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Friday, September 19, 2008

Hottie ... Gimme The Business!


Big hit by Pat the Bat last nite, no? This year could be more exciting of a finish than last year's race, because there's so many teams that are so close with a decent amount of time left to go. Each game counts...every pitch matters. After all, Spanish from Old School wants to remind you that there's only ONE October. (what kind of slogan is that?)...Anywhoozer, check out Cheyenne. Now this, my fellow freakshows, is a woman. This hottie comes to us from Phoenixville, and one look into those big Buster Brown's and your done. She got eyes that can speak to you. They won't say anything you'll understand, but you'll get the message. The flowing locks, full lips, and who can forget the body? Also be sure to check out the advice. It's incredible!

Hey! How's everyone? My name is Cheyenne, and YES, I know it's also the capital of Wyoming! I'm a full time Registered nurse, I work in a neonatal ICU with critically ill and premature infants, I love my job, but working the night shift is exhausting! I also do some modeling when I can find the spare time! Let's see, I have been known to watch some sports, football being #1 on that list, I love the Patriots (don't hate me) even though my boy is hurt. Baseball is great, as long as the Red Sox are playing (again, don't hate me) I love to eat, but I'm pretty picky. There's nothing better then curling up in front of a fire with a good book, ok, almost nothing better! I'm addicted to myspace, there are some interesting people out there!

It IS the capital of Wyoming....which is where this hottie originates from. And guys, if htat's your best pick up line for this woman, please go back to the drawing board! She's also doing her part to help make the world a batter place. Working with sick babies has gotta take a toll on the psyche (in case I misspelled I meant Sike-ee) once in a while. I mean, I guess it's enough to drive a woman crazy. It can drive you so Batshit crazy that you become a Patriots and Red Sox fan! (ohhhh low blow, Rob B. Fresh). Apparently she's also one of the 95% of women who are Jabar Gaffney fans, seeing as her favorite player is injured. He questionable for this weeks Pat's game. He used to be an Eagle! I certainly can't hate a woman who looks this beautiful and is such a genuinely goodhearted person, no matter what her allegiances are, but I can make fun of her a liiiiiiiittle bit. Cheyenne is also a model, and these are only a few of about 30 AWESOME pictures. The camera loves this girl, or it could be vice versa. I mean, who looks hot on a webcam? Not that I....ummm...I never...shiiit .. I mean webcams are used for other thin....dammit. I'm busted. Let's check out this beauties advice, and be sure to thank Cheyenne for gracing our pages, she's certainly got a tough enough schedule without having to answer our ridiculous emails!

Tip of the Day

Q: Cheyenne, what's the worst date you've ever been on?

A: I really couldn't think of a bad date, lucky me huh? but I do have some tips for guys that are dating...

1. It's ok to tell a girl she's beautiful, but don't wear it out, it just comes off as insincere.

2. When you're talking to a girl, really listen, don't watch TV over her shoulder, or let your mind float somewhere else, you'll regret it later, we have memories like elephants.

3. Learn to cook!!! A guy that can cook is sexy, but Mac N Cheese, does NOT count.

4. It's not the amount of $ you spend on a date, it's the originality of it, make it fun, fun=memorable, and a movie is not always the best first date, no time to talk!! (and unless you're 13, you're too old to just sit and feel a girl up during a movie)