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Monday, June 30, 2008

Go Hooters Girl, It's Your Birthday, We Gonna Party Like It Your Birthday


How special is todays post? Its' Maries birthday...woohoooo! Happy Birthday, Dear Hottie. Now when describing Marie, I think the most important factor is the one you can't really see through the's a down to earth, girl next door, life of the party quality that no modeling pictures, or make up artists can create. Marie has the intangible that we've been searching for. This Philly born hottie is currently up at State College, making all the Nittany Lion fans drool all over themselves. Well, it's either her or the sauce on the breaded hot wings....but the sauce isn't terribly hot unless your a pansy, so it must be the gorgeous Marie, and definitely not the PSU fans mild retardation.

There's this unwritten rule in my family, that every time we go to a Hooters, the ugliest waitress immediately points us out and exclaims, "Yo, theys mines." I never ever ever get the hot waitress like Marie. Which sucks, cause, you know, if I'm there for the girls, I really want Marie as my waitress, not recovering crack addict Carrie. Marie isn't only the next pretty face to deliver your wings though. She also works as a shot girl at a nightclub in State College and has done promotional work for Bacardi. Mmmmm, Rum. When Marie isn't out slangin various liquors and hot wings, she spends a lot of her free time learning to be a DJ. Here's a tip Marie...whenever the party is starting to slow down and needs a Bell Biv Divoe's "Poison". Gets em everytime. I'm really digging the girl next door face, on the hottie from the gym body. When you look at the face your immediately drawn to the innocent, unsuspecting ultra-cutie, then your eyes slowly go downward and your kicked in the face by a "Holy Hell" package. I mean, just look at the stems on this hottie. So fellas, raise a shot in one hand and a wing in the other, and help us toast this hottie on her birthday. Yes, I realize that means there's no "free" hand there, but it's ok to leave it alone once in a don't wanna go blind, y'know. So Marie, here's to you and your hotness, on your birthday.....and an awkward hi-five to your mom and know....having you.

Tip of the Day

Q: Marie, what's your best piece of dating advice for all the guys in Philly?

A: Hmmm my best advice for single guys... Would have to be for them to be themselves and not put on a front to "get the girl". There is nothing that bothers me more than men that Put on a show or tell me what they think I want to hear. Most pick up lines are lame. And when your trying hard to be something that your not it shows. Most women crave honesty. So I would have to tell all the single men out there to just be themselves and stop trying so hard to impress the opposite sex..

......but sometimes, Marie, I just reaaaaally wanna lie.

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Atomic Bombshell's Anatomically Correct Dating Advice

Dear Atomic Bombshell,

My girlfriend's family is crazy! It's gotten to the point where I am just fed up with the misunderstandings. They all fight with each other. Her mother calls our apartment to tell us her problems. Even when I answer the phone, I get sucked into the entire mess! My girlfriend tells her mother our problems and her mother think s that it is okay for her to call me to address them. I am at the point that I avoid all of their family gatherings. My girlfriend harps on me about it but I really can't take it anymore. The entire situation has me to the point where I want to pack up and leave town. There is too much chaos in their family and everyone knows too much about my relationship. I don't know if my relationship can be saved by this.

-Stuck in the Family Disaster

Dear Stuck in the Family Disaster,

You have options. I'm guessing that you really love your girlfriend so only you can decide if the relationship is worth saving. It seems to me like they see you as "one of the family." In this case, a little too much information is shared. You really should try speaking to your girlfriend about trying to keep things between you both, until they are worked out. I can understand how you feel when the mother calls you to rectify a situation with her daughter. You are right, it's not her place. There are not a lot of people in this world who would find that behavior acceptable. As for her calling you to update on other family member's drama, that's not cool. I wouldn't want to hear that. The amount of time being spent on gossiping about family members is ridiculous. You really need to reach out to your girlfriend and tell her that this is what you need. If she can't stop her family from butting in, then you need to explore other options. Moving out of town won't make you feel better. You need to find some peace with the situation whether you stay or go. Good Luck!

Atomic Bombshell

Do you have questions or comments about sex or dating? I want to hear your pain Email me at

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Friday, June 27, 2008

I Put The Lime In The Coconut And Twist It All UP...Twist It All Up!


