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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Atomic Bombshell's Anatomically Correct Dating Advice

Dear Atomic Bombshell,

I think my girl wants to get married. We have only been together for like a year and a half. She always says stuff about "when we get married." It was kind of cute at first but now I think she is serious. I love her a lot. I just feel like she has a lot of expectations on me. Do you think she is really going in that direction? I'm afraid she is going to freak out because I'm not sure? It's stressing me out.
-Not Ready

Dear Not Ready,

It's possible that she is hinting around to marriage. Women also tend to do things like imagine what our name would sound like with your last name. I have done it. That doesn't mean we really see ourselves marrying that person. It just means if we happen to end up with you, we won't have a stupid last name later on. Some girls can't wait to get married. Usually you can figure out what type of girl you have, early in the relationship. If it comes down to the big M, tell her that this is something you really need to be sure about. It's important to you that the person you decide to marry, will have the same idea of what marriage is. The same view and beliefs. Love is a wonderful thing. Love is not always enough to make a marriage last. You both should have the same values when it comes to this and you need time to be sure. You are not saying that you will never get married. You are just saying yes, I love you. I need more time to come to a real decision about the rest of our lives. It's a very mature way to approach this. She may get upset. Hopefully that will pass. Any logical person would think that the rest of your life is nothing to take lightly. Best of luck!

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