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Friday, September 26, 2008



Check out the lovely Gina. This lovely hottie comes to us from the outskirts oh Philly. Damn, is she hot. I've been trying to get this girl on our site for...eveeeer. And it's finally worked out. It's a short day today, so enjoy your Friday in the Nor'easter. Not only is Gina hot, but she's friends with out past hot Michelle...(I'll link it later) . I don't know what makes a woman hot...maybe it's what they tell us all the time on here. Confidence is sexy. Whatever it takes, Gina's got it. The smile, eyes, body...I'm running out of body parts to name on our family friendly site (Hi GRAM!!!..seriously, she's reading it right now waving at her screen) Let's hear some more about the lovely Gina.

I am a student who finished my first degree for criminal justice and I am now finishing out my second degree. I do modeling, promotions, and hip hop dancing. I love to be able to be out with friends and love meeting new friends. I always am looking for something new to do. Im in love with snowboarding. Can't wait for the season to start. You can always find me up their on the mountain with my girl. I don't drink since i can just be as fun and crazy with out it. I am a huge sports fan. I love absolutely love my Phillies and Eagles.

Now before when we were trying to get Gina, on our site, I thought she was politely blowing us off by saying she was too busy. But look at that schedule...she is damn busy. One degree already, modeling, hip hop dancing......and snowboarding. There is nothing hotter than a snow bunny. Especially one who can strap on a board and hit the slopes. Snowboarder girls are hot. Serisouly...grab a girl who snowboards and a girl who ski's. Put them next to eachother and tell me who's hotter. Gina's also fallin in love with the Phils and the Eagles. Women who can talk sports are my kryptonite. Just don;t TRY to talk sports. That is a deal breaker...(actual quote from lady I work with tuesday morning after Dallas game) "Oh, they lost, but they really played like a team. And I haven't seen that in forever." Sorry...I'm still pissed at that lady. Gina's got some amazing advice for us today. Check iiiiiit...

Tip of the Day

Q: Gina, what would your dream date consist of?

A: my dream date would be for the guy to pick you up and be on time and to go out to dinner. Doesn't have to be candlelit or bring flowers just some good food since i love to eat. Then to be able to just go out on the town or even go to a game if they are in town. For the guy just to be real and truthful and not pretend to be someone he's not. then to go home and have him walk you to the door and give you a kiss goodnight if everything is going well on the date. the guy should just treat me how he would want his family members treated on a date.


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