It's no secret here, we at Local Hotties love to drink.....we also love our baseball. When you combine the two? It makes for an awesome day that we either won't remember, or will regret remembering. That's not an exaggeration, I still have a scar from opening day 2007. It's a proud battle wound, and in case your wondering you can NOT jump between that little opening in the fence in the lot diagonal from the stadium (to the left of the Linc). Look for it...there a bar that's stretched wide open....I've tried and failed miserably. The moral of the story is that this is the hottie who will get you drunk at McFaddens. Nicole is a 21 year old hottie, who may or may not be responsible for our drunken debauchery at the ballpark. Again, we don't really remember too clearly. Last lucid memory is girls on the bar pouring alcohol all over my face, and me totally loving it. Anyways, here's Nicole...I'm babbling on....tell them about yourself.. (shhhh, i stole this from her myspace)

Hi my name is Nicole, friends call me Nik or Nikki. I am an inspiring actress, I also sing, dance, paint, and much more. I love to get drunk, I just hate the next morning, I love to be with my true friends, there is a select few, but they know who they are. I've been through a lot, and seen more shit by 21, then most people have in a lifetime. However, I am better for it, stronger for it, and I don't take anyone's shit. You disrespect me or hurt me, I'll write you off and that'd be that. I think things happen for a reason, it is what it is, and karma is a bitch. Fairytales don't exist. I HATE drama. People have to make their own luck in this world because no one will give you a break. People are selfish. That's that. Love is a huge part of who I am, caring and giving makes up a lot of my character, but when you get your heart broken enough you stop opening up, and it doesn't come as easy. I love my family even if they are a lil nuts. I am a lil crazy, but in a good way. I have different sides to my personality, I can be very girly when I want to be and rock my stilettos or like most of the time I'll sport my sneakers and a pair of jeans and chill out. I am a pretty laid back person most of the time, but I can be a total spaz. I will be the first to say something when your wrong. I love to be right. I love to laugh. I never leave my house without my cross. I have 6 tattoos, and by the end of the summer I'll have a total off 11. I have my belly button pierced twice. I love pain. I have a wild and crazy side, where I am outgoing and don't give a fuck, and then there's also my sensitive side. I'm still on the journey of finding out who I am. However, I like what I like and I don't try to be like anyone else. And ya know what, as the saying goes, if you can't handle me at my worst, you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best. Don't make someone a priority who only makes you an option. God is my strength and guide in this life, and he is the only one who can judge me, so quit hating.

That's a lot to sum up. 5 tattoos this summer? What and where? That's the real question. There's something completely ADHD-ish about Nicole that I think is absolutely awesome. I also like that she can sport sneakers and jeans and look just as hot as if she were in stilettos. While Nicole looks like the girl next door, it's obvious that she may have corrupted more than one younger guy on the street. My neighbors never looked like Nicole....they looked like ALF. No lie...that's what popped into my head when I thought of them. Well except Christyn, she's still oddly hot to me. Nicole's most likely seen the worst behavior a guy can exhibit after an all day drinking binge... so you can get drunk, and still impress her. Wow, fellas...I think we really outdid ourselves here. No lie, this may be one of my favorite yet. I know that I say that a lot on this site, but I really mean it. There's something so innocent and cute about her, but I think she also has almost an alter ego....that likes to drink and get wild and get tattooed. Nicole and the girls of McFaddens are the real reason I bought season tickets. They've been putting on more of a show lately too. If you don't think this girls an absolute 10, please see yourself to the door. Seriously...get the hell outta here.

Tip of the Day

Q: Nicole, what's your best piece of dating advice for all us drunk Philly guys?


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Thursday, June 26, 2008

At Laaaaaaast, My Hotties Come Along...


Phils win! The slump is over for Utley, too! I don't even wanna talk about that though, it's all non sense when it comes down to what we've got in store for you today. We're bringing back the blondes with Christina....a 23 year old born and bred, absolutely gorgeous hottie. This gal's a go-getter to the fullest sense. I think she has like 9 jobs, one of which is pretty damn unique, so I'm not gonna spoil the surprise. Christina, let the fellas know all about yourself, please.....

