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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Erroneous! Erroneous! Erroneous on Both Accounts!


Oh wow. This 20 year old hottie hails from my hometown 0of Southampton! Unfortunately for me, I've never seen her around. Dude, I go to all the wrong places. Anyway, this lovely lady is Pre-Law at Temple! So fellas, time to go rob a bank, or if your a big pussy you can go jaywalk...then hire her as a lawyer. (One tip on robbing a bank in Southampton, start a fire first. ALL the cops go to the fire.) I'm finding out how much the retainer fee will be. Whatever it costs, it's well worth it. How can a judge actually tell a hottie like this that she lost. Or imagine a jury of your 12 peers.....there's bound to be at least one horny guy. OJ's trial would have lasted 12 minutes. "Your honor, OJ didn't do it" .... Judge Ito: "Mistrial" I thought these hot lawyers only existed on Boston Public and CSI or something, but apparently there is a god.

Tip of the Day

Q: How does a guy know when to make the first move on a Hottie like you?

A:Girls send guys signals all the time. Well at least we think we do. Problem is guys don't realize they are signals. There are some typical ones...when you invite us to hang out we accept. When we ask us to walk us to our door or car. If you don't get these obvious signals from a girl there are ways to test out if she is feeling you. First invite her to hang out (alone). If you normally hang out in a crowd say hey would you like to grab a bite to eat with just me or something along those lines. Or offer to drive her home. If there is a group of you at a bar say hey I brought my car and Ill play dd tonight if I can drive you home. Girls like it when you'll work for them (but not to much). If she accepts your offer to hang out alone thats a good step. Now don't be to aggressive leave her wanting more. Girls love what they cant have. So give her a sweet kiss goodnight. if you ask her to hang out again a day or so later and she accepts great shes into you if not you didn't make a complete ass of yourself.