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Saturday, September 29, 2007

How to Act from Amber

My name is Amber 26 yrs old from South Phila born and raised. I'm really tired of people acting fake and not real. This is a big problem where i live. They talk and act like there somebody well, i think not.For me that's big turn off . A girl wants a guy to be his self not somebody who tries to be tough. Every guy needs to learn to be genuine. I'm tired of guys starting trouble for no reasons and not being respectful. I think a good man treats his girl like they treat there mother. Guys like that are hard to find these days. Deep down inside behind there cockiness and toughness they have a weakness there just afraid to show it. I believe every guy should act like themselves and something there not.It just shows how weak they can be by acting like that. And not being true to themselves.This is a big issue where i live. Every guy acts stupid and thinks they have to be a big tough guy when my opinion is there nobody just regular people like us. The real problem is hatred in this city. Who dresses better and who's looks better and i'm tired of it. Just be you and you will go far. Every girl i know wants a man to be real and not act fake. Guys better realize that you get nowhere acting fake and go far by acting like yourself. They will succeed if they realize how stupid it looks to a person. Just be yourself that's all.

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Hey Hottie, Put A Little Pimpin' In It


How about them Phillies, huh? You'da thought they won the World Series with that celebration last night. Check out the lovely Rae. Another referral from Miss Marnee. Rae a model and artist, but she still finds time to keep a full time 9-5, because she fully believes a woman should be able to support herself financially. YES! Maybe she can support me too. The way to this hotties heart is through her stomach. She loves to eat....and actually says that she eats like a football player. She must work out like one too, cause this hottie's body is smokin. rae also loves big dogs...ROOOF! So I guess my little puggle isn't gonna win this hottie over. Also, don't bitch. she hates whiny women, but thinks it's even worse to find a whiny man. Stand tall, fella. When your manly slab of steak comes out under cooked, don't bitch and moan, stand up and act like a man. Basically, just cry until they bring you a new one without spit in it. Marnee...thanks so much for this hottie. Rae, thanks so much for your tmie. Reader, thanks for reading. If you can't read and just look at the pictures, your a loser. Not like you'll know I'm calling you a loser. You can't read anyway, you illiterate bastards. Go watch Reading Rainbow and eat Cookie Crisps.

Tip of the Day

Q: On a scale f 1-10, how important are looks and why? BE HONEST!

A: On a scale of 1-10 I'd say the importance of looks would be a 5. Of course that's the first thing you notice but if you're attitude sucks than you turn ugly really fast. It doesn't hurt if you have a guy that looks nice but I'd rather someone who's sweet, caring, smart and can make me laugh to the point I have to tinkle. Oh yeah and fellas, just make sure your hygiene is up to par. The importance of that is a 10.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Giddy Up...Giddy Up.... Hottie Move Out!!

Nikki M

I never thought I was going to be able to reference "Ghetto Cowboy" by Bone Thugs, but here is my opprtunity. Nikki currently comes to us from Bucks County...thats where I'm from, and nope never seen this hottie around at all. Apparently, I'm always doing something wrong not to run into here. She's a Junior at Del Val College....and as you will see below she is a bull rider. The best part is that Nikki is a bikini bull rider, which come on now... one of the best combinations I can think of. You can see her at Montana West's where she will be riding those mechanical bulls....and not you, sorry buddy.
She is a model in her spare time, but doesn't mind getting dirty. She has been riding horses since before she was able to walk. Hot, Dirty, Sexy....I'm speechless. Her life revolves around horses. So, looks like the animals are getting alot more action than you. Better luck next time.
Oh...last but not least. She doesn't curse, drink, smoke, or associate with those type of people...a GOOD hot girl to bring home to mom. The list goes on and on.
Tip of the Day

Q: On a scale of 1-10 how imprtnt are looks, and why? BE HONEST!