Hello Everyone!!! My name is Christina im 23 years old and I live in Philly!! Home of the Philadelphia cheese steak!! yes my fav food is the cheese steak! I work part time at 4 different car dealerships and part time as a professional impersonator... dont like it... TUFF! I do what I love best for a living... singing the songs from the people I love!! I Impersonate Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Faith Hill, J-LO, Shania Twain and Jessica Simpson, and travel all over the world doing it! I have performed in The Cayman Islands, Nashville, Oklahoma, LA, Minneapolis, New York, Jacksonville, San Francisco, New Orleans, Vegas, and some places in between. I own a 1994 Honda Accord with 17 in chrome rims, afermarket spoiler, tint, custom painted tail lights, all 4 clear turn signal lights, AEM short ram intake, NGK spark plugs and wires, blue underglow dash kit, one piece chrome angel eye projector headlights and my interior is totally customized and, thats all for now!! Its my work in progress!! I love workin on my car, and watchin football... u'll never find another girl quite like me :-)

What's not to like? The gorgeous smile, long flowing locks? Or is it the smokin hot body, and the coal miners work ethic? It's no lie you'll never find a girl quite like her. She's got a presence that lights up the room, and just imagine the possiblities with a J-Lo, Britney, and Faith Hill impersonator. She loves her Eagles, and her pimped out ride. I've seen picures, it's pretty pimped out....her Eagles jersey I mean. She made it into a whole outfit that will make you shed tears of joy, and thank the heavens for creativity. This is what we've been waitin for all week, just someone who could explode off our pages with personality and beauty, and goddammit, we finally found it. With alll the brunettes, I think a blonde just ruled the week. I'm in absolute awe of this I'd marry her on the spot. And, dude, we even brought you our first ever video. It's Christina singing At Last....add the voice to the mix and this hotties unstoppable. The most incredible part is, that even when she dresses up like Christina, Britney, J-Lo, Jessica Simpson, etc....she looks her best when she's just being her. That's incredible.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your best piece of advice for all the Philly guys out there in "internets" land?

A: My best piece of dating advice for the single guys out there is you be yourself, no women likes a guy who tries to hard to impress them. If they dont like you as you, its not worth being fake. Thanks!

Here's a blog Christina wrote about What A Woman Wants

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cause You Put On Quite A Show, Very Entertaining

Kerri Rose

Just when you think the Phils are gonna back out of their slump, they lose again. I really thought they had it last nite. Boo hoo for them, right? Today we've got Kerri Rose. Double the name, Double the pleasure, like doublemint gum. Now this is a hottie. She's been described as, "she looks like a model but she's got a little more ass." Kerri was born in Massachusetts, but thank god for us, she was too hot to be a Masshole and hightailed it down to South Philly. The only problem with Kerri Rose is that she's got too many great pics to choose from...Certainly you'll be hearing more about this hottie in the future, but let's see what she's up to now.

I'm an actress/dancer/model who currently lives in South Philly. I went to college for Musical Theatre at the University of the Arts in Center City, Philly. I work as a club dancer in different clubs in the city and basically don't do much else. I'm very career oriented and focused. I don't go out that often and party cuz that's basically what I do for work lol. I'm not like anyone else I know. I'm sexy but classy, naughty without being trashy, driven but laid-back...Like that Meredith Brooks' song says, "I'm a little bit of everything all rolled into one" :)

I thought she was gonna go with Meredith Brooks' quote, "I'm A Bitch", but I don't think there's any bitch in this sweetheart. A real down to earth beauty. Let's backtrack... "Naughty without being trashy" Prove it, KR!! Well, I guess these pics are all the proof we're gonna get. As I've said before, dancers are the cream of the crop to date. They're gonna be in shape forever, it's part of their lifestyle. It's who they are, and what they strive for. You can find Kerri Rose in Philly all the time dancing at the clubs..she can even kick her leg all the way straight up...and hold it. You can hear her creepy dance teachers now, "hooold it. hooooold it, and stop." She's also been in quite a few plays at the University Arts, and at Walnut Street Theatre, but I think we'd all honestly need to see more of Kerri Rose in the future. Kerri, when you hit it big don't forget us little guys here at Local Hotties!!

Tip of the Day

Q: Kerri Rose, What's your best piece of dating advice for all us Philly guys?

