Check out the lovely Gina. This lovely hottie comes to us from the outskirts oh Philly. Damn, is she hot. I've been trying to get this girl on our site for...eveeeer. And it's finally worked out. It's a short day today, so enjoy your Friday in the Nor'easter. Not only is Gina hot, but she's friends with out past hot Michelle...(I'll link it later) . I don't know what makes a woman hot...maybe it's what they tell us all the time on here. Confidence is sexy. Whatever it takes, Gina's got it. The smile, eyes, body...I'm running out of body parts to name on our family friendly site (Hi GRAM!!!..seriously, she's reading it right now waving at her screen) Let's hear some more about the lovely Gina.

I am a student who finished my first degree for criminal justice and I am now finishing out my second degree. I do modeling, promotions, and hip hop dancing. I love to be able to be out with friends and love meeting new friends. I always am looking for something new to do. Im in love with snowboarding. Can't wait for the season to start. You can always find me up their on the mountain with my girl. I don't drink since i can just be as fun and crazy with out it. I am a huge sports fan. I love absolutely love my Phillies and Eagles.

Now before when we were trying to get Gina, on our site, I thought she was politely blowing us off by saying she was too busy. But look at that schedule...she is damn busy. One degree already, modeling, hip hop dancing......and snowboarding. There is nothing hotter than a snow bunny. Especially one who can strap on a board and hit the slopes. Snowboarder girls are hot. Serisouly...grab a girl who snowboards and a girl who ski's. Put them next to eachother and tell me who's hotter. Gina's also fallin in love with the Phils and the Eagles. Women who can talk sports are my kryptonite. Just don;t TRY to talk sports. That is a deal breaker...(actual quote from lady I work with tuesday morning after Dallas game) "Oh, they lost, but they really played like a team. And I haven't seen that in forever." Sorry...I'm still pissed at that lady. Gina's got some amazing advice for us today. Check iiiiiit...

Tip of the Day

Q: Gina, what would your dream date consist of?

A: my dream date would be for the guy to pick you up and be on time and to go out to dinner. Doesn't have to be candlelit or bring flowers just some good food since i love to eat. Then to be able to just go out on the town or even go to a game if they are in town. For the guy just to be real and truthful and not pretend to be someone he's not. then to go home and have him walk you to the door and give you a kiss goodnight if everything is going well on the date. the guy should just treat me how he would want his family members treated on a date.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's A Bird, It's a Plane....It's A Hottie?


OH. MY. GOSH!, as the lady at my new job would say! Holy Sugars! What a treat for you folks we have today. We've brought you the lovely and talented Stephanie. This 22 year old hottie has recently moved to my neck of the woods to Warminster, Bucks County. I'm not even sure where to begin with this hottie. Let's start off with her new hobby.....skydiving. EFF THAT. There's no way in hell you can convince me that jumping OUT of a plane is a great way to pass the time. I'm afraid to even jump up and down while I'm ON a plane. But alas, if there's ever a time when your gonna look worn out and beat up, it would be when you're done skydiving. Not this girl. She looks absolutely stunning after falling 10,000 feet. If that's not a pure beauty, we'll never find one on this page again. PLUUUUUUS, she gave us some great advice today, and really picked up on what the site was about. ....ok I'll shut up...Steph, pull the cord

I am currently a promotional model. I have the most fun shooting for swimsuit calendars. I have been in about 5. The best part about modeling is being able to travel around the country and world. I love meeting new people from different backgrounds. Right now, I am on my way to be a certified personal trainer. I like to be outdoor activities like hiking and rock climbing. My newest hobby is skydiving. I am absolutely addicted. I already scheduled my next jump...can't wait to do it alone without an instructor!

