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Sunday, July 1, 2007

I Give It A Ten...I Give It A F*ckin' Ten!

Danni Plum

YES! YES! YES! This is what it's about fellas. Top notch hotties giving top notch advice to us on how to impress them. I'm McLovin today's hottie. You can find her in the club on the weekends...Dancing, Hangin out and lookin HOOOOOT. This aspiring model loves spending her summers at the shore, going to clubs, and modeling. I'm in the wrong profession. I should learn how to be a photographer......i think thats the way to meet these hotties. But then you gotta be all professional and what not, and its kinda pointless. Anyway, this hottie is active...she hates being bored and is down to go anywhere, anytime. Her myspace head line is "ShE tOoK iT liKe a ChAmP♥" I just keep repeating that sentence in my head...chuckling silently to myself. Guys, I think we've got a winner here. I could go on for hours about this one....but instead I'll just shut the hell up and let you soak it in. Hands above the desks please.
Tip of the Day
Q: How should a guy know when to make a first move on a Hottie like you??
A: Hmm...the right time to make the first has to be the perfect moment. When I am into a guy I tend to flirt and get closer to them so that right there is the go ahead. I hate when you first meet a guy and they right away expect that you are going to kiss them. The night has to be going well and I have to be into you and like I will definantly be able to notice if I am into you.


BillyWarhol said...


Gentleman quit Whackin' n Start Clappin'!!!