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Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Like Girls Who Wear Abercrombie And Fitch

We're currently down due to BLOGGER issues. Hopefully we'll be able to bring you the lvoely bombshell tomorrow morning! Stay Tuned

Blondes on the loose!!!! We got another Jersey hottie for you today...Cherry Hill to be exact (the actual Philly girls are dropping the ball lately). Now before we even get into talking about this hottie, I'd like everyone to give a silent little golf clap at their work desks for this hottie. She's gorgeous and she's independent. She works for what she has, including her brand new car on 20 inch rims. Amazingly this hottie doesn't do any modeling, which is ararity for this site. Seems like every one and their grandmama can be a model anymore. This hottie certainly could Cryst'al, tell us a little more about yourself.

ok so i only have 63 days until i graduate my nursing program....i just turned 21...i thought i wasnt really going to like the bar scene.....well i was totally wrong...i cant get enough.... um i work at a local town bar every weekend...where i have great regular customers and friends..that just come to see me

A nurse...dude, she even looks hot in scrubs. And she works at a bar....but she's 21, so she may not have seen everything there is to see at a bar yet. For example, the dude who comes into the bar right after taking his "don't take with alcohol" medicine....then gets shitfaced off three beers and passes out in the bushes. That's my top bar story. He'd done it repeatedly too. Not just once. Here's the bright can;t possibly be that pathetic. And not being pathetic would probably mean you'd have a shot with a beauty like Cryst'al. Then again, I don't know you and I don't wanna rush to judgement. The best part about Cryst' can't take away a face like that. She's gonna be hot for, like, ever. This is what this site is about....beautiful women giving advice...and she gave some great advice. I gave her a specific question, and even a follow up question, and she didn't disappoint. With a face like that, she really couldn't have anyway.

Tip of the Day

Q1: Cryst'al, where's the best place to approach a hottie?

Ayyyyy: the best place to approach a hottie i would say, the easiest is a bar but it would be even better if it was like a grocery store and best buys...or even like target... it would be alot more easier to really get a great first impression...then the impression that im just at a bar and single and looking for anyone who i meet

Q2: Okay, so I'm at Best Buy and I see a hottie perusing the Simon and Garfunkel CD's, how do I make my approach? Just introduce myself, or say something cheesy, like that Paul Simon sure loves his pot?

Ayyyyyo: if shes not really like looking at you like she interested then dont even try to play yourself....but if shes kinda gives you the eye then be a man and approach shes a cool chill girl then even is she wasnt really interested she might even just exchange numbers to hang out..and when your going somewhere fun just send a simple text...but first thing first ask her if she has a boyfriend...if she says no she doesnt then from there be like well my name is _____ you just seemed like a pretty cool person if you ever wanted to go out for a drink sometime... then from there...

So Cryst'al, that Paul Simon sure likes his pot! Got a boyfriend or girlfriend? I'm Rob B. Fresh. Let's go get drunk. (Cool, I think I got the hang of this thing, right?...RIGHT?)

I actually have to say, that for the first time ever I had a problem deciding which picture goes first. Normally, it's a simple process. One picture is super sexy and the rest are hot...but one stands out. Today i couldn't decide against three of them. Literally took me 5minutes to decide.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'll Ask Polite If The Devil Needs A Ride, Cause The Angel On My Right Ain't Hangin Out With Me Tonite


Oh, that Mary Camden...such a bright future, then she went and became a bad girl after she tore a ligament. And Lucy, well, Lucy just wanted to follow in her fathers footsteps and become a priest. And Simon, that wiley character...the blond haired child always getting into some sort of ruckus causing Matt to come home and have heart to hearts while Ruthie conjures up another scheme. Wait..what? Sydnee doesn't work for THAT 7th Heaven? No, in fact the 7th Heaven Sydnee works for would be sure to make the Camden family blush. I'd love to see the episode where the camden family walks into Sydnee's 7th Heaven, and gets on look at what she can do with a fireman's pole. FAMILY MEETING! Next time your in Conshohocken, don't forget to make a pit stop. Bring plenty o' ones, and plenty of friends and make sure to ask for Sydnee...

