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Friday, September 21, 2007

My Hottie Got A Girlfriend, But That's Not A Problem,

The Terrible Twosome

Kali and Tara

Not many people responded to my blonde vs brunette debate. so I decided, eff it. I'll put both up. I'm not even gonna talk about these two. They do a good enough job themselves. They are bright and beautiful, and I think they were drunk when they wrote this. That's fine by me, Anyway, sit back, relax and read this shit. It's classic.

Things we have in common:We both go to Philadelphia University for Fashion Merchandising.We both just studied abroad in Roma, Italy for 4 months.We LOVE to travel. So far we have been to Venice, Milan, Barcelona, Pisa, Tuscany, and Greece together.We are both interning at Lace Silhouettes Lingerie. Kali is an Assistant Lingerie Buyer and Tara is Assistant to the Owner.Men gravitate to us when we are out at bars.We are both reDICulously hot.We both just started working for a travel company, bus2alps, based out of Italy which has redic travel deals. In March we’re going to be going on a Spring Break cruise around the Mediterranean Sea “chaperoning” 800 crazy college kids.To sum it up: We are party girls with our priorities straight. We love to have fun and go out without having it come in the middle of being successful.


I'm quiet before you get to know me.

After one red bull n vod i'm wilddddddddd.

I went sky diving twice: once in PA and once over the Swiss Alps which was sick.

I went snowboarding on the Swiss Alps, which is redic and you are higher then the clouds and a "bunny slope" is equivalent to a triple black diamond in the states.

i LOVE vodka.

Italian. Catholic. Perfect. End of Story

Hardcore Eagles fan.

Drunk dialing/texting is my weakness.

I hardly ever remember anything when I get drunk which = craziness. We usually wake up laughing when Tara reminds me the next day.

Two words: Closet freak


Voted social butterfly by her preschool teacher. She always meets new people when we go out because she talks to random strangers when she’s drunk.

Lives off of sugar free Red Bull on a daily basis.

Straight up party girl.

I want to move back to Italy after graduating.

Let’s just say I have a hard time walking when I’m drunk

I have a big heart; I would do anything for my friends and family to make them happy.Loves: Shopping, beach, going to AC, spending time with friends and family.

How long should a guy wait to call you?

Tara: It doesn’t matter. There shouldn’t be set rules to dating. If two people are into each other the guy should call whenever he wants… as long as its not overboard. Its important to take things slow and really get to know a person before you become serious.. Otherwise it usually doesn’t work out… people can be really surprising.

Kali:I don’t think there should be a time limit on guys calling a girl. I hate the games that everyone has to play. A guy should call a girl when he thinks the time is right. I mean, he def shouldn’t call the second after he gets her number, but if he really liked her and he wants to say hi the next day that’s perfectly fine. Just as long as he doesn’t act like a weirdo and stalk my voicemail it’s all good haha.