A: If I'm being completely honest, my best advice would be NOT to hit on a girl haha Everyone likes a challenge and for me, if a guy is ignoring me at a bar, that's the guy that I want (I think everyone can agree with that). But sometimes that will fail so what I would do it keep looking/eye contact but don't make a move. Do that as long as possible until you can't stand it anymore and THEN go up to the girl. Honestly the best lines are the ones that make me laugh. Best one I got was when I was sittin at the bar just texting and a guy came up to me and was like, "you dont need to text me, i'm right here" or something like that and it totally broke the ice. Dont' come on too strong. And even if you walk away after, it'll still be enough to drive a girl crazy. Oh...and don't act like a playboy. It's such a turn off and I don't know any girl who wants to compete for a guy's attention.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

She's My American Girl


With all the bickering going on back and forth about the war, and why we're out there, if it's right, and what's sometimes easy to forget that the people over there fighting aren't just soldiers. They're brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, boyfriend, wife, family....and it very well could be your family. So regardless of your thoughts on the war if you read this often, you know we're not gonna have any political banter), sometimes we just have to sit back and thank the soldiers who are fighting for us. Those who risk life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness just so we don't have to. Stephanie's fiancee is in the Army and is currently in Iraq. Here's hoping we can make one soldier's day just by saying thank you.....

My name is Stephanie, I was born in Philly and raised in the surrounding area. I am the sensitive, layed back, artistic Pisces that everyone turns to for advice. Currently, I am out of school but I will eventually be going back for an education in Children's Psychology. I believe that every child is a miracle. I am a very passionate and outspoken person when I am speaking of something I truly believe in. My life is hectic. While my parents have been divorced my entire life, I am not jaded by it. I am a hopeless romantic! Don't take that as a weakness. I'm engaged to a deployed US Army Soldier, and proud of it. I completely believe that it takes a very strong woman to be capable enough to handle all that loving a soldier entails. I am the least jealous person you will ever meet, I see nothing wrong w/ my man going to the strip club("get a lap dance for me Baby"). I have a higher than average IQ(137), which shocks a lot of people because beauty is not normally associated w/ brains. I am talented in singing and writing poetry and lyrics, which I absolutely love doing. I am the life of the club/ party/ room ...etc... I love to dance. I love to get everyone laughing and loosened up. I like to make everyone feel comfortable. Words to live by: Laughter is the best medicine, and when we can laugh at ourselves we are free.

"Get a lapdance for me, baby" Hotter words have never been spoken. This Bensalem hottie is the life of the party and can make any dull event a good one. Her higher than average IQ adds some brains to the beauty. Inside and out, this is a beautiful woman. She does a great job describing herself, and claims to live the life of a true pisces. So as I said, I'm not here to banter about your thoughts on the war, but take some time out of your day to realize that there are family members fighting over there. They've made a sacrifice that most aren't brave enough to accept. So, fellas, thanks again. Here's to hoping we could make one soldier's day a little brighter.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your best piece of dating advice for the men in Philly?

A: Completely disreguard the cliche "every girl likes a bad boy". It's completely false. Those "bad boys" seem to be the ones w/ all of the confidence. We dont go for their appearance, we go for their presense; the way they carry themselves. We want a guy that is comfortable enough around us to be himself and we want to feel protected and comforted. We are people too and have feelings and insecurities just as you do. When on a date or just approaching a woman it is just as uncomfortable and nerve wracking for us. Remember that and JUST RELAX! Awkwardness is not attractive. The more uncomfortable you are the more uncomfortable we will be. Show your confident side w/o being obnoxious(while some women may be attracted to them, the majority of us hate obnoxious/cocky men- most commonly refered to as "the cocky-asshole"). Take a deep breath and remember, appearance has nothing to do w/ it, it's all in the attitude baby!!

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Monday, June 23, 2008

I Take 2 Steps Forward, You Take 2 Steps Back, We Come Together Cause Opposites Attract


Welp, the Phils continue the June Swoon, and are officially looking pathetic, but it's still early. Today we bring you the lovely Teresa. A 25 year old hottie, with the brains to match the looks. They say opposites attract so this must be my soulmate. Think about it...she's hot, world traveled, smart, and responsible. I'm short of all those values. but I am as family oriented as she is. So there's our common ground to build on, and we could make this work. Anyway, I'm gonna let Teresa tell you about herself. I'm checking out these pictures a little more. I mean, the eyes, the bright smile, and the body....add in brains and WTF? I'm stunned actually. She's got a lot going for her...hopefully this isn't the last you see of this hottie.