I love music and going to concerts. I just like to have fun!
I'm an exotic dancer and love my job. I've been doing it for several years and have a blast meeting people and being an entertainer.
I'm just me, you get what you see. :)

And I like what I see. Long legs, great eyes, flowing brown hair and Lucite heels. I've never been to this place...didn't even know it existed actually. But I'm heading to the bank now....two hundred in one's please, Miss Teller. Sydnee also enjoys music and concerts. I think she's into hard rock and 80's rock, then mix in a little Nickelback. Bon Jovi ain't got shit on her. I'm not sure what the skin level is at 7th Heaven, but I don't even care. Like Mariah and Michael Jackson famously sang, "I'll be There!!!" This hotties sure to impress...I mean, just look at the pictures. I challenge anyone to try that shit. This is why every house needs to come with a floor to ceiling pole. Imagine the fun at parties. Sydnee is a hottie we won't soon forget, and I can't wait to see more of her!

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your best advice for all the single guys in Philly?

A: I'd tell single guys not to be afraid to just approach someone and say "Hi" They should just be themselves. Lines are corny and don't work, and if you start dating someone they're going to learn what you're really like sooner or later! ;)

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Met Her At A Backyard Block Party By The Bar, And She Was Lookin At Me Like She Knew Who I Was


Mmmmmm, Italian girls. There's something to be said about these Italian girls. I love em. It's a confidence they walk around with...I noticed it ever since Meadow Soprano went to college. Crystal is no different. She's got that swagger that can't be faked or improvised. She's hot, she knows she's hot, and as soon as you see her, you'll know she's hot. If not, your probably an idiot. Crystal's a chameleon..she can switch from blonde hair to brown hair...nightclub clothes to scrubs, and still look hot doing it. That, my friends, is what we call a keeper. Well, Crystal, let's hear what you've got to tell us, hottie....

A little bit about me... well my name is Crystal. I am a 22 year old JERSEY GIRL :) I work for the Regional Medical Center and I am in school for Ultrasound/Diagnostic Imaging. When I am not working my ass off, I spend time w/ my boyfriend and I looove going to the bar/clubs, do my dance thing, get my drink on... and SLEEP!!

Oh shit, another Jersey girl. But she's a nurse. An ultrasound nurse, so the only way you'll get this hottie to check for hernia on you is if your pregnant. And that's not even possible. Damn. Well, you can take your knocked up one night stand in there, and if your smooth enough, maybe you can make a few moves on the hot Ultrasound girl while they rub that gooey stuff on your one night stands stomach. Unfortunately, Crystal is taken, buuuut if my theory proves right (and hotties travel in packs like wolves) she's got some gorgeous friends. Another brownie point to this hottie for loving to sleep. We don't hear that enough on this site....sometimes I just wanna spend a day in bed with a hottie. Finally, a woman who won't tear your head off for needed an afternoon power nap. This hottie seems a little edgier than most of the girls we have on here, like she walks the fine line between wild child and sweetheart...tip-toeing it ever so gracefully. I dig it. Thanks again're gorgeous.

Tip of the Day

Q: Crystal, what's your best piece of dating advice for all the Philly guys out there who need love like LL Cool J?

A: The best advice I can give to single guy looking for love is to be yourself. Nothing is worse than a man who tries to act like he is something he isn't, on top of a man who cannot say whats on his mind and just be upfront. You must always be able to hold a decent, intelligent conversation!! If you can't connect with someone on that level, you might as well forget it. I don't know about other girls, but I need someone who can hold his own, be upfront! Never use cheesy pickup lines, and NEVER get your boy to approach a girl for you, definetly not sexy!

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Liquor? I Barely Even Knew Her! Oh!

