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Monday, July 30, 2007

This Is A Public Service Announcement Sponsored By Lindsay and Local Hotties


Lindsay has one message for all you ladies and *ahem* gentleman. Diamonds are Forever, and so are herpes. So watch out, sucka. This hottie is a student at East Stroudsburg University, where she's studying to obtain a degree to become a teacher. She's on the Doctor Plan like me. By the time I graduate, with the money and time I spent, I should be a NASA engineer. You can find this hottie partying it up in Center City, getting wild with her best friend, Lauren. With those two together, you have the perfect blonde vs brunette debate. Trust me...I've had it. Right, Sullivan? I was arguing for Lindsay. L-Boogie is another girl who walks in with her crew, and just doesn't give a shit what you think. She's hot ... and she knows... you know it. This hottie's gonna take over a corner of the bar, and eventually you'll realize you've probably wandered over just to watch the debauchery (big word alert!). I don't know what I like more...the eyes or the smile. No, I do know. It's the smile. It's warm and inviting, like hot apple pie. The scary thing is that this girl has a level of class not found in most places. Don't go up to her with the usual, "Yo baby, yo baby, yo" line. Then again, don't take advice from me...there's a reason we started this site. It's because i don't get girls like this. When we started this, LINDSAY is the type of girl I want to get. Classy, beautiful, and fun.

Tip of the Day

Q: How can a guy avoid entering the dreaded "Friend Zone"?

A: My advice for a guy on avoiding the "friend zone" would be to make the girl very aware of your intentions so that she does not automatically put you in that category, be careful not to creep her out though. Some girls are not looking for relationships and being in the friend zone could lead to a drunk make-out or who knows what else. So whatever zone your in...things can only go up.

So whatever you do, please remember Lindsay's Public Service Announcement. "Diamonds are forever...and so are herpes." I couldn't come up with better advice myself.

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Get In Shape With Local Hotties


Holy belly button jewelry, Fatman. Brunettes are back! The body on this Hottie is unbelievable. Ker is 23 and hails from Philly, yo. She keeps in such good shape by being a personal trainer at LA Fitness. Again, I go to the wrong LA Fitness, which is NOT the one she works at. Hopefully, she can kick my lanky ass into shape. Luckily, for you and me (well definitely me), she's not impressed by your cash and your material possessions. She's looking for a classy guy (shit) to treat her right, or else she'll eff you up. Look at the body. She's definitely capable. I keep going on about the body, but the eyes, the smile, she's the complete package. As an added bonus, since she is a personal trainer, you don't have to worry about...hmmm, how do I put this...her turning into a fat housewife, or you turning into a beer bellied spectacle. Pluuuus, she rides bikes and, honestly, whats hotter than a hottie on two wheels?? She's also not afraid to tell it like it is. She values her honesty/wildness as one of her better traits. So you might actually wanna put some thought into how your gonna approach this hottie. I gotta admit I'm a sucker for a little attitude, too. On that note, I'm off to the gym. I gotta work my pecs and stuff.

Tip of the Day

Q: How can a guy avoid entering the dreaded "Friend Zone"?

A: My advice to guys who don't want to be in the friend zone: Don't come off as a over the top nice guy at first...remember that good guys finish last. You want to have some edge, it gives you a mysteriousness which us girls love.

I'm a big fan of Daisy Dukes. Shocker.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

I Like Girls...That Like Girls

Ghetto Barbie & Sammy D

WHAT A HOT, HOT FRIDAY! BOOM! Welcome to the weekend, fellas. Okay, so these two aren't lesbians. Boo Friggin Hoo. What good would that really do us, anyway, trying to get tips? They're "crazy friends" who loves to go out drinking together and apparently take pictures in random bar bathrooms. Now look at the pictures, and then I want to inform you that these two met as camp counselors. Yeah, they watch children. These two really are wild and crazy kids. I'd love love love to hang out with them sometime. I have to let these two lovely ladies explain themselves. I can't do them the proper justice. I really can't make this stuff up. All I know is...I want to know where these girls hang out. And I want to be there. It looks like an absolute mess. But those are the nights that two days later (after the massive...... massive hangover) you say, "Wow...I'm NEVER drinking that much again" Here's what Ghetto Barbie has to say about herself....