A: I would have to say that looks do matter, but not as much as everyone thinks. I would say on a scale of 1-10 1 being butt ugly and 10 being brad pitt I would rate it about a 7 expecially depending on your personality. If your a great person, have a big heart, smart, faithful and going somewhere in your life that matters a lot more then looks. But looks are what first attracts you to someone and you have to be attracted to the person to really have the relasionship long lasting expecially in the bed room!.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

They See Me Rollin, They Hatin, Patrollin They Tryin' to Catch My Local hotties

Where to start....besides the obvious. Jules comes to us from Chalfont, but we almost lost her. After she graduated college she moved to Florida, but hated it. So we got or lucky charm back. Look at this one!! The face, the body, the ... OH NO...NAUGHTY TEACHER LOOK! Sound the alarms! WOOOOOOO! This SuperNerd has been rendered helpless (What?! I don't know) Forget it, this hottie's a bartender, but she certainly knows her way around both sides of the bar. While your at the bar drooling all over yourself, Jules is sitting behind the bar collecting your stripper money. Please, like your using it on anyone else. Don't kid yourself, homey. Jules supports my theory that female bartenders can party harder than the average hottie. When her and her girls go out she tends to "get a little crazy"...I'm thinking bar dancing, lots of spilled alcohol, and plenty of couch dancing. This hotties also a big fan of movies. you can catch her at the theatre one or two times a week catching the newest releases. *TIP-Stalkers...don't go to the movies 7 days a week now to get shot down. * I mean, you can stare, but don't be creepy. She's a big fan of horror movies including Rob Zombie movies. She lists among her favorites: House of 1000 Corpses, Factory Girl, and Party Monster. Ever see Party Monster?'s strange. Macauley (Michael Jackson touches me) Culkin is a club promoter who's constantly high on E and anything else, and banging Fez who's dressed in black angel wings and it's obviously not one of my favorites. Sorry Jules. The gay overtones turned me off. Oh, and don't forget Single White Female. So this hotties definitely an original in our book. If you do get lucky and take this hottie on a date, keep the popcorn trick out of your bag of moves. It's unbecoming. Shit...the family's gonna be so disappointed again. Toilet Humor.

Tip of the Day

Q: On a scale of 1-10 how imprtnt are looks, and why? BE HONEST!

A: I give it a 4. Looks don't matter because eventually they will fade. People change constantly. If you are going to be with someone you should be with them for who they are and how they make you feel. I want someone that makes me laugh and smile and that is what is important to me, not what is on the outside.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Oh Dominique. The Back to brunettes. I'm torn. This 19 year old hottie come to you from Drexel Hill, where she's a student and a Dental Hygenist. I'd be much happier about going to the dentist if the people there looked like her. My dental hygenist looks like a retired crack whore, who just recently picked up heroin. Dominique likes to stay drama free....dont we all. Her hyper, bubbly personality will definitely keep the conversation flowing all night. But don't be a downer, because this hottie only surrounds herself with positive energy. She can party too, boy. I'd love to see this hottie at a party getting crrrrrazy. It's the brown hair. I think brunettes are secretly wilder, because they have to compete with the whole Blondes have more fun thing. I personally look in the eyes, and the hips. The eyes tell alot, and the hips....well, that's an excuse to look at the ass, brother. Either way, both of Dominique's work for me! She was recommended to us by an anonymous fan, who's now shouting, "I'm Anonymous!" (Curb Your Enthusiasm fans got that) If you didn't get it, upgrade your cable package, yambag. It's time to roll with the big boys. Dominique also guarantees to tell it like it is. She's not gonna sugarcoat your lack of effort, or lack of personality. You'll know exactly where you stand when you try to show her the trick where you can lift your napkin off your lap with no hands....ehhhhh, the humor on this site just reach an all -time low.

Tip of the Day

Q: On a scale of 1-10, how important are looks and why? BE HONEST!!

A: important are depends on the situation....if a guy has an awesome down to earth personality than looks aren't all that import...don't get me wrong he can't be horrible lol....most of the time I don't even go for the ''hott guy'' ..cuz more than likely they r ass holes....

