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Monday, June 23, 2008

I Take 2 Steps Forward, You Take 2 Steps Back, We Come Together Cause Opposites Attract


Welp, the Phils continue the June Swoon, and are officially looking pathetic, but it's still early. Today we bring you the lovely Teresa. A 25 year old hottie, with the brains to match the looks. They say opposites attract so this must be my soulmate. Think about it...she's hot, world traveled, smart, and responsible. I'm short of all those values. but I am as family oriented as she is. So there's our common ground to build on, and we could make this work. Anyway, I'm gonna let Teresa tell you about herself. I'm checking out these pictures a little more. I mean, the eyes, the bright smile, and the body....add in brains and WTF? I'm stunned actually. She's got a lot going for her...hopefully this isn't the last you see of this hottie.

Hey, I'm Teresa, 25, and lovin life! Most importantly, I'm a sister, daughter, aunt, and best friend, I take pride in each. Finding a balance between spending time with my 3 yr old niece and 10 month old nephew, helping support my mom undergoing cancer treatment--Love you--, being a devoted sister, and rocking summer 2008 with my best friends Juli and Rebecca, "You get 1, you get 3!", is what I'm good at. I'm 100% Ukrainian, and yes, I can speak it, so expect A LOT of tradition, amazing home-made food, and secret-family-recipe alcohol at my house. I've always had a strong passion for traveling -ANYWHERE- and sucking in my fears while on vacation long enough to zipline rainforests, go cave tubing, swim with dolphins, lose myself in Temple Bar and sample local cuisine is important. I've hardly met any food I didn't like and am not known to turn down food put in front of me....I'll also assault my friends until they try things too. But don't be fooled by the outside or the girl you see on the weekends; remember balance is key....I'm a very traditional, hard working aestetician, and was always in the top 10 of my class and later on the dean's and president's lists. So thinking I'm an airhead will not work! Rounding out, I'm proud to be a catholic and genuine person. I like to say things as they are, without offense, and I'm pretty sure that's why I have the true friends that I do. So from here on, I'm just running down my life list, looking for my next adventure.

Zipline rainforests?? Just about the only way you could convince me to do half that stuff would be to have a hot woman tell me I'm being a bitch about it. Then I'd man up. so let's go. As you can see this hottie really has her life together. As she said, balance is the key, which is much easier said than done. So I'm guessing to impress a woman of this caliber, you've really gotta have your life in order. She's Ukranian too, so I bet she's got an awesome accent she can break out. So if opposites attract we've got some potential here for all you schlepps. Today's a lesson in self control, so hands off your rulers, fellas, and read on.....There's some great advice for you to follow.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your best piece of dating advice for all the Philly guys out there?

A: Dating is very hit or miss. I'd say ditch "The Game." I've played, I've spectated, and it never ends well. If your out and interested in a girl, send a signal. If it's picked up, go over, if it's turned down, chances are you will be too. So move on, life is short. If you do meet a girl your interested in, let her know. Don't wait the customary number of days before you call, this is all part of the game that nobody wins in!

In a relationship, definitely be open about expectations and status, have separate and also combined interests, and be yourself because eventually that will come out, and that's all you'll be left with. Take a good look at yourself...if your not happy with who you are, or you wouldn't date yourself, don't expect someone else to, so get yourself together! Have Fun and NO DRAMA!


wolverinefan1 said...

Wow Tre! Soo proud of you!! Love you always!

Derrick,Erica,Gracie and Cole

g0ddessjuli said...

Brilliant, Beautiful & my Best Friend!! Eat your heart out, world!

I love you, Tre!!`

Kristen said...

love you, love you, love you!!!