"Heyy guys this is Ghetto Barbie. Im 23 years old from the Bucks County area. I just recently graduated from Penn State University, and we all know Penn State Girls are the Hottest!! I love going out wit my girls and getting silly. I love dancing when i am out so you can find me out on the dance floor or the stage (Im not afraid to get out there). People say I should have my own reality show because when u come out with me something wild always happens. I am a very lovable girl that loves to laugh and just have a good time. "

Sammy D seems a tiiiiny bit more reserved, but I highly doubt it....

"so about me i go to kutztown university and work at tgi fridays and soncinis pizza pub in chalftont on bikini nights every wednesday! willdd things always go down there i love to party and i am crazzzyyy something is always going on thats out of control every time i go out and i loveee my lifeee ! .. "

And people tell me I should be prescribed to Adderall. Holy crap.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your biggest pet peeve with men?

GB: Boys that cheat! Lets be honest girls are pretty smart and always found out what is really going on. Guys just be honest dont play games with girls heads! We know the deal and will call you out on it. Be honest with your girl and she will make your life a lot easier....believe me!

SD: Guys who are druggies, liars and losers with no jobs. And also guys who stalk you after you hung out one time they totally ruin themselves!! Creepy guys are alwayss my biggest pet peeve tho.. dont touch me!!!

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Even Though I'm Not Your Man, You Not My Girl, I'ma Call You My Hottie


Katie hails from West Chester, and I'm sticking with the blonde theme for today. This hottie is just a flat out cutie. You can seriously bring this one home to mom, and she'll be like..."good job, jerk." At least, thats how my mom speaks to me. Then I'm like..."Awww Mom, I love you." I think this hottie's best quality (besides her stunning good looks) is her ability to be spontaneous. Katie is a cocktail waitress at an Atlantic City beach bar. That means her job is a party, she serves but she still gets to still hang out and dance and have fun with her friends. She's a professional partier! Now she's even hotter! She loves drinking white wine, values family, and loves to laugh. With a smile like that it's no wonder. I've got crooked ass teeth and I hate to smile, but I love to laugh so it makes me look like a lepper. She's a college student who has no idea what she'll do with her degree in Health Science that she'll earn in May, but enjoys the fact that she doesn't know. Katie's a party girl with a wildside. Basically she won't challenge you to a drinking contest, she'll just challenge you to keep up with her like Lionel Ritchie...all night loooong (all night). Sorry..I've been waiting for days to throw in a Lionel Ritchie comment. Also, Katie asked us to send you to a website... . Katie lives with cystic fibrosis, which I'm not going to pretend to know about. But I will be donating towards her Charity walk. Just go to that site and donate to the charity walk. Search for the "Moyer Girls". Every penny goes a long way.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your biggest pet peeve with men?

A: For a guy a pet peeve would be when we are out and he wonders away or is totally not paying attention to what is going on. It's like they are in their own little world and as soon as they see something neat they just wonder away, and don't tell you what or where they are going!! Atleast say "hey look at this." gezzz

Again... please go to and make a donation for the charity walk. She's listed under the Moyer Girls.

Hey RainbowSpite, (besides not having an internet boyfriend like you) we help the community because we care. Although, I wouldn't mind seeing Katie roll around with another hottie in a bowlful of jello while Bill Cosby sings the Fat Albert theme song. A boy can dream, can't he??? Hey, Hey Hey!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


YES! Our First Hate Mail...I couldn't be prouder

To: US
From: (Email witheld since I've already put this idiot in her place.)

I saw like not even a minute of the youtube video...and you're discusting pigs ok. You don't appericate a women for what she really has to offer and you're letting them objectify themselves. Women do that because they want to get a rise outta men, but it's because we know men want that. So it's messed up and you are kool with it which makes me not kool with you. You ask us "hot" girls to give you tips and what lines are good to use on us. Don't degrade us....that's not a turn on, and if it is then the girl has self esteeme issues and you're taking advantage of her insecurities. I have no repsect for guys that treat or see women that way. So no I will not add you.

Dear Emotional Midget,
OK....first of all..If we have a youtube video, I wanna see it. It SOUNDS spankworthy, and I lost all my porn. Second, the whole " you don't appreciate women for what they have to offer" line of bullshit...I appreciate women. In fact, if you ever met us, you'd know we're extremely polite, extremely well mannered, well spoken gentleman. Remember, This advice is to help us pick up the type of woman you're not. I'm not saying looks, but your miserable. I don't want a wife or girlfriend who's going to constantly make her goal to see how miserable she can make me. O, "the girl has self esteem" issues. This coming from rainbow brite here, who thought it would be a wise part of her day to email and insult our girls. You can say what you want about our site, but not our HOtties! These girls are go-getters. Each of them goes to college, works one, OR MORE, jobs to help pay for college. Some raise children. If you find it degrading, I'll refer you to pee-wee's playhouse or more Rainbow Brite cartoons. Obviously, this site isn't for you. So go search youtube...find me that video. I'd like to see what you think is in our name. Also, we'd like to profile you as our Not-tie of the know..a woman NOT to talk to because she's likely to bobbitt you for coming home work late after a happy hour with the boys. I hope you see the error of your ways, RainbowFoxGLitterBAAAAABY or whatever it is. Thanks for your opinion. I printed out that email and cleaned up my puppies shit with it.