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Life Lessons From Our Resident Hottie -- THE Atomic Bombshell

I really felt compelled to write this because I have had a few creepy interactions with men on myspace. First things, first, I am the Atomic Bombshell. My profile is more of a night club business "persona." I bartend, promote events around Philadelphia, etc. Recently, I was approached by one of my myspace guy friends at a club that I work at. Now, a normal interaction would be "Hey! Are you the Atomic Bombshell? I'm So-and-so, we are friends on myspace. It's great to meet you! Thanks for the club info." Instead, here is how it really went; The guy asked me if I was Atomic Bombshell. I say yes. He then says he is my friend on myspace and that I am a bitch because I never answer his emails. ARE YOU EFFIN SERIOUS?? Is this guy really bitching at me because I don't respond to him on MYSPACE?? At this point I am thinking "JESUS CHRIST! Where the hell is my security?" So as nice as I could be, I say "Listen, don't get offended. I get so many emails and I only open the email from people I know on myspace." (The truth is, 90% of email that I get from men are usually inappropriate or asking me what's my address and other personal information). Then he proceeds to tell me that he wished he didn't vote for me as a local hottie because I am so mean. Note to men- READ PROFILES! In my profile it says in bold print that I am not here for dates and if you harass me because I don't respond to you, I will delete your goofy ass! And NEVER show up to a girls job that you never have met because she doesn't answer your myspace emails. It's really creepy and borderline psychotic. If you are looking for your dream girl, quit being cheap and join or I'm not saying that you can't establish a connection to someone on myspace. If you find someone on myspace, more power to ya! If she doesn't answer your emails, that doesn't mean show up where she works. If her profile says things like; NOT LOOKING FOR DATES, or I'M HERE FOR NETWORKING, that is not code for please try harder. Check yourself. SERIOUSLY. It's never okay to behave like that. Any girl would perceive that guy as a major red flag. I just spent the last hour going through my myspace trying to find the guy. I think I deleted about 25 guys today simply because of emails I have sitting in my inbox. COST OF THIS WEEK'S LESSON: $11.99 plus tx (Can of Mace)
You morons! Even I know these basic rules of engagement. That's why I developed a website to bypass them. Just kidding. But to our loyal fans, don't screw with our hotties. They're giving you advice to score hot girls...not bang them. Follow basic rules of common courtesy when approaching our hotties (if you ever get the chance), and don't, I repeat DO NOT, harrass them. We'll blow you up on this website faster than you can say "I haven't had sex with anyone other than myself in over a year"...I'm just sayin
-R. B. Fresh

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You Know What They Say About Mountain Hotties.....


Ahhh good Monday. No Eagles Hangover here, boy! Book your flight to Arizona now, suckers! Riiiight. Anyway, here's the lovely Kristin. A 23 year old, Bucks County born and bred beauty. I can only classify this hottie as the good girl next door. She's not trashy (not saying that any of our past hotties are!), she doesn't enjoy bars, and she's a nursing student at Drexel. Basically, you can take her home to the parents, and not have to remind her she's meeting your parents, not the owner of Risque. This hottie has been taking care of an ALS patient for the last two years, and we're gonna be keeping you posted on the fundraiser they are having to benefit kids whose parents have ALS, and can't keep up with their extra curricular activities. Also, she's a mountain girl at heart.....she love hiking and fishing. Mental Image time....daisy dukes, tied up above the bellybutton flannel shirt and heels. Ok, so you can't hike in heels, but will you let a kid dream. If you do happen to see this hottie out, you'll probably find her "pretty well lit" playing pool. I love a girl who can play pool. There's something crazy hot about the girl bent over,masterfully handling a pool stick. Kristin also claims to be a champ at poker too. She sounds too good to be true. A girl next door, who enjoys guy activities, and looks damn good doing them. And all she needs on a first respectful and tell her a few tasteful jokes. Dammit, I forget all the tasteful ones cause they suck. She can also cook and loves to read, so when she''s bored she won't run to the mall and drop 500 of your hard earned dollars at Juicy Couture.... I'm just sayin. Steph, I think this hottie gives you a run for your money. We'll have to have a cook off! YES! Kristin also enjoys horseback riding. I can only imagine the comments running through the head of some of the perverts reading this. I've never ridden a horse, because ...well , they're shit stinks. Take her advice..It's well thought out, and actually some good info. Oh and she's a devoted Eagles and Phillies fan, and loves Pat Burrell. MVP!!!!!!! (You have to know my other blog to know what I'm talkin aboot there)

Tip of the Day

Q: On a scale of 1-10, how important are looks and why?