Okay, we do get a lot of models and promotional models on here. But I'm guessing the best way to double check their credentials, and see who's REALLLY a model, is to check their passport. This hottie's been to the Bahamas for photoshoots! I'm trying to figure out how to word this without being too creepy, but this girl might actually be perfect. She's got a "silly", but fun sense of humor, she's absolutely stunning...oh, and she didn't misspell anything in her advice (which is always a plus. Less work for me!) and she's gonna be a trainer so she can whip your fat ass into playing shape. It looks like there's always a smile on her face, too. Notice the eyes? Incredible. I'm at a loss for words. Top 5! She's definitely Top 5 ever on this site! I'm done...check out the lovely Stephanie's advice for us humps.....

Tip of the Day

Q from Moesha: Stephanie, what's your very best piece of dating advice for Philly guys?

A: Since I am single I have come across many single guys and I can see why you have an advice piece for them ;) I thought I'd just make a list of a few things I think are important.

1. Confidence is key. Just be yourself. Looks are always good, but insecurity is always unattractive. I respect a guy who has enough courage to walk up to me and start a conversation.

2. Sense of humor. If you can't make me laugh, it's a definite deal breaker.

3. No need to be dishonest. I'd rather have my feelings hurt than be lied to. Honesty is the best policy.

4. Ambition. I don't like a slacker. I need a guy who can keep up.

5. I think it is healthy for guys night out and girls night out. You should trust your partner enough to be apart because it's that much better when you're together.

6. What happened to chivalry? If I treat you well I like to be treated well in return.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Take 'Er To The Zoo, Rock. I Hear Hotties Like The Zoo.


What a time to be a sports fan in the city of Brotherly Love. Burrell hit a monster bomb last night after the Phils had taken the lead in the bottom of the eighth and splattered all over the papers were pictures of Brian Dawkins (BDAWK!!!) absolutely Supermanning that hoe, Ben Roethlisberger. AWESOME AWESOME picture. Today we've got the lovely Andrea, who looks nothing like BDawk or Burrell, thank god. This girl next door comes to us from Bucks know we love our Bucks Girls! There's nothing better than a hot girl next door. I think I'd take that over model-hot any day. It's the old debate about the difference between hotness and beauty. What would you rather have? The hotness can come and go, but beauty also takes into account such factors as personality, future...etc. Hotness is just what your penis reacts too..Now that I got the word penis in the post for today, let's hear what Andrea has to say. And note her job....very interesting.

Im your basic 24 year old girl. I love to spend money.... whether its for myself or buying a gift for the people I love. Im a huge family person, no matter what they always come first. I love to go out (when I dont work) and have a great time with my friends. Im pretty laid back, I could sit in all night and watch movies and just hang out but I love to go out every once in awhile and go crazy all night. Im a huge music fan....I think I have a song for everything that has happened in my life good or bad. Im currently a full time manager at McDonalds (dont laugh). Ive learned alot of good work ethics from working there that I know I will use for the rest of my life. I am also currently a part time student majoring in Medical Billing & Coding.

So does Ronald McDonald's carpet match the drapes? Just kidding. At least she's in management and not currently the janitor. Then I'd take issue over lack of ambition. She'salso a part time lover...student ...part time student. My inner Stevie Wonder popped out. Me dical Billing and Coding means nothing to me, except she'll work with Doctors. You can tell she's the girl next door when the first thing she mentions is family. That's always a good sign. When I see shopping or hairstyling....I get worried. This girl is genuinely just good looking. From the smile to the booty, it's all there. I'd have more to say but it's 6:30am, and I can't even see straight yet. Thanks Andrea!

Tip of the Day

Q : What's your best advice for single Philly guys?

