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Monday, July 30, 2007

This Is A Public Service Announcement Sponsored By Lindsay and Local Hotties


Lindsay has one message for all you ladies and *ahem* gentleman. Diamonds are Forever, and so are herpes. So watch out, sucka. This hottie is a student at East Stroudsburg University, where she's studying to obtain a degree to become a teacher. She's on the Doctor Plan like me. By the time I graduate, with the money and time I spent, I should be a NASA engineer. You can find this hottie partying it up in Center City, getting wild with her best friend, Lauren. With those two together, you have the perfect blonde vs brunette debate. Trust me...I've had it. Right, Sullivan? I was arguing for Lindsay. L-Boogie is another girl who walks in with her crew, and just doesn't give a shit what you think. She's hot ... and she knows... you know it. This hottie's gonna take over a corner of the bar, and eventually you'll realize you've probably wandered over just to watch the debauchery (big word alert!). I don't know what I like more...the eyes or the smile. No, I do know. It's the smile. It's warm and inviting, like hot apple pie. The scary thing is that this girl has a level of class not found in most places. Don't go up to her with the usual, "Yo baby, yo baby, yo" line. Then again, don't take advice from me...there's a reason we started this site. It's because i don't get girls like this. When we started this, LINDSAY is the type of girl I want to get. Classy, beautiful, and fun.

Tip of the Day

Q: How can a guy avoid entering the dreaded "Friend Zone"?

A: My advice for a guy on avoiding the "friend zone" would be to make the girl very aware of your intentions so that she does not automatically put you in that category, be careful not to creep her out though. Some girls are not looking for relationships and being in the friend zone could lead to a drunk make-out or who knows what else. So whatever zone your in...things can only go up.

So whatever you do, please remember Lindsay's Public Service Announcement. "Diamonds are forever...and so are herpes." I couldn't come up with better advice myself.