A: Hmm... I would give that a 5... If there is a guy that makes you laugh and feel special, you're bound to hit it off. Once you really get to know a guy, his looks will begin to matter less and less... I've dated some guys that were amazing to look at, then you try to have a conversation and get more amusement from a dish cloth... Personality beats looks any day! Once you become closer, the things you might not have found too appealing become your favorite features because it's what makes that person unique. Just be clean, fresh and always smell good. And since I'm a nurse-to-be...please clean under your fingernails...I know I'm a hands, eyes and lips kinda gal and I'm sure many would agree...

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Friday, September 21, 2007

My Hottie Got A Girlfriend, But That's Not A Problem,

The Terrible Twosome

Kali and Tara

Not many people responded to my blonde vs brunette debate. so I decided, eff it. I'll put both up. I'm not even gonna talk about these two. They do a good enough job themselves. They are bright and beautiful, and I think they were drunk when they wrote this. That's fine by me, Anyway, sit back, relax and read this shit. It's classic.

Things we have in common:We both go to Philadelphia University for Fashion Merchandising.We both just studied abroad in Roma, Italy for 4 months.We LOVE to travel. So far we have been to Venice, Milan, Barcelona, Pisa, Tuscany, and Greece together.We are both interning at Lace Silhouettes Lingerie. Kali is an Assistant Lingerie Buyer and Tara is Assistant to the Owner.Men gravitate to us when we are out at bars.We are both reDICulously hot.We both just started working for a travel company, bus2alps, based out of Italy which has redic travel deals. In March we’re going to be going on a Spring Break cruise around the Mediterranean Sea “chaperoning” 800 crazy college kids.To sum it up: We are party girls with our priorities straight. We love to have fun and go out without having it come in the middle of being successful.


I'm quiet before you get to know me.

After one red bull n vod i'm wilddddddddd.

I went sky diving twice: once in PA and once over the Swiss Alps which was sick.

I went snowboarding on the Swiss Alps, which is redic and you are higher then the clouds and a "bunny slope" is equivalent to a triple black diamond in the states.

i LOVE vodka.

Italian. Catholic. Perfect. End of Story

Hardcore Eagles fan.

Drunk dialing/texting is my weakness.

I hardly ever remember anything when I get drunk which = craziness. We usually wake up laughing when Tara reminds me the next day.

Two words: Closet freak


Voted social butterfly by her preschool teacher. She always meets new people when we go out because she talks to random strangers when she’s drunk.

Lives off of sugar free Red Bull on a daily basis.

Straight up party girl.

I want to move back to Italy after graduating.

Let’s just say I have a hard time walking when I’m drunk

I have a big heart; I would do anything for my friends and family to make them happy.Loves: Shopping, beach, going to AC, spending time with friends and family.

How long should a guy wait to call you?

Tara: It doesn’t matter. There shouldn’t be set rules to dating. If two people are into each other the guy should call whenever he wants… as long as its not overboard. Its important to take things slow and really get to know a person before you become serious.. Otherwise it usually doesn’t work out… people can be really surprising.

Kali:I don’t think there should be a time limit on guys calling a girl. I hate the games that everyone has to play. A guy should call a girl when he thinks the time is right. I mean, he def shouldn’t call the second after he gets her number, but if he really liked her and he wants to say hi the next day that’s perfectly fine. Just as long as he doesn’t act like a weirdo and stalk my voicemail it’s all good haha.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Local Hottie...What's Your Name? Let Me Talk To You, Let Me Buy U A Drank