PS To our lovely readers, thanks for all your support. I will be PROVING that I treat women with the utmost respect and like a gentleman. It's going to be a weekend feature on our site coming up. Keep your eyes peeled, its gonna be really incredible, or a real disaster. Anyway, it will entertain.

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Just Lookin' At You From A Distance, Looking Like A God D@mn Star, Baby


Blonde Hair and sick body...that should be a requirement for this site. Once again, I think I'm in love. This one has more substance, though. I love this hottie for her goals. Today's hottie is 22 years old and hails from Doylestown, goes to West Virginia,'s what I love...wants to own her own sports bar. Oh, and again, she's a bartender. She's also a party girl who will drink you under the table, then kick your ass in sports trivia. She's a huge Eagles fan. By huge, I mean, she really likes em. She's obviously pretty petite. 90 Main is the spot to hit her up at in the summers. I partied once there with Todd Stin..Pinkston. You know, when people actually still booed him for a reason. Now they just boo him. Tell me this quote from Jennifer doesn't melt your heart, "Forget shopping on Sunday... there’s nothing better than sitting around watching the games on NFL Sunday. " My heart skipped a beat. So to recap... Great smile, gorgeous looks, ill body, and stupid cool. Yeah, I really do want the bartender.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your biggest pet peeve with guys?

A: My pet peeve when it comes to guys? When a guy sees a girl at a bar that he's interested in, he shouldn’t go up and be all in their face and use a pick up line. I see this all the time when I bartend, and girls definitely aren't into that. Be yourself and it will work to your advantage.

Apparently it pays off to be yourself. I think it pays off better to pretend like your J.J. Redick, and impress women with your Duke glory days stories. There's just 3 rules if you pick an athlete to try to impersonate, One... It never goes on longer than a night. Two.. Make sure they really have no idea what the face looks like (MJ is pretty recognizable). Three... Make sure its a good looking one.....Like, don't be all like "Hey, I'm Adam Morrison." ...... Double Whammy!!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

She'll Have You Suicidal...Suicidal!!


Oh where, oh where do all these hot girls bartend? Oh where, oh where should i drink???Honestly, it's not where I'm going. And the teachers...what the? I'd be a goddamn scholar is I had teachers like this. This is another classic combo platter. She's a teacher, bartender, and wants to be a model. Oh plus she's Latina. That ish is like my kryptonite. Come to think of it...alot of stuff is my kryptonite. just smile at me and I'm done. Jessica just genuinely seems to be a nice girl. This hottie is full of brains, beauty, and booty. I don't even wanna talk about this one. I'll let her do it. She's much hotter anyway.

My name Jessica. I am 23 years old. I attend Temple University in Philadelphia where I study Elementary Education. When I’m not sitting in the classroom, I am doing my bartending thing. My family is from Uruguay, South America , making my brother and I first generation Americans. I hope to be as successful as they are some day. On my free time I enjoy spending time with my family & friends, getting a tan on the beach, walking my puppy in the park, and last but not least, cuddling and watching movies with my boyfriend. My dreams for the future would have to be, to have a family of my own some day, teaching fulltime and maybe dabble in some modeling or acting. I surround myself around positive people and focus on the good in people and what they can offer. One of my favorite quotes would have to be “ love the life you live, and live the life you love”.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your biggest pet peeve with men?

A: My biggest pet peeve in men is when a guy leaves the toilet seat up after using the bathroom. I hate the corny pick-up lines they always try to use. Also, I hate when guys play videogames all the time.

For serious inquiries to help out this hottie's modeling career, contact our myspace for further information. I have no idea why this girl isn't modeling now....but let's help her out.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

OoHH..... Ms. Marnee Just Don't Know!!