Hey, I'm Teresa, 25, and lovin life! Most importantly, I'm a sister, daughter, aunt, and best friend, I take pride in each. Finding a balance between spending time with my 3 yr old niece and 10 month old nephew, helping support my mom undergoing cancer treatment--Love you--, being a devoted sister, and rocking summer 2008 with my best friends Juli and Rebecca, "You get 1, you get 3!", is what I'm good at. I'm 100% Ukrainian, and yes, I can speak it, so expect A LOT of tradition, amazing home-made food, and secret-family-recipe alcohol at my house. I've always had a strong passion for traveling -ANYWHERE- and sucking in my fears while on vacation long enough to zipline rainforests, go cave tubing, swim with dolphins, lose myself in Temple Bar and sample local cuisine is important. I've hardly met any food I didn't like and am not known to turn down food put in front of me....I'll also assault my friends until they try things too. But don't be fooled by the outside or the girl you see on the weekends; remember balance is key....I'm a very traditional, hard working aestetician, and was always in the top 10 of my class and later on the dean's and president's lists. So thinking I'm an airhead will not work! Rounding out, I'm proud to be a catholic and genuine person. I like to say things as they are, without offense, and I'm pretty sure that's why I have the true friends that I do. So from here on, I'm just running down my life list, looking for my next adventure.

Zipline rainforests?? Just about the only way you could convince me to do half that stuff would be to have a hot woman tell me I'm being a bitch about it. Then I'd man up. so let's go. As you can see this hottie really has her life together. As she said, balance is the key, which is much easier said than done. So I'm guessing to impress a woman of this caliber, you've really gotta have your life in order. She's Ukranian too, so I bet she's got an awesome accent she can break out. So if opposites attract we've got some potential here for all you schlepps. Today's a lesson in self control, so hands off your rulers, fellas, and read on.....There's some great advice for you to follow.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your best piece of dating advice for all the Philly guys out there?

A: Dating is very hit or miss. I'd say ditch "The Game." I've played, I've spectated, and it never ends well. If your out and interested in a girl, send a signal. If it's picked up, go over, if it's turned down, chances are you will be too. So move on, life is short. If you do meet a girl your interested in, let her know. Don't wait the customary number of days before you call, this is all part of the game that nobody wins in!

In a relationship, definitely be open about expectations and status, have separate and also combined interests, and be yourself because eventually that will come out, and that's all you'll be left with. Take a good look at yourself...if your not happy with who you are, or you wouldn't date yourself, don't expect someone else to, so get yourself together! Have Fun and NO DRAMA!

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Atomic Bombshell's Anatomically Correct Dating Advice

Dear Atomic Bombshell,

I have been spending a lot of time with a girl from work. I feel like we really hit it off. The problem is, she is in a long term relationship that she says is really bad. Our friendship started off because I guess she needed someone to talk to. Her boyfriend is really possessive and gives her the wrong kind of attention. I was just a friendly ear for her. We started spending a lot of time texting and calling each other. We would hang out all the time after work. Then we started hooking up, and things were really good. This went on for a few weeks and I thought everything was looking good. Then after one of her rants about her boyfriend, I told her to leave him and she said that she couldn't, things were complicated. The night ended okay, but then she stopped returning my texts and calls. She cut her shifts at work down to one shift. I barely see her. I finally asked her why she hasn't responded or if something was wrong? She said she never got the messages and her phone service was messed up. She said that she would call me. She is acting cold and distant. I don't understand what happened?

-Clueless Guy

Dear Clueless Guy,

Your first mistake was getting involved with a woman who was in a long term relationship. Relationship's don't just end over night. I don't care how miserable she says she is. Let me break down what's going on here;
It's complicated- It's not complicated: she has a boyfriend but wants to sleep with you, too. She wants someone to dote on her and give her attention when she feels like it.

I didn't get the message- OKAY, on occasion, this could happen. But how many times?. Sure, technology isn't fool proof but everyone has a cell phone and email, it's highly unlikely she didn't know you were trying to reach her. If you are even questioning what she is saying, it's probably not the entire truth.

I'll call you- When someone says "I'll call you," we tend to think they mean you will get a call within a few days. But for a situation like this, "I'll call you," just means that she'll talk to you again sometime before she dies.

