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Monday, September 1, 2008

Wait, So I Can Be Voluntarily Lazy Today? And That's Cool? I'm Game


Whoa, Nelly. Happy Labor Day and what not. I hope you spend your day not being laborous and drinking your face off, or whatever it is you crazy kids do these days. As I've said before, there must be something in the water in Bucks County that makes girls hotter than necessary. Mariell is not a very common first I looked up it's meaning, and it couldn't be farther from the truth. Mariell (a variant of Mariel) means something with bitter. This hottie certainly doesn't look bitter. Unless bitter means "crazy sexy" and I've been using it wrong all my life. Let's hear a little bit more about this bitter hottie!

A little bit about me... I'm a hairstylist during the week and I bartend in Center City on the weekends. I enjoy both a lot. I spend a lot of free time in a friends studio recording. I love it, I love music. I play the piano as well. That's my creative side. On the other hand I'm pretty athletic. I love sports, I'll always participate even if I'm not good. I love going to Flyers games.. they're awesome live. Snowboarding is by far at the top of that list. I'd like to move out West for a month in the winter and just snowboard. I'm extremely competitive, I can't help it. I come off as quiet and shy until you get to know me...I'm quite the opposite actually. I love trying new things and challenging myself. I cook for fun, and I'm good at it. I'd like to make a lot of money one day (who wouldn't)... and after I buy my M6, I'd like to travel the world and start up a charity where I can cut and style unfortunate peoples hair in different countries for free. A good cut and a half hour of talking to someone can really boost someones confidence and make a difference.

See! No bitterness anywhere!! In fact, she seems upbeat and bubbly. I'd love to see this little bunny on the slopes in her snowboarding gear...but it's been years since I snowboarded, so I'd only make an ass out of myself if I tried to impress her that way. She likes the Fly-Guyz, and wants to change the world. And if you haven't seen the new M6, it's hot. Real hot...kinda like Mariell so I guess it's only fitting she drives one. Plus she's a bartender. I love bartenders cause no matter how much you drink, or what you do when your drunk (are you a hamper pisser?) she's seen it all before. Just don;t flag me and we'll never have to argue. This 23 year old hottie has a lot going for it's only right that we take her advice. You wanna know how to impress a responsible beauty like her? Read on, brother.

Tip of the Day

Q: Mariell, what's your best piece of dating advice for all those Philly guys out there?

A: The best advice I can give for a single guy in Philadelphia is to be yourself. So cliche but really true. The hottest thing for me about a guy is someone who is confident about themselves and passionate about what they do. That can even make your flaws cute. Whatever you do, don't confuse confidence with cockiness. Soooo unattractive.