A: My best advice for the single philly guys is what most people would say, but I believe it to the would be to just be yourself and never lie about who you are or what you do. If you make up lies just to impress someone eventually it will catch up to you and in the end it might ruin the relationship or ruin anything the two of you might have before it can turn into more then just dating. Dating is already hard enough why would you want to make it anymore difficult on yourself if you have to remember what lies you told? I know for me personally I love a guy with confidence but overconfident really is a turnoff. We love guys who care about their appearance but you really dont have to overdue yourself to get out attention (we dont like a guy who takes longer to get ready then we do). Also remember not to rush anything. It takes a long time to get to know someone and thats the fun of dating. You can be going out with someone steady for a year and still find out new qualities about them everyday. My last bit of advice is to always look out for yourself, be happy and dont let nobody change you or try to make you a person you are not. If you find a girl who likes you for you she will love everything you are and everything you do and thats the best feeling in the world.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

The Local Hotties In The Buildin! Yessir!

Whitney Peyton

Okay, so who had Donovan McNabb going down in week 3? Overall, not a bad game. The D-Line made it all possible, pounding Ben Roethlisberger like a porn star. What we've got today is something outrageously diffferent from anyhting we've had on the site before. We've got the lovely Whitney Peyton. She has a Le-ann Rimes looks to her, but don;t let that fool you. This girl's about to be Philly's next rap star. You don't even have to take my word for it. You can take the word of such artisits like DMX and Paul Wall (what it do, baby), who she's open for already. I know what your thinking and this isn't some sort of publicity stunt on her part, she's the real deal. She's got witty, raw lyrics and this Doylestown hottie has the looks to build a pcackage never before seen in the rap industry. A little blonde girl with brass balls and hot lyrics. Throw in that fact that she's got incredible legs and can breakdance, and we're seeing a whole new genre of hottie on this site! When she's not rapping Whitney likes to try out new foods and collect instruments that she doesn't know how to play. Go here to check out her music, and definitely, give Miss Peyton a chance. Between her and Asher Roth, the white population of Philly is getting a decent little look at the rap game. I was gonna write a rap song for Whitney, but it's 630am and I have no creativity, and I couldn't find anything to rhyme with hpttie except potty. MUSIC SITE:

Tip of the Day

Q: Whitney what's your best dating advice for all those wanna be Philly Rappers?

A: If a guy does something thats usually considered nerdy like hes a gamer.. or he knows how to make websites he shouldn't keep his talent hidden because he's afraid a chick will pass on him. Nerds are in and women secretly love them.

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Atomic Bombshell's Anatomically Correct Dating Advice


I was having dinner with a few of my closest girlfriends the other night. We do what all girls do. There is wine involved, some food, and catching up about what's going on in our lives. Of course, that includes a man. A man entering, a man exiting, and all the grief in between. My girlfriend told me the horrific story of how her boyfriend of 4 years has ended their relationship. This is the second time this week that I have heard of a horrendous break-up. What goes through a man's head? I have truly come to the conclusion that men have absolutely NO IDEA HOW TO END A RELATIONSHIP. Getting back to my girlfriend, she and her man have had a rocky 5 or 6 months. It was getting to the point where there was talk of "where does the relationship go from here?" Both in their mid-thirties, loved each other, did the time together, but should they get engaged? Long story short, it was stress. They had a huge fight, and moved apart, but still seeing each other. Then started the rumors that a female co-worker of his, started blogging all over Myspace that she was moving into our city with her new boyfriend (which was insinuated to be my gal's boyfriend) So of course after a bottle of wine, we hopped on myspace to investigate (like good girlfriends do) and there it was. All in print with hearts and photo's. She was crushed. He adamantly denied it.Yet, he won't speak to her. ONLY THROUGH EMAIL! Fours years and living together for things to end this way? Are you serious?
Bad break-up #2 involves two very close friends for many years that take things to the next level. The man loves her from here to kingdom come, can't get enough of her. She can't spend the amount of time as he'd like with him but she adores him just the same. This causes petty arguments and uncertainty. Making him feel "vulnerable" to her. She reassures him time and again, things are great. She makes great efforts to make this guy feel secure. Then comes the roller-coaster antics. He wants to slow down, he loves her too much, they need to step back and chill out. The girl tries to figure out what that means since her guy still is calling everyday and texting "I love you's." It was as if there were no boundaries and asking him would only cause an argument. Long story short, girl drops everything to spend a night with him. It was a great night. He misses her so much. He wants to meet her father. He loves her and was so happy she was there with him. Even as she is leaving, he asks her to stay longer. Less than 24 hours after her visit, she comes home to an EMAIL. Something is missing. I don't feel the same (like he did less than 24hrs ago) Still loves her but he's sorry. It's done. He hopes they can still be friends. How insane is that? Close friends for many years and he ends it in an EMAIL?? Is this not the equivalent to Carrie's "post-it?" I say NO! No room for friends when you end things like that! Was this guy serious?? ICK!
NOTE TO GUYS; Break-ups are meant to be difficult. There are many ways to break-up and not one of them include a text message, an email or a post-it! (Thank you Carrie Bradshaw!) These type's of break-up's can negatively affect the person being dumped by making them feel as if they didn't mean enough to their partner to deserve a face-to-face break-up. Women just want a dignified ending to a meaningful relationship. Ending a relationship is never easy but the best way is to meet face to face and explain your reasons tactfully. Choosing text or email shows no respect for the other person or the time spent together. You can fool yourself into thinking that you are still a good person because you didn't have to deal the person's hurt reaction & you said what you needed to say without facing them. The truth is, how you ended it, really shows the person that you truly are.