Maria Lucia

Blaaaaaah. I hate Mondays more than anyone actually knows. The Soul won a championship, but it doesn't really count as a Philly championship cause...well, Arena League Football isn't a major sport. It's similar to a Badminton team winning. there's not enough fans for a parade. More people would just be there to listen to the free Bon Jovi concert (Woooohoooo! Livin On a Prayer! JBJ Rules!) But, thank god we've got these beautiful women every week to get us started on the right foot, and to help us forget we haven't had a major championship in over 25 years. Today we ventured out into the farmlands and rolling hills of Bucks County to bring you Maria Lucia. She's from my area, and I need to know...where do these girls hangout? It certainly isn't anyplace I go! I only see soccer moms, and Weight Watcher patients. This 19 year old hottie is a dreamer...she dreams big, but I'll let her talk more about that. This beauty has the body and brains to make any man melt....let's her more about her, eh?

Hey everyone. My name is Maria Lucia. I am nineteen years old. I go to school at Bucks County Community College for business. I have big dreams and one day I want to be a lawyer for fashion companies. I work at Hooters in Princeton NJ. I also just started modeling. I plan on being a lingerie/ swimsuit model.

Just started modeling? Well, she picked the right modeling fields,...swimsuit and lingerie. I mean, just look at the pictures. She's a natural. The body curves dangerously at all the right checkpoints, and she's comfortable in those teeny little outfits (which adds bonus points). If you came home and found Maria Lucia cooking dinner in her workwear, you'd be one of the luckiest men on the face of the earth. Maria is also a Hooters girl in Princeton, and if every white trash man has one dream, it's to date a Hooters girl at some point in their life. Plus she's a humble hottie. She thanked us for thinking she's pretty enough to be on the website. She's even got goals and dreams. She wants to be a high powered attorney for Fashion companies....(Judge: "Councilor, I'm going to have to file a motion regarding your attire. The next time you wear a Hooters outfit into my courtroom will most certainly be the last") Okay, so she won't really wear that into the courtroom, but goddamn, how could she lose if she did? Really, though, Maria Lucia is smokin. Pretty, humble, smart, and she's get that certain tangible sexiness. You can;t see it or touch it, but you just know it's there.

Tip of the Day
Q: Maria Lucia....tell us about your perfect man!

A: My perfect man is a man who can make me laugh and has a gorgeous smile. Laughing and smiling are contagious and I love a man who just likes to have fun. Also though he has to be a romantic. The small things mean a lot sometimes more than the big things. A text saying "Hey baby, thinking about you. Hope you have a good day" makes me feel special. I also need a man who has a goal or goals in his life. My dating advice would be to be yourself and just have fun.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Atomic Bombshell's Anatomically Correct Dating Advice

Dear Atomic Bombshell,

A few weeks ago, I ran into a girl I used to date out at a bar. My first impression was "Wow! she looks amazing!" I was happy to see her, actually. It had been a long time since I saw her and she really did look great. We had drinks, we got caught up, we laughed, it was nice. At the end of the night, we both had a hard time saying goodbye. One thing lead to another and I woke up in her bed the next day. The excitement was still there but much less than it was the night before. I realized that I had no idea why I did what I did with her. I do care for her but at the end of the day, there were things about her that just didn't mesh with me. She started calling me all the time and we talk. She has been trying to see me but I have been staying at a distance until I figure out how to handle this. She is a great girl and she's beautiful and funny. I feel bad that I don't feel the same way about her. Sometimes, I wish that I did. I'm not sure what I want, I just don't want to hurt her.

Regret Sexing the Ex

Dear "Regret Sexing the Ex,"

It happens. We have all jumped in the sack with an ex that we probably shouldn't even be speaking too. Sometimes our hormones can cloud our judgement and temporarily possess us, like the devil himself. Like makeup sex, sex with an ex can be great. But afterwards, there is that terrible, self-conscious "Oh god, what did I do?" moment when all is over and done with, and they had things to say. You know the things I'm talking about; "I've really, really missed you…" or "You should call me so we can get together this week and..." Sex with those exes, will probably raise their hopes about why you are back in their lives. By now, you have just realized that you neglected to let them know that it would be sex with no strings attached. You need to be honest. You can't un-ring a bell. What's done is done. Give the respect of having the talk. From now on, remember that EXES ARE EXES FOR A REASON! Thanks for writing.