WHOOOOOA MAN! This is a woman!!! Strong, Independant, Successful....and don't forget SMOKIN HOT. Marnee has her own cosmetics company (LASH Cosmetics), and works daily with the hottest models you can find. I've been begging Marnee to do our site for a few weeks now, and my persistence (annoyance) finally paid off. She's the hot neighbor you had down the block. You'd see her jogging or watering her plants, and you'd just stare. Maybe crash your bike into something. Marnee can, and will, put a hurting on you. Really, the hottest part about her is her business savvy. She's a go-getter. Constantly on the move, ready to make some money. She's constantly helping us out with the site, sending us girls, and recommending ideas. I love a woman who can make some money. Like I've said before...I'm lazy and lookin for a woman to take care of me. I have this image of Marnee just being an absolute Tiger in bed. It scares me in that good tingly way. I wonder how you impress a woman like this. Marnee's a high class woman, and demands to be treated like one. Ladies, call this woman for any cosmetic work you need done. She's a cosmetic magician, and can work wonders with her bare...HANDS! Bare hands. Caught myself. Marnee, thanks again.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your biggest poet peeve(s) with men?

A: My biggest pet peeve with men has to be when men arent honest. I am brutally honest about who Iam, what I do,what I want, what my intentions are, etc... A real woman wants a guy for who they really are, not a fantasy he has created to attract her (we can see right through that) If you cant be who you really are, I'm not interested in you anyway! That infers you are insecure with yourself, and a strong, sexy "hottie" woman, not a girl, wants a self assured man who is proud of who he is, AS IS...and proud of who she is, as well.

Photographers, Models, and certainly NOT perverts, can contact Marnee at her myspace for the hottest cosmetic magician around.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

I'm Addicted, I'm Britney Whitney and Bobby

My names Crisandra and Im a 25 year old single mommy from NE Philly. I went to school for massage therapy and medical billing and coding. Im currently working as a secretary until I can go back to school so I can further my education, and hopefully become an ultrasound technician. I love being a mommy, it's by far the best thing in the world. My favorite thing to do is to travel and see new places. I hope I get the chance to do some of that real soon(o: Im very picky about guys, which is prolly why I'm single. The first thing is they have to be funny or atleast be able to make me laugh. It also helps if they do something interesting and different (not weird), that makes them stand out to make a good first impression(you only get one). I hate when guys are too pushy, you definately need to keep your respect, if your out on a date with a girl, that means theyre already interested so....DONT SCREW IT UP! Hey I dont need the best lookin guy but I definately do have to be attracted to him, I respect a guy who shows he cares about the way he looks n takes care of his body. You dont need to have huge muscles,but you definately should NOT have a huge beer belly. I know I take care of myself as best as possible, so when I look for a guy I expect them to take care of themselves too. Thats about it, I hope I may have passed some helpful advice on to you guys, hey the more guys that are like this,the better my chances are of not being single anymore(o;

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You Press That Bottle To Your Lips, And I Wish I Was Your Beer


Okey Dokey, Fellas. Time to do our good deed of the month. Vote for this hottie as Hottest Bartender in Impulse Magazine. Yeah, their girls are no where near as hot as ours....but still. Nicole's hotties...HOBBIES include horror movies, playing video games, and Japanese Anime. You can find her rockin the Casbah on the weekends, drinking a sex with an alligator. I'm not much for beastility but that drink sounds incredible. I'll be in to try one out. She's also a 7th and 8th grade teacher, so all you young'ns reading this site better check your fakes at the door. Okay, so here's the situation...This girl is hoooooot, lives in South Philly and deserves to be the hottest bartender. They posted a picture of her that she's not a fan of, so we're gonna show off her REAL hotness !! (We've got some more class than that) Great smile, BANGIN body, and I love the lips. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help this Damsel in Distress out. You can vote unlimited times. I've voted like 35 times already, but whose counting?

Tip of the Day

Q: Whats the most important quality you look for in a guy?

A: The most important quality I look for in a guy is his ability to be secure within himself. I find this important because there are not enough men who believe in themselves in today's world. A guy should be ambitious and know what he wants and isn't afraid to be assertive. But, he should also know that there has to be a balance in his thoughts and actions. I'm looking for a guy who knows how to play out his cards, hold one or two in his hand and know when to place all the cards on the table for a lady.

Side note: Dude, Nicole blows those other hags out of the water. As do the rest of our bartenders. For real, I'm embarassed to share her with them. I'd just like to point out that we are THE spot for Local Hotties. They've been up for a while, and we've already blown them away. Thanks, Nicole, and Good Luck Hottie!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

And I'm Too Sexy For Your Party, Too Sexy For Your Party... No Way I'm Disco Dancing!


