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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Beauty and the Beast

Editors note: Brief Description of this section...I went on a fake date with a willing and able participant..Jen, our Monday Hottie, to find out what it is we screw up on a first date that maybe we aren't even aware we're doing. Where do we improve, what are our strong points? It's the quest to make this ugly duckling into the perfect gentleman. It's a work in progress, but this date was strictly professional, although I had to approach it as though it wasn't for the sake of the article. It's a work in progress, so feel free to e-mail some tips. Here's what she had to say....

So I set out on my fake date, hoping to give Rob a few tips about what to do/what not to do during a date. We agreed to meet at noon for lunch. I show up actually 3 minutes early (which is like a miracle) and he shows up late. Not a very good thing to do to keep a lady waiting. Once he gets there, I see he is all sweaty like he just ran a marathon to get to me. I had to be forgiving. However, I let him know that he shouldn't make a habit of that for his future dates.

He met me at the bar. Even through all his tardiness and sweat, he was a nice looking guy. I could see his hands were fidgety so I started chatting away. He actually is a great conversationalist. He appeared to be listening and not just waiting for his turn to speak (which I hate in a man). Once we had a drink, he loosened up. He did the "first date/getting to know you" questioning. Typical first date stuff. He kept it simple He didn't ask any inappropriate questions like "So what's your favorite position?" And yes, that has actually happened to me before! He didn't drop any bombs, like "I'm in therapy over my last break up" or "I sometimes wear women's panties and sing I feel pretty." Which by the way, are all things we women want to know about, just not on the very first date. Note to men; We do want to know all about you. All your quirks and idiosyncrasies, just start filling us in slowly after the first date. Unless you have done prison time, then that's a different story!!

Rob was very nice, funny and easy to converse with. I was really expecting someone who needed a lot of help. He really had the first date scenario, locked up. It was alot of fun getting to know him and chatting about his zodiac sign and what vibes I got from him and how he chooses his ladies. I felt that our lunch went very well. It ended with hugs as we both continued on through our day.


Anonymous said...

Rob, I think you just like posting pictures of me! LMAO!

rob b fresh said...

It's better than pictures of me!