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Monday, September 17, 2007

Can A Hottie Get A Tabledance?


What a way to start the week. We got the Eagles on Monday Night Football (Monday Night Soccer in the European Countries?), and we got Stacey gracing our pages today. Stacey's 28 years old, and represents Philadelphia. It's about time you Philly girls stepped it up. Shit, I was wondering if I should start calling this Local Armpit of America hotties. She graduated from Drexel, and you can find this hottie brunching it up in Old City, or Rittenhouse Square. Man, just look at this hottie. I'm a sucker for the midriff shirt and low jeans look. We chose Stacey for today because in her words, she loves "watching football and it's always a bonus when our birds score us a win!!" So while your sitting at home tonite, in your Eagles Footie PJ's, imagine Stacey in a half cut Donovan Jersey, getting drunk and shouting at the TV. She loves spending time with her family, and working out at the Bellevue. Stacey also enjoys hitting up the finer eating establishments in the Illadelph. You can peep her at Matyson, Amada, Tria, and Marc Ventri's know, just to name a few. So your pockets better be deep, cause these places don't sound like your gonna be spending Value Meal money. Well, fellas, just take a look and don't let your mind work too hard. remember, it's Monday. Your boss doesn't expect any production out of you until Tuesday anyway. So relax and keep checking out our site.

Tip of the Day

Q: Whats your best piece of advice for dating/approaching a hottie?

A: Confidence is key.. be yourself and DONT try to over compensate.. less is more! Be open and honest and avoid playing games. NEVER text a girl for a date.. always CALL! If the attraction is there the rest will follow...