-Atomic Bombshell

PS- I would be happy to take comments on this subject. Email me at

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Hottie ... Gimme The Business!


Big hit by Pat the Bat last nite, no? This year could be more exciting of a finish than last year's race, because there's so many teams that are so close with a decent amount of time left to go. Each game counts...every pitch matters. After all, Spanish from Old School wants to remind you that there's only ONE October. (what kind of slogan is that?)...Anywhoozer, check out Cheyenne. Now this, my fellow freakshows, is a woman. This hottie comes to us from Phoenixville, and one look into those big Buster Brown's and your done. She got eyes that can speak to you. They won't say anything you'll understand, but you'll get the message. The flowing locks, full lips, and who can forget the body? Also be sure to check out the advice. It's incredible!

Hey! How's everyone? My name is Cheyenne, and YES, I know it's also the capital of Wyoming! I'm a full time Registered nurse, I work in a neonatal ICU with critically ill and premature infants, I love my job, but working the night shift is exhausting! I also do some modeling when I can find the spare time! Let's see, I have been known to watch some sports, football being #1 on that list, I love the Patriots (don't hate me) even though my boy is hurt. Baseball is great, as long as the Red Sox are playing (again, don't hate me) I love to eat, but I'm pretty picky. There's nothing better then curling up in front of a fire with a good book, ok, almost nothing better! I'm addicted to myspace, there are some interesting people out there!

It IS the capital of Wyoming....which is where this hottie originates from. And guys, if htat's your best pick up line for this woman, please go back to the drawing board! She's also doing her part to help make the world a batter place. Working with sick babies has gotta take a toll on the psyche (in case I misspelled I meant Sike-ee) once in a while. I mean, I guess it's enough to drive a woman crazy. It can drive you so Batshit crazy that you become a Patriots and Red Sox fan! (ohhhh low blow, Rob B. Fresh). Apparently she's also one of the 95% of women who are Jabar Gaffney fans, seeing as her favorite player is injured. He questionable for this weeks Pat's game. He used to be an Eagle! I certainly can't hate a woman who looks this beautiful and is such a genuinely goodhearted person, no matter what her allegiances are, but I can make fun of her a liiiiiiiittle bit. Cheyenne is also a model, and these are only a few of about 30 AWESOME pictures. The camera loves this girl, or it could be vice versa. I mean, who looks hot on a webcam? Not that I....ummm...I never...shiiit .. I mean webcams are used for other thin....dammit. I'm busted. Let's check out this beauties advice, and be sure to thank Cheyenne for gracing our pages, she's certainly got a tough enough schedule without having to answer our ridiculous emails!

