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Monday, September 22, 2008

The Local Hotties In The Buildin! Yessir!

Whitney Peyton

Okay, so who had Donovan McNabb going down in week 3? Overall, not a bad game. The D-Line made it all possible, pounding Ben Roethlisberger like a porn star. What we've got today is something outrageously diffferent from anyhting we've had on the site before. We've got the lovely Whitney Peyton. She has a Le-ann Rimes looks to her, but don;t let that fool you. This girl's about to be Philly's next rap star. You don't even have to take my word for it. You can take the word of such artisits like DMX and Paul Wall (what it do, baby), who she's open for already. I know what your thinking and this isn't some sort of publicity stunt on her part, she's the real deal. She's got witty, raw lyrics and this Doylestown hottie has the looks to build a pcackage never before seen in the rap industry. A little blonde girl with brass balls and hot lyrics. Throw in that fact that she's got incredible legs and can breakdance, and we're seeing a whole new genre of hottie on this site! When she's not rapping Whitney likes to try out new foods and collect instruments that she doesn't know how to play. Go here to check out her music, and definitely, give Miss Peyton a chance. Between her and Asher Roth, the white population of Philly is getting a decent little look at the rap game. I was gonna write a rap song for Whitney, but it's 630am and I have no creativity, and I couldn't find anything to rhyme with hpttie except potty. MUSIC SITE:

Tip of the Day

Q: Whitney what's your best dating advice for all those wanna be Philly Rappers?

A: If a guy does something thats usually considered nerdy like hes a gamer.. or he knows how to make websites he shouldn't keep his talent hidden because he's afraid a chick will pass on him. Nerds are in and women secretly love them.