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Saturday, September 27, 2008


listen i understand that every hotties not gonna please everyone.  but as our readers, please understand that someone likes this type of girl.   I dont expect you to love everyone...its life...its hotties.  the girl next to you at the bar is hideous but the guy across from you loves her.. ...these girls DONT put themselves out there to be scrutinized.  we ask them for a favor. can we attract girls like them.    so if u wanna be a dick.  leave a shitty comment.  but understand that this girl was asked and agreed to do give us dating advice.  and i u dont like this girl...and u kill her in a comment.   wel,l you killed four hot chicks from being on this site.  I don't agree with censoring our comments, and to the guy i did it to, I understand your point.   Its just not your flavor.  REMEMBER....i ask these girls to be on here...they dont rip my judgement.   NOT THE GIRLS.  Rip me.  I picked them and Ill stand by my opinion everytime.   Just read the advice and call me a pussy.  I'm cool with that