Atomic Bombshell

Do you have questions or comments about sex or dating? I want to hear your pain. Email me at

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Friday, July 25, 2008

She Climbin That Pole, And I'm In Love With A Stripper

Allicia Leigh

Whoa, fellas. Look at this beauty. Allicia Leigh. It's not rare for us to have models on this site...not rare at all. But we do rarely have this type of model. Allicia Leigh is an adult model, and is now making a foray over into adult films. She was Miss Howard Stern TV May 2008, and has also been on Jenny Jones. I'm more of a fan of Maury, "Rob B. are NOT the father!" You can see this hottie at Rick's Cabaret, the hottest new adult club in Philly. The best part about Rick's....they fly the girls in from all around the country. So you won't see the secretary from your work strutting her stuff, but then again, that could make the workplace a liiiittle bit weird. Anway, let's have Allicia tell us a lil more about herself.

Im from Philly but live all over . I travel all the time for work so Im not home very much.

I love dogs. I have 4, 3 Bull dogs and a Yorkie. They are so much fun!! I love coming home from a trip and they are jumping all over me!

I have been Modeling for 14 years. Its so much fun. I am now doing film. Yes adult film . I dont want any little girls looking up to me and I dont want to be a childs role model!!! Hope that people will know I would only talk to an adult about this biz!!!!

This is what I'm talkin about! Different types of women. This is the 32nd flavor of Baskin Robbins...Forbidden Fruit. She looks almost like a Barbie Doll, but the Malibu Corvette isn't the best accessory. You can see more of this lovely hottie at Needless to say, this site is NSFW...and if you don't know what that means, and your at work...just click the link, dude. You're cool. I wasn't even gonna warn anyone about it. I just wanted to imagine your faces as you scramble to click it off the screen. Seriously, head over to Rick's sometime. You won't regret that decision one bit. Especially if you get a chance to see the lovely Allicia Leigh. Thanks again, Allicia. You can't miss her with the platinum blonnde hair and baby doll outfit. Fellas, I'm getting rid of the hands above the desk rule for the day. I'd kick my grandmother in the shins for a night with this hottie. Feel free to have a go.

Tip of the Day

Q: Allicia, where's the best place to pick up a hottie like yourself?

A: I must say there are not alot of good women in philly bars. The best place to pick a up is in the super market just look for the frozen dinners in there cart. dead give away she is single! and needs a home cooked meal !!

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ay, Can I Please Talk To My Bust It Baby Real Quick, Homey


Well, I'm attempting to quit smoking today, so deal with me, as this might be below par while I tap my fingers relentlessly on my desk. It's no secret here at Local Hotties that we loooooove, love, love our McFadden's Girls. Seriously, it's like god waved his magic wand and said, "We're going to make this awesome place with beautiful, personable girls as employees, beer that flows like a waterfall, and sports....sports everywhere." And *Blam* McFaddens Ballpark was born.
So today we profile the gorgeous Pamela. This girl looks like fun. She definitely knows how to have a good time, doesn't mind being the center of attention, and looks like she loves to push the boundaries, you may even find her doing Karaoke. Only downside to Pamela....look at the finger. Her best friend is the one and only Nikki, who is still top 5 as my favorite hotties ever and is another ballpark girl. This 23 year old hottie can be found at Philly and Jersey's hottest events....she was a wingette at the wing bowl. She's also a go-go dancer (which is NOT stripping) but when you go to the clubs, she's the girl paid to dance on the platforms and bring some life to the party. I don't doubt it for one second that Pamela can get a party started. This girl looks like a handful, but in a fun way. Daring and beautiful, I can't wait until my next Phillies game. I'm just gonna lean back onto the bar and be like "Pour it here! Right here!" as I feverishly point to my mouth and make awkward faces. Then the lovely Pamela will come along and pour an unknown alcoholic beverage down my throat, and it will be lights out for me. That's how the Ballpark usually goes....and I'm fine with that. Just keep Pamela around and I'm completely cool with that.... Wow. The more I look at this hottie, the more I like her.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your best piece of dating advice for all those Phillies fans out there?
A: dont start of a convo with pet names sweetheart mommi ect. some girls find it disrespectful and rude (myself included) just engage yourself in a normal conversation as if you were just talking to a friend. no weird names. But I want to send a message to all the women out there. If your latina, you can feel free to call us "Papi" all you want. may be one of the hottest things ever. Just don't call us Daddy. That's when shit goes from hot to weird.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Drivin' Miss Day-Z