Hey everyone! I'm Stephanie, currently I'm a nursing student and I bartend on the weekends. I have outgoing and fun personality, I love to laugh!!! I enjoy spending time down the shore working on my tan and swimming in the ocean. I love to cook for my friends and family. Aslo, I'm a huge animal lover.

How is this girl not taken, and who's the moron who went out with her last and screwed THAT up? HAHA SUCKER!!! If you ever see that guy at a bar, point him out and yell at him. Good luck doin much better. This girl embodies everything I pretty much love. Nurses, Bartenders (Cause no matter how wasted you get, they've seen/done it before), Sense of Humor, cooks and No Tan Lines. I scoured every angle of every pic. Not in a perverted way... like standing up in front of the screen to see down her shirt. But I checked...and I see none. And if you stand up you can't see down her shirt anyway. Oh, and she dances on bars. So that automatically qualifies her as a hottie. This is the only girl to really give my personal fave a run for her money. Plus, since she can cook that would mean my..ummm your nights of ordering The Works, or stopping for a cheesesteak, are few and far between. So close your eyes....after you read this sentence, tart....and imagine this hottie. In your kitchen, in nothing but an apron and a smile, with a smokin plate of hot wings as she sits down with you to watch the Phils or the Birds. I can't talk anymore. Just look and listen...

Tip of the Day

Q: What's the most important quality a Hottie like you looks for in a guy?

A: For me It's not just one thing, I want someone who is honest and up front (don't play games!) A guy who has confidence in who he is ~ don't confuse that with cockiness. Show me your romatic and spontainous side more then once every few months, finally just make me laugh!!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go


Ahhh lust. can you smell it? It smells like Grandma's attic. But look at KJ. You can find her hitting up the clubs and after hour spots in Philly. Dancing til the night ends. She's a go-go dancer so she certainly knows how to shake it. I'd nickname her The Body, but KJ is much shorter....and also cooler. According to her she was "Born in heaven and raised in Hell.." So watch your step, fella. I have no doubt in my mind that if you mouth off to this beauty, she will beat your ass. I also have no doubt in my mind, that if you say all the right things to this girl, she'll really tear you that Oh-So-special way...ROAR!!! This Hottie is just oozing sexuality. She knows she's hot and wants you to know it too. I think KJ's also a clothing optional type of girl....Like the more it shows off, the better it looks. On her, I definitely agree. On your mother....ehhh, not so much. KJ can also DJ (what what), and wow.....I haven't seen many DJ's like this.... This hottie is not for the faint of heart

Tip of the Day

Q: What's the most important quality you look for in a guy?

A: I'd have to say that the most important quality that I look for in a man is that they are secure with themselves. Nothing is more unattractive to me then a guy that is constantly bickering and accusing me of something. To me this is a sign of a guilty conscience and low self esteem. I like a man to be confident, unconditional, reliable, and independent. That in itself is more appealing to me than superficial things such as money or looks. I want someone who is supportive of the things I want to do with my life and does not have to depend on me to take care of thier responsibilites.

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hottie! Hottie! I'm So Sick, Call Me Hottie! Quick! Quick! Quick!


This 18 year old hails from Langhorne, another beautiful Bucks County Hottie. I don't know where these girls hide, but I don't too often see Hotties like this chillin where I go. Maybe seedy bars and rainbow colored strip joints aren't the best place to pick up hotties. And then that brings to the table the argument of beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And that 56 year old stripper with the breasts down to her knees is probably loved by someone. Just not me. Anyway, Look at this girl!!! She's a vegetarian and you can find her on the beach chillin all summer, or at a concert rockin out with know the rest. I wish I could see how many people snickered and made a doesn't eat meat comment. I'm guessing at least 30 % of you. A double major at West Chester, she hopes to go into journalism and write for a music magazine. (Will a fledgling hottie of the day website do?) She's heavy into metal music and goes for the BMX'er and Rockgod types. Again, I've taken the wrong path. Apparently instead of being a computer nerd (cause I thought they got chicks) I should have been honing my vocal skills and studying the art of hot pink spandex pants because those guys get the girls. Weird how that works out. Anyway, she's "single and ready to mingle" so fellas, strap on your finest Doc Martins, tease out that hair and Bon Jovi your way to this girls heart. Please forgive me for my poor career choices, Melissa!

Tip of the Day

Q: What's the most important quality you look for in a guy?