DUDE, MOVE ON. Don't get involved.. This process with her "long-term relationship" could take months. the reason why people stay long after things have gone bad, is because of comfort and habit. You would do better to find someone who is unattached and more secure. Good luck!

Atomic Bombshell

Do you have questions or comments about sex or dating? I want to hear your pain. Email me at

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Ashley Drew...Girls With Dual Names Are always Hot

Ashley Drew

Why do Happy Hours turn into shitty mornings?? I'm in such bad shape this morning. Head hurts...eyes are red. I'm outta cash, and my mouth feels like I'm eating cotton balls. Then I go to put up pictures of todays hottie and I'm like, "What the shit? Are there two of her?" I'm so confused...still drunk, and all I want is my bed. This girls one of a kind...gorgeous smile, twin sister...and smart enough to know that her looks won't last forever...or will they? I don't know. Ashley Drew, I need a picture of your mom. When in doubt, look at the mother. If she's pretty, you've got a keeper. Ashley Drew, tell us why your a keeper!

My name is Ashley Drew...and yes I go by Ashley Drew. Theres a million and 1 Ashleys in the world, but theres only one Ashley Drew. Its different, like my life. I'm no ordinary girl, never to be confused with anyone besides my identical twin sister, Lindsey. But were night and day, and I'm the night part. I graduated college in 2007, but right now I'm a 23 yr old bartender @ Whiskey Bar in Hoboken and @ Merge in Seaside Heights. I'll eventually do something with my degree, but you cant use your personality and looks when your like why not do it now and make money? ... I have an odd outlook on life and I live every single day like its my last. I never take life for granted. I love my life, and call me conceited if you want to... but I have fun. You can always catch me with a smile on my face, and I guaranteee you'll never see a tear come out of me. Im just all about a good time.

This is a stark contrast from yesterdays girl...Ashley may be hot, and may be conceited, as she says, but shit, she relizes she's 23 and now is the time to live it up. Now if she's 30 and still doin it, then we may have a problem. I'm kinda the same in the moment....I've got 50 years to act like I'm 50 so today im rockin out with my ....anywho. Lovely Ashely...I've never been to seaside heights, but I'll definitely be making a trip this summer. Ahh shit my head hurts. You know what pisses me off more than that there's basically two of her, and I'll probably never meet one of them. She's also a sorority girl, so I'm sure she knows how to have a good time. Those girls can always throw a good party.

Tip of the Day

Q: Ashley Drew, what's your best piece of dating advice for all the shy guys out there in Philly?

A: My best piece of dating advice would just be to be yourself. And if you want to go hit on a girl, make sure your not too belig. (beligerant) before you make a fool out of yourself. I dont usually date shy guys cause i'm pretty outgoing. But cut the shy act. And grow a pair. Thats my advice haha.

Grow a pair she says.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cause I Remember, Girl, I Was The One Who Said Put Your Lips Like This


Looks like our good ole' Phils aren't as good as we all thought, huh? they certainly didn;t look like a championship caliber team this weekend. When put up against a championship caliber team, they collectively shit their pants. Onto todays hottie. I'm sticking to Bucks County today. Heaven is a 25 year old woman come from, I think, Langhorne. Once again, I'm in Langhorne a lot, and the only place I ever see girls who look like this is outside Forever 21. I've known people to sit there and actually just enjoy the scenery while their girlfriend shops. Besides having a cool name, Heaven's got some pretty unique hobbies....Don't believe (i before e, except after c) me?

Well, my name is Heaven. I'm a free-lance portrait artist and art framer. I enjoy painting/illustrating, reading, listening to music, singing, collecting, and personal fitness..among other things. I'm friendly for the most part, but my main focus in life is my fiancee and living to fullest of my capacity. I dislike nonsense and immaturity. I say it like it is and there isn't anything anyone can do about it. My decisions have gotten me this far and quite frankly, I like it that way.

I've always liked the artsy type of girl. Having a sense of creativity is such a plus. Heaven really is gorgeous. She resembles someone, but I can't figure out who....and it's gonna bother me. Leave a comment with your ideas. She dislikes non sense and immaturity, so I'm immediately out of the picture, but here's how you can stay in it....

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your very best piece of dating advice, Heaven?

A: My piece of advice to men out there is, just be yourself. Genuinity is what women appreciate. Acting like a darn fool with their one liners and compliment of "ur hott" is the biggest turn off. Sincerity will you get far. And definitely, don't go after women who you know are way out of your league. They always end up being uneducated, egostistical Barbie dolls. Search for the real woman.