Yeah, I was calling this hottie by the wrong name at first. Apparently, she's not Carmen...but she IS a 21 year old hottie, who loves to party. Quite possibly one of my new favorites (I'm a sucker for brunettes, Fumbles Sulligan likes the blondes), Robin was a semi-finalist in the Miss Pennsylvania pageant. Now, when I first heard that, I figured she be some stuck up, over hair sprayed, prissy snob. And I was completely right. Just kidding. Couldn't be further from the truth. Robin just got a tattoo....on her neck...that says Lady Luck and has dice underneath it. It's a hot tattoo, but I'm curious. If you blow on Lady Luck's neck, and you don't get any action, is it really lucky? Or are you just a loser for thinking of it? She's also Heather's cousin, and Lauren's friend. So imagine the first family party you go to with her. Your sitting, just chillin, talking sports, and pinching yourself (cause once your at the family function your officially in), and this hot blonde walks in wearing a low cut shirt. You can NOT react, even though you might wanna stare a little. Just shut the hell up, grab a beer for both hotties, chug yours, and thank god. But really, Robin seems like a real genuine person. She's another hottie who's big on loyalty and genuine kindness. She'll stick by your side when your going through erectile dysfunction, or a swollen prostate. It's not my prostate I'm worried about in the future, it's my liver. That thing hates me. I beat it's ass weekly, likes it's Brett Myers wife. So when it gives out, I know I'd still have a hottie caressing my hand and emptying my bedpan. I'd love to see Robin out about throwing back a few drinks, not giving a shit what anyone thinks. Ohhh the smile. And if I ever meet the lucky guys who hang out with all these girls, I'll shake his hand and say, "Wow, your like only the third gay guy I ever met". Cause if your just strictly hanging out with this girl and not making moves, you're gay. I'd let Lady Luck blow on my dice anyday......Jeezus. I'm just shaking my head in disappointment right now....Sorry, Kath. (My family reads this and they're actually proud of this shit once in a while. Not Today! Yeah, weird) This is the type of shit that spews out of my mouth in the presence of Beauty. And Robin is a genuine beauty.

Tip O' the Day

Q: What's your best piece of advice for dating/approaching a hottie?

A: My best piece of advice for approaching or dating a hottie is simple. Just be yourself, if they don't like you for who you are then they aren't even worth your time. Always be yourself, be genuine, be true, be happy, be you! But make sure if they do like you and you are interested as well approach them with a little flirtiness, but keep it classy ;-) We know no guys like trashy girls, well no good guys that is.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hottie Had Thighs Like What, What, What! Dumps Like A Truck, Truck, Truck!


It's the eyes and the lips. That's what got me on this one. Lauren's a 21 year old college student from...PHILLY! Three in a Row! Lauren's not just a pretty, pretty face though. You're gonna have to work for this one, fellas. and her biggest turn on... a guy who can dance . Shit! I'd rather just sit back and watch her shake that, and save myself the embarrassment. Somehow I don't think my move of gyrating with my hands in the air, while making kissing faces is too impressive. But we'll let Lauren decide. What i liked about her is that she's a dreamer. She sets her goals high, and works hard to achieve them, then once she does she goes out and parties her little ass off. I didn't even realize that yesterday's hottie Heather, Lauren, and tomorrow's hottie all know eachother. What a small, hot world they live in. It's like the Disney ride, but with all banging hotties from Philly. I'm gonna make an adult Disney...where you'll ride around on the boat, but instead of It's a Small World, it will play the Thong Song, while this girl's crew dances. Each girl will be dressed in different fantasies. Like, you'll have the librarian, the business woman, the teacher, the barely legal co-ed. YES! Back to Lauren...her great sense of humor and silliness will be enough to keep you on your toes, and keep you laughing. She lives by the ideal that life is too short to always be so serious. NICE, cause I can't take anything seriously, except the HIV...that shit's serious. It's a flaw. And she'll always shave your back. HAVE your back. Loyalty's big for this hottie. Just don't lie to her. If you piss off the good loyal girls, you might as well run for the hills. No seriously, pal, take a hike. My question is: Do we, as men (and some of you lady-boys), really lie that much?? I mean, I stretch the truth sometimes (a lot), but never really too many lies. This is like the 5th girl in a month who told us to stop lying. Shut up, Rob! OKAY!

Tip of the Day

Q: Give us your best piece of advice for dating/approaching a hottie!

A: As everyone would say just be yourself, make your first impression stick. Say something slick and funny. Don't be cocky and to overbearing ,always keep someone wanting more of your personality. If you just keep things true and straight forward everything should go perfectly.

Okay, slick and funny. Got it. Not really my forte. How about awkward and insensitive?? I try for slick and funny but it just doesn't work. Maybe it's the delivery.