A: As cliche as it may sound, the most important quality I look for in a guy is honesty. Honesty is one of the most important aspects of any realtionship even if it involves family or friends. Being true to your significant other shouldn't be questioned but always done!! Dishonesty only leads to you being unable to trust your significant other, and how are you going to spend the rest of your life with someone if you can't trust them?

Ohhh fellas. I'm such a sucker for the naughty nurse look.

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Friday, July 13, 2007

That's My Name, Don't Wear It Out Terrance!


MOMMY ALERT!!! This MILF has a good thing goin for her......until I found out shes goin for her Real Estate license. Shes taking a listing out of me!! FUCKER!!!! I'm uncensoring this site. I love cursing but I love milfs. At 23 this is the hottest mom youll see. i hope your a wildboy cause she likes tattoos. fuck. again im out...just look at that smile. She's also all about her kids. So you come last.....but I don't think thats a bad thing. I'd rather come in third than come in no place at all. Odds are you can impress her if you have a tattoo...can you keep her attention ? Holla back young'n........woooo wooooo
Tip of the Day
Q: Besides a bar, whats a good place to meet a hottie like you?
A:Well...I'm always at a park. Playing with my kids, walking my dogs, trying to pick up guys!! So i would advise single guys to go for a run in the park. Nothing's better then meeting sweaty chicks in tiny shorts!! Maybe i'll be there!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Ok...It's official. I'm in love...lust...whatever. This may be the perfect woman. Hottie of the Day hails from Manayunk, and graduated from the University of Dela-where. She's a huge sports for a pharmaceutical company, so she can support my lack of income ass, and she is bringing back the perculator. Thats right. I dare someone to go to Sea isle, find this hottie and challenge her to a perculating contest. I Double Dog Dare you. She promised she'd rip you apart. And she is goddamn HOOOOT! Classy look to this broad. She was an athlete herself in high school, now she's taking all sorts of dancing....some I've never heard of, but I bet it involves her shaking her ass...looking over her shoulder smiling. Oh and she's studying for her Master's so put down the porn and Laguna Beach and start reading. A good place to learn to read would be this website. We occasionally pull off big words to impress the smart ladies. Plus, I've recently upgraded from Highlights magazine to the TV Guide Network.....and reading is fun! Right. But if it helps you pull a hottie like this, I'll be converting to supernerd this week.

Tip of the Day

Q: Besides a bar, what's a good place to meet a hottie like you?

Ayyyyy: I know the obvious question here is 'where to meet a girl besides the bar'? But if you do find yourself trying to hit on a girl at the bar, please don't say 'cheer up', or 'smile'- Huge turn off! No one is automatically going to get happy b/c you told them too. Instead of asking a girl 'can I buy you a drink'?, ask what she's drinking and ask the bartender to get another one right away for her and strike up a convo in the meantime. Try to show off in your dance skills even if you're goofing off w/ your buddies. All girls appreciate a guy w/ smooth dance moves- and this can be done anywhere, not just the bar! And a guy got my attention right away b/c instead of hitting on me in an obvious way, he challenged me to a one on one game in basketball and beer pong, making a statement that he was definitely going to win. So of course I had to prove him wrong!

I once tried this. It's how I got my prom date. she was the best basketball player in our school history and I told her that I (an average or below basketball player) would beat her one on one. I did it. I stuck up for our gender fellas, and I won. Just don;t make the mistake I made and tell her that it's because the male gender is superior. that earn me an elbow in the nuts while she was posting me up.

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She's A Bad Mutha *Shut Yo Mouth*

Dani MF'in Diamonds

Oh Damn! We've got a treat for you today fellas...Dani is 22 and was born in NE Philly. Dani loves hittin up the bars, and going wild with her girls. With the name Dani Diamonds she says she gets a lot of attention AND alot of free drinks. So basically, what you do is hang around her side...wait til she orders a drink...chug yours and say "It's so crowded in here. Can you grab me one while your up there?" Oh but wait, you didn't realize Dani was a hockey player on an all girls team. So she's caught on to your free drink scheme already, she turns around and brings out her ghetto voice. She leans back and body checks you into the wall. Now every girl in the place is laughing at you. You just got owned, and that's why they call her Dani Muthaf*ckin Diamonds. For real though, whats not to like about a hottie who'd rather spend her time at a sports bar than anywhere else.....I might try to make her body check me.
Tip of the Day
Q: Besides a bar, wheres a good place to meet a hottie like you?
A: A good place to meet someone like me besides a bar would be a sports complex. I'm a season ticket holder for the Philadelphia Wings lacrosse team and I try to see a Flyers game aleast once a month. Going to these games, everyone gets so hyped up...juices are're bound to catch a girl like me in great spirits! If our home team is winning, reach over and give me a high five (don't forget the eye contact!!)...that's a good way to break the ice. If our team is losing, tell me a funny joke about how the other team stinks...and again, if the eye contact is there, it's sure to spark up a conversation...just wait until after the game for the deep stuff ;)
Good answer, MuthaF*ckin Diamonds!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

