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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cause You Put On Quite A Show, Very Entertaining

Kerri Rose

Just when you think the Phils are gonna back out of their slump, they lose again. I really thought they had it last nite. Boo hoo for them, right? Today we've got Kerri Rose. Double the name, Double the pleasure, like doublemint gum. Now this is a hottie. She's been described as, "she looks like a model but she's got a little more ass." Kerri was born in Massachusetts, but thank god for us, she was too hot to be a Masshole and hightailed it down to South Philly. The only problem with Kerri Rose is that she's got too many great pics to choose from...Certainly you'll be hearing more about this hottie in the future, but let's see what she's up to now.

I'm an actress/dancer/model who currently lives in South Philly. I went to college for Musical Theatre at the University of the Arts in Center City, Philly. I work as a club dancer in different clubs in the city and basically don't do much else. I'm very career oriented and focused. I don't go out that often and party cuz that's basically what I do for work lol. I'm not like anyone else I know. I'm sexy but classy, naughty without being trashy, driven but laid-back...Like that Meredith Brooks' song says, "I'm a little bit of everything all rolled into one" :)

I thought she was gonna go with Meredith Brooks' quote, "I'm A Bitch", but I don't think there's any bitch in this sweetheart. A real down to earth beauty. Let's backtrack... "Naughty without being trashy" Prove it, KR!! Well, I guess these pics are all the proof we're gonna get. As I've said before, dancers are the cream of the crop to date. They're gonna be in shape forever, it's part of their lifestyle. It's who they are, and what they strive for. You can find Kerri Rose in Philly all the time dancing at the clubs..she can even kick her leg all the way straight up...and hold it. You can hear her creepy dance teachers now, "hooold it. hooooold it, and stop." She's also been in quite a few plays at the University Arts, and at Walnut Street Theatre, but I think we'd all honestly need to see more of Kerri Rose in the future. Kerri, when you hit it big don't forget us little guys here at Local Hotties!!

Tip of the Day

Q: Kerri Rose, What's your best piece of dating advice for all us Philly guys?

A: If I'm being completely honest, my best advice would be NOT to hit on a girl haha Everyone likes a challenge and for me, if a guy is ignoring me at a bar, that's the guy that I want (I think everyone can agree with that). But sometimes that will fail so what I would do it keep looking/eye contact but don't make a move. Do that as long as possible until you can't stand it anymore and THEN go up to the girl. Honestly the best lines are the ones that make me laugh. Best one I got was when I was sittin at the bar just texting and a guy came up to me and was like, "you dont need to text me, i'm right here" or something like that and it totally broke the ice. Dont' come on too strong. And even if you walk away after, it'll still be enough to drive a girl crazy. Oh...and don't act like a playboy. It's such a turn off and I don't know any girl who wants to compete for a guy's attention.