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Monday, September 17, 2007

Goes From 0 To 60 In Three Point Five, Hottie You Got The Keys, Now Shut Up And Drive

Minor Eagles Note: I think Andy Reid's been putting a little of that weight back on. I guess his kid stole his diet pills. ORRRRR He wanted to prove that his son's not the only one who moves weight in the family. (Thanks for the second one Scotty)


OUCH...a Tuesday morning Eagles hangover. Where do I even start?? BARELY LEGAL ALERT! This hottie is 19! Bonus points there. Just start at the bottom of the picture and work your way up. Heather works at an accounting firm and loves to party at night. Ok, again, I'm imagining the business suit (aka Rob's Kryptonite), with the pony tail and the librarian glasses. Me-OWWCH! The best comment she gave us was, "I'm completely open to hear what people think or have to say, doesn't mean i agree or the person has the right outlook. Sometimes it's just better to laugh at it in the end." So basically, when your telling her that story about your Batman Underoos, and using your CareBears sheets as a cape, she's completely laughing AT you on the inside and quite possibly on the outside, bucko. She's also stubborn and can be shy at times....but loves to party. I can't picture this hottie being shy, but I'll take her word for it. AND DON'T LIE TO HER.....that's her biggest pet peeve. I'm letting her tell it...I need to find a goddamned rope and a tall tree. If my office had more than one floor, I'd jump.....and aim for McNabb and/or Reggie Brown. That Eagles game was shiteous.

My name is Heather. I work in an accounting firm. I'm a very stubborn girl. Love to go out and have a good time but also very shy at times. In love with Marilyn Monroe. I hate drama. I'm completely open to hear what people think or have to say, doesn't mean i agree or the person has the right outlook. Sometimes it's just better to laugh at it in the end. I Live MY life as I want, not as other people think I should. I make sure in my eyes, I will always have the upper hand on situations. Strong believer in Karma. Love the comfort of being inside of the arms that make you feel most happy, and you know I'm most happy when i grab at your collar as you hug me, that's my comfort zone!

That sounds soooo hot. She can grab at my anything. Just as long as it's gentle grabbing and not the "what the hell were you doing at the bar til 4 am" grabbing.

Tip o' the Day

I'm inserting my own tip here. Get Wide Receivers. God gave you hands.....effing use them.

Q: Give us your best piece of advice for dating/approaching a hottie!

A: BE YOURSELF is the main key, don't ever accept a girl to like you for something your truly not. If any arrogance, leave it behind that might be the biggest possible turn off ever. Don't come on to strong. And if end up dating a girl more then once, don't hesitate to tell her how you feel. If she is head over heels she'll love every second of hearing how you feel, if she doesn't, don't down yourself just might not be that particular girl's type, start dating the next girl!! Don't ever bring up anything about an ex. Guys with baggage are the worst, you're dating a new girl let it be a fresh start. Don't dwell on your past. Most important have a good time and enjoy yourself don't set out to impress any girl, set out to be yourself. And don't let intimidation get the best of you, might pass up a great thing. What happens, happens..


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