More Fun Than A Midget In Your Pants


Apparently, there's little bar in Jamison that is a hotbed for hotties. The Doc's Inn....right on York Road. My buddy lives a minute from there and I've never been in there. But if this hottie is serving my drinks.....then, shit, I think it's time to blow my paycheck elsewhere. I must be an absolute moron for not checking this place out. It's like all hotties go there, and no one knows about it so they just go nuts. Plus, I'm guessing the other bartenders are hot too. I never thought I had a thing for blondes, and I mean just look. She's also a student during the she's driven, and since she works at a bar, that means she's seen people throwing up on themselves in a drunken dude, your cool. (just tell her the rubber sheets are because you have a leak in the ceiling) I'd write a lot more but I gotta get going. I got paid Friday and this money is burning a hole in my pocket. Only beer or a wishy wash can put out this fire. I'm going with the beer tonite.

Tip of the Day

Q: Besides a bar, where's the best place a guy can meet a hottie like you?

A: The best place to meet a hottie is the BEACH!!!! helloooo its the summer, hot bodies, barely clothed...its a given.

Hear that, fellas? Its a GIVEN. Sorta like the odds of you having a porno window up on your browser right now too. GIVEN

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Monday, July 9, 2007

Rack ' Em, Danno!

Danielle aka Rack-O-Rama

This hottie's a little different today. She's the lead singer of a "Cock-No" band...Cock_no is described as cock rock and techno. Pretty hot...oh and the bands name is T.IT.S. for Takin It Too Slow. Anyway, her nickname is Rack-O-Rama, because honestly, theis hotties boobs are huge...on a tiny frame. This oldest of 6 likes to spend her time clubbing, walking on the boardwalk, and she doesn't have time for fake ones... people either. Oh and she really enjoys the hottub. So basically, this girls wild, and I'd love to hear some of ther stories she must have. Cock-No music doesn't mean that she doesn't like men, I'm not throwing a lesbian at you hear fellas. She's also real in to techno so you can find her in the club dancing all glowstick stylee til the wee hours of the morning. I made the glowstick part up, like you actually be lookin at her hands anyway, nerd.

Tip of the Day

Q: Besides a bar, where can a guy meet a Hottie like you?

A: Hmm best place to meet a guy? in the supermarket in the sushi isle or olive bar..those paces always seem to strike up intresting conversation..and you know the their taste is good if they are eating that .
PS....I stole an extra picture from her so you could understand in more depth why they call this beauty Rack-O-Rama. Your I have to go into hiding

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Friday, July 6, 2007

It Ain't Your Booty, It's Your Beauty


Wow....Remember when Jenna Jameson was hot, and not all beat up lookin?? Well, this is what she looked like. Stunning looks with a body that will kick your ass. This hottie hails from NE Philly, and is a former cheerleader. She also does tap, jazz, ballet, and hip hop dancing. I've learned this in my few short weeks running this website....the girls who take dance have ridiculous bodies, and are normally pretty damn hot. Oh, and they stay hot. While she has a body that can put a hurtin on you, I think she may be able to kick your ass too! Your likely to find her at a UFC, MMA or wrestling match....yet another thing in common with the lovely Miss Jameson. I'm not even going to do this Hottie any more shame by writing about her....just take another look...

Tip of the Day

Q: How should a guy know when to make the first move on a Hottie like you?

A:How to know when to make a move??? I tend to find different ways to touch the guy like if we're sitting next to each other and I put my head on your shoulder...or touch your shoulder when you make me laugh, etc.... That usually means that I'm into you and you can make a move.... If I'm totally not talking and not really paying attention to the conversation or what not then I would say no move... But if your not sure it never hurts to ask...ask if its ok to hold my hand or even ask if it is ok to give me a kiss...It may seem corny to some girls but I think it's sweet and always safe!

