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Friday, July 27, 2007

I Like Girls...That Like Girls

Ghetto Barbie & Sammy D

WHAT A HOT, HOT FRIDAY! BOOM! Welcome to the weekend, fellas. Okay, so these two aren't lesbians. Boo Friggin Hoo. What good would that really do us, anyway, trying to get tips? They're "crazy friends" who loves to go out drinking together and apparently take pictures in random bar bathrooms. Now look at the pictures, and then I want to inform you that these two met as camp counselors. Yeah, they watch children. These two really are wild and crazy kids. I'd love love love to hang out with them sometime. I have to let these two lovely ladies explain themselves. I can't do them the proper justice. I really can't make this stuff up. All I know is...I want to know where these girls hang out. And I want to be there. It looks like an absolute mess. But those are the nights that two days later (after the massive...... massive hangover) you say, "Wow...I'm NEVER drinking that much again" Here's what Ghetto Barbie has to say about herself....

"Heyy guys this is Ghetto Barbie. Im 23 years old from the Bucks County area. I just recently graduated from Penn State University, and we all know Penn State Girls are the Hottest!! I love going out wit my girls and getting silly. I love dancing when i am out so you can find me out on the dance floor or the stage (Im not afraid to get out there). People say I should have my own reality show because when u come out with me something wild always happens. I am a very lovable girl that loves to laugh and just have a good time. "

Sammy D seems a tiiiiny bit more reserved, but I highly doubt it....

"so about me i go to kutztown university and work at tgi fridays and soncinis pizza pub in chalftont on bikini nights every wednesday! willdd things always go down there i love to party and i am crazzzyyy something is always going on thats out of control every time i go out and i loveee my lifeee ! .. "

And people tell me I should be prescribed to Adderall. Holy crap.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your biggest pet peeve with men?

GB: Boys that cheat! Lets be honest girls are pretty smart and always found out what is really going on. Guys just be honest dont play games with girls heads! We know the deal and will call you out on it. Be honest with your girl and she will make your life a lot easier....believe me!

SD: Guys who are druggies, liars and losers with no jobs. And also guys who stalk you after you hung out one time they totally ruin themselves!! Creepy guys are alwayss my biggest pet peeve tho.. dont touch me!!!