Here's my only issue with this advice. The whole point of this site is to learn how to attract women "out of my league". Not only the hot, egotistical Barbie Doll, but also the intelligent, sophisticated vixen. If I wanted a bunch of 3's, I'd just start a site called "". They are a dime a dozen. Insensitive? Sure. But it's the truth. I want a ten, only I'm NOT a ten, and most guys aren't. So how can we get a leg up? How do we approach the women who are tens without seemy douchey or out of their league. Heaven's advice is valuable. Be yourself. It's a typical theme we have here on the advice column. So I'll give it a shot.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Got A Shotgun Rifle And A Four Wheel Drive, A Country Girl Can Survive!

Glamazon V

Ladies and gentlefellows, allow me to introduce to you the lovely and exotic Glamazon V. When I first read her name I thought...what the hell is a Glamazon. I googled, I wikipedia'd, I called my brother, I called his girlfriend, I called your one knew. Oh, am I lucky I found out. The Glamazon V is a unique individual which is indigenous to the state of Pennsylvania. Typically sporting a blonde mane, which may change to brown during the spring to summer months, the Glamazon V stands over 6 feet tall, and has strikingly attractive features. The high cheek bones, and chin dimple, suggest a definite modeling background...from bike shows, to promotional modeling, and above and and runway maybe?

The Glamazon isn't your typical model type. The hobbies of the Glamazon include fishing and 4 wheelers! She can live off the land like Hank Williams, Jr. once sang, and has no problem admitting that she's a total tree nerd. Careful though, with the Glamazon's technically redneck-y hobbies, this species can be decidedly upscale, too, almost like a chameleon to her environment. She enjoy fine dining and vodka drinks, fellas. So splurge for the Grey Goose, and sit down and talk bow hunting....The Glamazon is one exceptional woman. But tread carefully.....we haven't yet figured out if she mate's like the Praying Mantis.

Tip of the Day

Q: Glamazon V, how do us shy guys impress a woman like yourself?

A: SHY GUYS- WHY ARE YOU SHY...YOU LIVE ONCE. but if you cant break it we understand...most girls just need a que and once its recieved we either accept or walk away. be humble always, but bold. no matter what be yourself. it comes out later anyways. treat a girl like lady and that doesnt mean buy her all the vodka in the world. i hate meeting guys at the bar but im out alot so when this happens i drink one drink with him and then if im not asked out for a sober conversation i jet. so make it known you want to see her again...quality time. :) keep it full and interesting!

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hey Hottie, Heard Your Bringin My Name Up!


Wow...Phils tore the Sawks a new one last nite huh? Good to see Howard come alive! Look what I got today! This girl's been on our radar for a while...then I went to the Wired 96 concert, and some rapper with a Transformer (Optimus Prime) chain pulled some girls onto the stage. I'm like "Yo, I know that girl from somewhere, I think she was a hottie of the day!" Nope. She wasn't cause like Charles Barkley, I'm a dumbass. I slept on this one, and I apologize. Beautiful smile on a skinny body...that's always a good combo. This 21 year old hottie comes to us from the Warminster area...but I'll let her tell it.

well im 21 about to be 22 in July! I work as a receptionist at an executive office and go to school part time studying to be an ultra sound tech. I love to go out and have a good time with my girls and meet new people. Im always down to try out new bars and clubs

You can catch her hitting up the local bars, and all the hot spots in the city...VERSATILE!!! You gotta love a hottie who can go out for a game of pool, or get all done up and head to a club. I'm literally pissed off that for as much time as I spend in the Warminster area, I've never once come across this hottie, or any looking like her. Mostly I find Mullets and Budweiser cans. But to each his own, right? Jaxx has also been a promotional model all over the city, so you may even have seen her at numerous events. So read the advice, and I'm sure you'll be glancing over the pictures with the fervor of a pedophile on a 3 day drinking binge. Enjoy, fellas.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your advice for all the shy guys in Philly, Jaxx?
A: My advice for shy guys is shy is cute but girls like a guy who takes charge or maybe thats just me haha! Be courageous step outta your shell and try something new. Dont be afraid to talk to a girl and ask her out, girls like when a guy approaches her.

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