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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Local Hottie...What's Your Name? Let Me Talk To You, Let Me Buy U A Drank


Yeah, I was calling this hottie by the wrong name at first. Apparently, she's not Carmen...but she IS a 21 year old hottie, who loves to party. Quite possibly one of my new favorites (I'm a sucker for brunettes, Fumbles Sulligan likes the blondes), Robin was a semi-finalist in the Miss Pennsylvania pageant. Now, when I first heard that, I figured she be some stuck up, over hair sprayed, prissy snob. And I was completely right. Just kidding. Couldn't be further from the truth. Robin just got a tattoo....on her neck...that says Lady Luck and has dice underneath it. It's a hot tattoo, but I'm curious. If you blow on Lady Luck's neck, and you don't get any action, is it really lucky? Or are you just a loser for thinking of it? She's also Heather's cousin, and Lauren's friend. So imagine the first family party you go to with her. Your sitting, just chillin, talking sports, and pinching yourself (cause once your at the family function your officially in), and this hot blonde walks in wearing a low cut shirt. You can NOT react, even though you might wanna stare a little. Just shut the hell up, grab a beer for both hotties, chug yours, and thank god. But really, Robin seems like a real genuine person. She's another hottie who's big on loyalty and genuine kindness. She'll stick by your side when your going through erectile dysfunction, or a swollen prostate. It's not my prostate I'm worried about in the future, it's my liver. That thing hates me. I beat it's ass weekly, likes it's Brett Myers wife. So when it gives out, I know I'd still have a hottie caressing my hand and emptying my bedpan. I'd love to see Robin out about throwing back a few drinks, not giving a shit what anyone thinks. Ohhh the smile. And if I ever meet the lucky guys who hang out with all these girls, I'll shake his hand and say, "Wow, your like only the third gay guy I ever met". Cause if your just strictly hanging out with this girl and not making moves, you're gay. I'd let Lady Luck blow on my dice anyday......Jeezus. I'm just shaking my head in disappointment right now....Sorry, Kath. (My family reads this and they're actually proud of this shit once in a while. Not Today! Yeah, weird) This is the type of shit that spews out of my mouth in the presence of Beauty. And Robin is a genuine beauty.

Tip O' the Day

Q: What's your best piece of advice for dating/approaching a hottie?

A: My best piece of advice for approaching or dating a hottie is simple. Just be yourself, if they don't like you for who you are then they aren't even worth your time. Always be yourself, be genuine, be true, be happy, be you! But make sure if they do like you and you are interested as well approach them with a little flirtiness, but keep it classy ;-) We know no guys like trashy girls, well no good guys that is.


SV said...

Looking good. I would buy you as many drinks as you wanted anytime.

Sean V