Miss Day

Oh man do we have a treat for you today. First off Phils won...and Blanton lost 5 lbs (he should join Jared and eat those half-assed Subway things they call hoagies). Anyways, Miss Day is a good friend of yesterday's hottie. To meet these girls out together at a bar or anywhere... I'd probably end up wetting myself in front of them just like you used to do when you drank too many Miller Chills and forget to take a leak before you went to bed. The combination of these 2 girls makes me speechless. Miss Day is currently attending the Art Institute of Philadelphia, majoring in Fashion Marketing. Yeah, think she has that one covered. She is also doing a bit of work as a model, journalist, and stylist. Here we go again with the total package and she's only 22.

She is originally from Honolulu...nice and exotic. There's not much else to say about Miss Day but DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMNNNNNN!

Tip of the Day

Q:Miss Day, what's the best dating advice you could give to the single guys in Philly?


A.) Absolutely be yourself and confident of the type of person that you are.

B.) Never use a corny line because chances are we've heard it before & it's un-origional.

C.) If you can make me laugh I'll love you and any other girl will too!

All I can is say is....well nothing. I'll go sit in my room and hope that Miss Day comes a knockin'.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

And When She's Walkin' She's Lookin So Fi - i - ine, And When She's Talkin She'll Say That She's Mi - i - i -ne


Some people are just born beautiful. there's no work needed...whatever God you believe in came down, swiped his brush in one perfect stroke, and just created pure beauty. While they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I'd be hard pressed to find anyone who didn't agree with me on today's hottie. She's got that Christie Brinkley youthfulness, with a pinch innocence sprinkled on top. She's beautiful AND cute at the same time. I didn't even know that was possible. I mean, I know I brag a lot about the hotties we have on here. A lot of them are girl next door or Maxim type models. Kristen's got the beauty and the charm. We don't come across many hotties like this one....

- I live in the Art Museum Area.- I am a graduate from The Art Institute of Philadelphia with a degree in Fashion Marketing.

- I currently am a model and store manager.

- I have a background in special events, fashion showroom sales and advertising in addition to what I do now.

- I love fashion, traveling, art, politics and astrology.

- I love anything that gets my adrenaline pumping! I like heights and fast cars...

An added bonus, this hottie knows how to dress to impress. A Fashion background to go along with the fashion model looks....shit. Then figure in that she loves heights and fast cars....can you find anything NOT to like about Kristen? I'm stuck. I'm even trying and I'm stumped. She's got a healthy work resume, so she can help support herself (and possibly you, ya broke bastards). It's the legs on this one that get me. This hottie surely knows how to work the camera...the coy little smile. The "you know you want this, but you can't have it" stare. I've seen it before, and I'm butter everytime. Now take her're never gonna get advice on how to impress a woman like this again. At least not in your own pathetic little life. And by "your" I mean "my". Honestly though, this may be the most natural beauty this site has seen. Soak it in.

Tip of the Day

Q: Kristen, what's the best way to impress someone as beautiful as you?

A: Never act cocky. Many girls like myself prefer men that are not full of themselves. Let the girls ask the questions. Sometimes when men talk to much about themselves they come off as self-centered and "big-headed".

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Monday, July 21, 2008

This Hottie's A Real Jackass...No, Really....In a Good Way


In the words of the immortal Snoop Dogg, "Oooooooweeeeee!" Meliss is a bonafied hottie. A true southern belle, who moved into the Philly area recently. This 20 year old hottie has a body to die for and a face to match. Ive heard that the girls in the south are so much different from the girls around here. There's a politeness about them, a genuine friendliness that you don't find often around here. That's lovely every once in awhile, but I'll still take some attitude every now and then, please. This hottie can switch from her hair color from Brunette to Blonde in a moments notice, and she look gorgeous as both. She's also done some modeling with our very own , Kourtney Lee! Her and KL together are maybe the tandem in America. If they hit the road together, they'd be millionaires. Anyway, Meliss...tell em what makes you ..ummm well, you.