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Goes From 0 To 60 In Three Point Five, Hottie You Got The Keys, Now Shut Up And Drive

Minor Eagles Note: I think Andy Reid's been putting a little of that weight back on. I guess his kid stole his diet pills. ORRRRR He wanted to prove that his son's not the only one who moves weight in the family. (Thanks for the second one Scotty)


OUCH...a Tuesday morning Eagles hangover. Where do I even start?? BARELY LEGAL ALERT! This hottie is 19! Bonus points there. Just start at the bottom of the picture and work your way up. Heather works at an accounting firm and loves to party at night. Ok, again, I'm imagining the business suit (aka Rob's Kryptonite), with the pony tail and the librarian glasses. Me-OWWCH! The best comment she gave us was, "I'm completely open to hear what people think or have to say, doesn't mean i agree or the person has the right outlook. Sometimes it's just better to laugh at it in the end." So basically, when your telling her that story about your Batman Underoos, and using your CareBears sheets as a cape, she's completely laughing AT you on the inside and quite possibly on the outside, bucko. She's also stubborn and can be shy at times....but loves to party. I can't picture this hottie being shy, but I'll take her word for it. AND DON'T LIE TO HER.....that's her biggest pet peeve. I'm letting her tell it...I need to find a goddamned rope and a tall tree. If my office had more than one floor, I'd jump.....and aim for McNabb and/or Reggie Brown. That Eagles game was shiteous.

My name is Heather. I work in an accounting firm. I'm a very stubborn girl. Love to go out and have a good time but also very shy at times. In love with Marilyn Monroe. I hate drama. I'm completely open to hear what people think or have to say, doesn't mean i agree or the person has the right outlook. Sometimes it's just better to laugh at it in the end. I Live MY life as I want, not as other people think I should. I make sure in my eyes, I will always have the upper hand on situations. Strong believer in Karma. Love the comfort of being inside of the arms that make you feel most happy, and you know I'm most happy when i grab at your collar as you hug me, that's my comfort zone!

That sounds soooo hot. She can grab at my anything. Just as long as it's gentle grabbing and not the "what the hell were you doing at the bar til 4 am" grabbing.

Tip o' the Day

I'm inserting my own tip here. Get Wide Receivers. God gave you hands.....effing use them.

Q: Give us your best piece of advice for dating/approaching a hottie!

A: BE YOURSELF is the main key, don't ever accept a girl to like you for something your truly not. If any arrogance, leave it behind that might be the biggest possible turn off ever. Don't come on to strong. And if end up dating a girl more then once, don't hesitate to tell her how you feel. If she is head over heels she'll love every second of hearing how you feel, if she doesn't, don't down yourself just might not be that particular girl's type, start dating the next girl!! Don't ever bring up anything about an ex. Guys with baggage are the worst, you're dating a new girl let it be a fresh start. Don't dwell on your past. Most important have a good time and enjoy yourself don't set out to impress any girl, set out to be yourself. And don't let intimidation get the best of you, might pass up a great thing. What happens, happens..

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Can A Hottie Get A Tabledance?


What a way to start the week. We got the Eagles on Monday Night Football (Monday Night Soccer in the European Countries?), and we got Stacey gracing our pages today. Stacey's 28 years old, and represents Philadelphia. It's about time you Philly girls stepped it up. Shit, I was wondering if I should start calling this Local Armpit of America hotties. She graduated from Drexel, and you can find this hottie brunching it up in Old City, or Rittenhouse Square. Man, just look at this hottie. I'm a sucker for the midriff shirt and low jeans look. We chose Stacey for today because in her words, she loves "watching football and it's always a bonus when our birds score us a win!!" So while your sitting at home tonite, in your Eagles Footie PJ's, imagine Stacey in a half cut Donovan Jersey, getting drunk and shouting at the TV. She loves spending time with her family, and working out at the Bellevue. Stacey also enjoys hitting up the finer eating establishments in the Illadelph. You can peep her at Matyson, Amada, Tria, and Marc Ventri's know, just to name a few. So your pockets better be deep, cause these places don't sound like your gonna be spending Value Meal money. Well, fellas, just take a look and don't let your mind work too hard. remember, it's Monday. Your boss doesn't expect any production out of you until Tuesday anyway. So relax and keep checking out our site.

Tip of the Day

Q: Whats your best piece of advice for dating/approaching a hottie?

A: Confidence is key.. be yourself and DONT try to over compensate.. less is more! Be open and honest and avoid playing games. NEVER text a girl for a date.. always CALL! If the attraction is there the rest will follow...

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