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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

How NOT To Approach A Woman On Myspace

Douchebag Of The Week

Subject: Remember to write mike back

Body: Hey there how are you ? First to explain my subject line. That is just for when you got all those guys that are tools writing everyday and your like geez how many guys can write me . Atleast you will see that headline and write me back when you just wanna delete like every message you get . Do me a favor read my profile when you get a chance its pretty explanatory. Oh by the way when you open my profile yes i know its annoying with the music videos blasting. Guess what though you get half of a high five for dealing with the noise and then other half of a high five when you write me back. Yes i can be a sacastic ass sometimes lol. Okay here is the most important part though . That part where 1. You approve my friends request 2. Your profile is as good inside as it is on the outside. 3 . Everything else falls into place like you have this uncontrolable desire to meet guys called mike . That your incredibly single or that your on here to set up your supermodel friend with only guys named Mike . For some reason i would take one of those being true lol . can't be serious. A half a high five??? And the other half later? I think you have half a sac...You'll get the other half when you actually become man enough to ask a woman out. Stop soiling our gender, assface. Let's see...tribal Arm Band..check. Gay Name tatto on arm...check. Camo hat, with bandana underneath. yep it's there. Ohhh, and multiple shit on my wrist to make me look like a recovering suicide patient. Yezzir! The best part is he probably has no idea who he sent this too, because it's copy and pasted each time.