Tip of the Day

Q: Cheyenne, what's the worst date you've ever been on?

A: I really couldn't think of a bad date, lucky me huh? but I do have some tips for guys that are dating...

1. It's ok to tell a girl she's beautiful, but don't wear it out, it just comes off as insincere.

2. When you're talking to a girl, really listen, don't watch TV over her shoulder, or let your mind float somewhere else, you'll regret it later, we have memories like elephants.

3. Learn to cook!!! A guy that can cook is sexy, but Mac N Cheese, does NOT count.

4. It's not the amount of $ you spend on a date, it's the originality of it, make it fun, fun=memorable, and a movie is not always the best first date, no time to talk!! (and unless you're 13, you're too old to just sit and feel a girl up during a movie)

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Know What Them Girls...I Know, I Know What Them Girls Like

Stacy Michelle

Double the name, double the pleasure! Let's welcome Stacy Michelle to the site with a big Philly Hotties welcome, eh? HEEEELLLLOOOOOOOO STACY! This 21 year old hottie, comes to us from Jersey, but you can usually find her in Philly partying it up. She keeps with my theme that girls with two names are doubly hot. I really don't wanna say too much, I mean, she does a hell of a job herself. And who are we to get in the way of our hotties?

Hey Philly, my name is Stacy and I am 21 yrs old.. i can be a BITCH,I wont times i can be shy, but mostly CraZy,wild,annoyin, alil shady too (ha).But i do know how to have a good time and make people laugh (ha) . I love to go out to the Bars, and yes I stand out wherever I go and so do my girls but am that girl that you would call a PARTY GIRL. love to be up on the bar dancing or taking/doing body .I live for my weekends ,And Yes I’m a Jersey GIRL , but I love partying in PHILLY and youll find me in OLDE CITY and I sure do love them EAGLES baby.(bleed green). But anyways Things I LOVE: GYM, Tan, doing different stuff to my hair, drinking, dancing, shopping, and just hanging out with my main girls xoxo & I love all the seasons. I Dis-Like : People that think they know you when they don’t : Fast Food , cause it gets you fat, waiting in lines, Haters, back stabbers , and of course people the lie , really why lie . its better the tell the truth cause you know that person will find out sooner or later Don't be afraid to come introduce yourself, I love to meet new people

Well, hello Stacy. For some reason I find it entirely hot that this girl mentions that she's "a lil shady". I also find it impossible to believe that she;s shy. Why be shy with a face like that? Plus, it's apparent this girls got a wild streak a country mile long, and shyness and bitchiness don;t go hand in hand. Unless you listen to lil Weezy, "she ain't shy no more, she changed her name to my bitch" But I think he had a completely different meaning to that line. I'm lovin this brunette. She's got some style, (she went to cosmetology school) and some grace, but won't be afraid to tell it like it is. It's just that she has kind of a tough look to her, like she CAN kick your ass, but at other times she looks so innocent and girl next door-y. Plus I dig the tattoos. And her butt. I looove her butt. So let's hear what Stacy has to say about her worst date.

Tip of the Day

Q: What was your worst date EVEEEER, Stacey Michelle?


This is why we, as guys, have to step our game up and not be so douchey. Look what someone did to this poor hottie. She won't even date anymore. So now, since one guy was a douche, we're all affected. Think about that, that's some deep shit. Your douchebaggery extends well beyond yourself. (SIDENOTE: Douchebaggery comes up in spellcheck as torchbearer)

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

No One On The Corner's Got Swagger Like Us

The Ashley

Real quick, we will not be speaking of last nites "moral victory", aka goddamned loss, to the Cowboys. I purposely didn't mention it yesterday cause I'm a mush (see: A Bronx Tale). But dude, a hook and ladder (lateral, whatever) on the final play....oh my god. And 30 seconds to run 2 plays inside the 2 minute warning. Good management. Anyway, I'd like to take a minute to formally welcome The Ashley into Philly. She's comin from Delaware, so there may be a little culture shock. I picture Delaware as like a Stepford Wives place, prim and proper, please and thank yous. I even picture Delawarians to speak with a British accent for some reason. But Dela-where's loss is our gain, and what a gain it is. I wish all hotties could look like this and be this enthusiastic about being on our site. She's a little Femme Fatale, with the gorgeous looks, and outgoing personality. Every guy who meets this girl must be immediately smitten. Let's see if she can prove me right....

