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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm Wii-Tarded!


Oh and the Summer Swelter continues. Oh my god, it's so damn hot out, and my A/C is broke, so I just melt all day. Then to top it off, with no A/C and a hundred degree weather, we bring you Bernedette to completely heat it up even more. This hottie might give me a heat stroke. Comin to us from Jersey, Bernedette is kind of a free spirit. Why you ask? Oh, Bernedette, tell us why, please?

I am originally from San Diego, CA. I am a full time nursing student. I love to travel and I have actually done the across country trip 3 times and stopped to meet new people and new places along the way. I am a big goof ball with a really dry sense of humor that not everyone gets. I am the stereotypical Italian girl, big family (5 brothers! maybe thats why I get boys so much more than girls)..loves to cook, make my gravy (yes, gravy not sauce) from scratch and freeze it. It's really weird to be picked for a hottie of the day, I dont even consider myself hot. I would say I am funny, but I have never described myself as being hot, lol. If I said what I was into, people would it goes...I love video games (in fact, wii is my cardio, lol), I work out, but its all treadmill crap! I love music, but good stuff...I mean real talent. I love trying new things, especially outside! I dont usually get my panties in a bunch over things, life is going to happen and sometimes you just have to ride it out and see where it takes you... Ciao,Bernedette

I think everyone should do the cross country tour. Just have certain destination points, but at night you have to stop wherever you are at 11 pm, and spend the night in that town. Another hot fact about this hottie: she lifts weights. So when you go to the gym and you see that chick across the room who's bustin her ass....yeah, it's her. The hard work's paid off too,check out her abs....and her butt. They're tiiiiight. Plus, once she comes home from the gym, you can plan on playing Wii for a little while too! How awesome is that shit? "B, what are we gonna do tonite?" "Oh, I don't know Rob, how about I cook, then we'll play Wii,?" "Ummmm, would you like to marry me or something...oh, no? OK. Thought I'd ask." Before you go all wedding proposal on her, make sure you clear it with her FIVE least 4 of them will knock you the fug out. So go and check out Bernedettes advice. Especially if your looking for a Wii playing girlfriend type....then again, who isn't?

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your best piece of advice for all those shy guys out there in Philly?

A: Thats a tough one...Confident definitely, the worst thing to see on a guy is doubt. Having confidence can change an 8 to a 10. Another big one for me is how he is dressed, but I think that goes a long with confidence. You dont have to look like you just walked off the run way, but don't ever leave the house looking like you dont shower either. Have some style and dont be afraid to look like a fool, what seperates a yes from a no is a man who looks the part.