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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Oooo She Made Us Drinks, To Drink, We Drunk ' Em


Another Hottie who hangs out with my personal favorite hottie, Jenny Rae. Genevieve is the All-American girl...But watch out fellas, she's got 4 brothers looking to kick your ass. Although she may be capable. She's in the gym everyday and plays Div 1 softball. If they televised this hotties games, rating would skyrocket. She's hotter than any of the other girls on the games I've watched. Ummm ...I watch for the love of the sport. She also bartends, models, and enjoys nothing more than hanging out in her Eagles jersey drinking a beer and watching a game. She was in student council and voted best eyes, and most athletic. Holy shit, the list just goes on...I'm polishing up that rock now. Her buddy, Jenny Rae turned me down, so I'm sticking with this one for wifey material. Not a bad back up choice. OH! And she bartends in the Big Sull, we might be taking a trip downtown soon. Ok, alot of information there so lets recap guys. Hot friends, hot bartender, athletic, gorgeous, smart, great body, and she's funny, models and loves the birds.....I like the baaaaa-artender!

Tip of the Day

Q: How does a guy know when to make the first move on a Hottie like you?

A: Hmmm.. i think a guy should no wen to make a first move when the girl gives a sign, like a smile wen she looks at you and laughs because there was that awkward silence. most girls give the 'ok' signs that let a guy no its ok.and that they are comfortable.. otherwise they arent interested.. and if a girl s willing to hold ur hand, shes def. comfortable...

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Erroneous! Erroneous! Erroneous on Both Accounts!


Oh wow. This 20 year old hottie hails from my hometown 0of Southampton! Unfortunately for me, I've never seen her around. Dude, I go to all the wrong places. Anyway, this lovely lady is Pre-Law at Temple! So fellas, time to go rob a bank, or if your a big pussy you can go jaywalk...then hire her as a lawyer. (One tip on robbing a bank in Southampton, start a fire first. ALL the cops go to the fire.) I'm finding out how much the retainer fee will be. Whatever it costs, it's well worth it. How can a judge actually tell a hottie like this that she lost. Or imagine a jury of your 12 peers.....there's bound to be at least one horny guy. OJ's trial would have lasted 12 minutes. "Your honor, OJ didn't do it" .... Judge Ito: "Mistrial" I thought these hot lawyers only existed on Boston Public and CSI or something, but apparently there is a god.

Tip of the Day

Q: How does a guy know when to make the first move on a Hottie like you?

A:Girls send guys signals all the time. Well at least we think we do. Problem is guys don't realize they are signals. There are some typical ones...when you invite us to hang out we accept. When we ask us to walk us to our door or car. If you don't get these obvious signals from a girl there are ways to test out if she is feeling you. First invite her to hang out (alone). If you normally hang out in a crowd say hey would you like to grab a bite to eat with just me or something along those lines. Or offer to drive her home. If there is a group of you at a bar say hey I brought my car and Ill play dd tonight if I can drive you home. Girls like it when you'll work for them (but not to much). If she accepts your offer to hang out alone thats a good step. Now don't be to aggressive leave her wanting more. Girls love what they cant have. So give her a sweet kiss goodnight. if you ask her to hang out again a day or so later and she accepts great shes into you if not you didn't make a complete ass of yourself.

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Sunday, July 1, 2007

I Give It A Ten...I Give It A F*ckin' Ten!

Danni Plum

YES! YES! YES! This is what it's about fellas. Top notch hotties giving top notch advice to us on how to impress them. I'm McLovin today's hottie. You can find her in the club on the weekends...Dancing, Hangin out and lookin HOOOOOT. This aspiring model loves spending her summers at the shore, going to clubs, and modeling. I'm in the wrong profession. I should learn how to be a photographer......i think thats the way to meet these hotties. But then you gotta be all professional and what not, and its kinda pointless. Anyway, this hottie is active...she hates being bored and is down to go anywhere, anytime. Her myspace head line is "ShE tOoK iT liKe a ChAmP♥" I just keep repeating that sentence in my head...chuckling silently to myself. Guys, I think we've got a winner here. I could go on for hours about this one....but instead I'll just shut the hell up and let you soak it in. Hands above the desks please.
Tip of the Day
Q: How should a guy know when to make a first move on a Hottie like you??
A: Hmm...the right time to make the first has to be the perfect moment. When I am into a guy I tend to flirt and get closer to them so that right there is the go ahead. I hate when you first meet a guy and they right away expect that you are going to kiss them. The night has to be going well and I have to be into you and like I will definantly be able to notice if I am into you.

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