Hey guys! My name is Ashley…I'm a complete beach bum, I am absolutely addicted to music, and I am a huge EAGLES fan. I also love reading, art, photography, going out w/ my friends and spending time w/ my family. I'm a total goofball and I'm always laughing and having a good time. I'm very outgoing and love meeting new people. I hate olives, fake people, gossip and hangovers. I am moving to Manayunk with my best friend within the month and I can't wait! We're hoping there are a few cute guys out there who want to show us around the town… :)

The offers are pouring in by the dozens to show this hottie around the 'Yunk. They should put Ashley on Jerry Lewis telethons with this kind of response. I'd offer to show her a round, but I'd generally take up most of the attention from guys and girls, because they'd be wondering "What must be goddamned loaded. Or hung No other explanation why she's with him" I still can't figure out what that intangible is that these women's like this girl next door charm, mixed in with this sexiness, mixed in with hotness. That's a dangerous cocktail right there. Could put you on your ass. And if you're wondering, the Eagles picture is the newest one....she took it especially for us! I feel so special, and not even in that window-licking sort of way! I can't say enough good things abut this hottie. She's got a degree in Psychology so she's smarter than you... WAIT A MINUTE!!!! Found it. Found the flaw! Favorite baseball team...Orioles. Well, at least your not a frontrunner cause they've sucked for the last 8 years. There really isn't anymore I can say about this hottie. She's beautiful, sexy, sophisticated, and fun. Now, onto the entertainment...the worst date! YES!

Tip of the Day

Q: What's the worst date you've been on, The Ashley?

A: My worst date was a couple years ago with a guy I met at the bar I work at in the summer. His band played there and we had been flirting all summer long, so I finally caved and let him take me out. He took me out to dinner and we started by ordering wine. The waiter asked to see our I.D.s and up to that point I didn't know how old he was…needless to say, I downed my first glass of wine after the waiter exclaimed, "You were born in '66?? You're older than me!!!" (I was 21 at the time.) After our dinner, we went back to his place and he pressured me so much to be intimate with him. First of all, it was the FIRST date! Slow down, old man! Secondly, that's not the way you get a woman. I fell asleep on the couch (damn that wine!) and he woke me up asking, "Why won't you touch me?!?!! You're not attracted to me, are you?!?!!" Not cool. As soon as my wine buzz wore off, I was in my car and I never spoke to him again. I would see him at the bar the next year, but I just waved and would quickly run the other way.

Lessons to be learned from this date:

1) ALWAYS be truthful! He would never tell me how old he was, supposedly because of his career. Had he been up front with me, I wouldn't have felt so awkward on the date. Or maybe I wouldn't have gone, but at least he would've known one way or the other if I was into the real him rather than just what he wanted to portray to me.

2) Never pressure a girl to do anything, there's nothing more unattractive. If she wants to kiss you or more, she will. Trust me, we can make the first move, too. If you push us, it makes you look like a jerk off and more than likely, you'll be doing just that later that night without our help.

3) Don't wake a girl to yell at her. What was that?!?!!

My other advice is to be yourself. Girls are crazy about guys who are comfortable in their own skin, confident, and REAL. Also, I love guys who can make me laugh. So if you've got a goofy side, let it show. The guys who are serious all the time are so boring…personally, I need a guy who can keep up with me. I want someone who has all different sides to him, and when you're true to yourself during a date, you allow all those different sides to show. :) Good luck!

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