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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Just Lookin' At You From A Distance, Looking Like A God D@mn Star, Baby


Blonde Hair and sick body...that should be a requirement for this site. Once again, I think I'm in love. This one has more substance, though. I love this hottie for her goals. Today's hottie is 22 years old and hails from Doylestown, goes to West Virginia,'s what I love...wants to own her own sports bar. Oh, and again, she's a bartender. She's also a party girl who will drink you under the table, then kick your ass in sports trivia. She's a huge Eagles fan. By huge, I mean, she really likes em. She's obviously pretty petite. 90 Main is the spot to hit her up at in the summers. I partied once there with Todd Stin..Pinkston. You know, when people actually still booed him for a reason. Now they just boo him. Tell me this quote from Jennifer doesn't melt your heart, "Forget shopping on Sunday... there’s nothing better than sitting around watching the games on NFL Sunday. " My heart skipped a beat. So to recap... Great smile, gorgeous looks, ill body, and stupid cool. Yeah, I really do want the bartender.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your biggest pet peeve with guys?

A: My pet peeve when it comes to guys? When a guy sees a girl at a bar that he's interested in, he shouldn’t go up and be all in their face and use a pick up line. I see this all the time when I bartend, and girls definitely aren't into that. Be yourself and it will work to your advantage.

Apparently it pays off to be yourself. I think it pays off better to pretend like your J.J. Redick, and impress women with your Duke glory days stories. There's just 3 rules if you pick an athlete to try to impersonate, One... It never goes on longer than a night. Two.. Make sure they really have no idea what the face looks like (MJ is pretty recognizable). Three... Make sure its a good looking one.....Like, don't be all like "Hey, I'm Adam Morrison." ...... Double Whammy!!


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