The names Melissa.. I moved to West Chester about almost a yr ago in October. I am 20 years of age and love going out to the city for a good time...Back home I mostly would go to events in a field partying and just to relax and have a good time. I am a country girl at heart with not a single mean bone in my body. I love to drink cold beer, and tanning, working out are my fav things to do. For fun I go out with my girls and having the best time dancing, smiling, and laughing till the night is over. Swimming is good exercise and a blast. I currently work at Hooters in Concordville, Pa but in September I'm going back to school to be a dental hygienist. I am a unique girl because not only am I pretty.. but I have the best personality.. all in one package. I can make you laugh with my sweet southern accent or make you smile by just a conversation.

A field party...this sounds like something that could be fun. Is this like I see in the movies where kids get all liquored up and play chicken with their tractors? That's awesome. Our interesting fact of the date...this hotties engaged to Rake Yohn of Viva La Bam and CKY movie fame. That's pretty neat, and just goes to prove that I got into the wrong form of entertainment. Melissa does model part time, and works at Hooters. Hot Damn...the southern belle thing has me baffled. I mean a woman who looks like this, and also has that little twang in her accent. I don;t even know what else to say....I'm speechless. Just look...I've always wondered what it would take to impress a Southern we know. Great advice today.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your advice for all the single, shy Philly guys?

A: First, the best place to meet a girl is while your out but sober. Calmly if you see an attractive lady kindly make slow talk.. conversation..What do you like to do for fun? Whats your fav food?.. ex..Second every girl loves a shy guy because it's fun taking on that challenge of finding out what that guys about. So if your shy don't be scared what do you have to lose? So you get knocked down well theres a million different fish in the saw..move on. The key is true love is when you least expect to find it so never be negative and make as many friends as possible.

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Atomic Bombshell's Anatomically Correct Dating Advice

Pronunciation: \ˈkrē-pē\
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): creep·i·er; creep·i·est
Date: 1836
1: producing a nervous shivery apprehension
; also : eerie
2: of, relating to, or being a creep : annoyingly unpleasant
— creep·i·ly \-pə-lē\ adverb
— creep·i·ness \-pē-nəs\ noun

Dear Readers,

This week, I am taking time out from our normal dating Q & A to address behavior that I find to be inappropriate. It's really nice to get email to let me know that you like what I write. With that being said, I have also been getting creepy, harassing email from guys. In this day and age, it's not funny or flattering in any way. Showing up where I work and somehow obtaining my phone number and texting me at 3 am is BEYOND unacceptable. It is extremely creepy and will not be tolerated in any manner. I'm a friendly person and I love meeting people but this is so inappropriate! This is not the way to meet someone. If a girl does not respond to you, that does not mean TRY HARDER. If she doesn't give you her phone number or if she even gives you a fake phone number, TAKE THE HINT. No woman should ever have to be in a situation like this. Being pushy and pursuing a woman will not get you anything but a restraining order. I love writing this blog every week. I really appreciate everyone who writes to me every week. Due to the current situation, my email will be filtered through Rob B. Fresh. I will still get all your dating questions, etc. All the creepy, inappropriate emails will be dealt with by Rob. Thank you for reading and writing!

Atomic Bombshell

Do you have questions or comments about sex or dating? I want to hear your pain. Email me at

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Friday, July 18, 2008

I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It, I Hope Her Boyfriend Don't Mind It

Cherry Danish

This girls name alone sounds tasty. Cherry Danish...soak it up, suckas. Another Jersey girl, who can be found exploring the center of our fine city on the weekends. She's also pals with past hottie, Pasqualina, who I got the pleasure of meeting and she's even hotter in person.. So there's the Philly connection. Interesting fact about this hottie. She's got at least three tattoos. One on the inside of her bottom lip that says "Juicy", and one on each of her asscheeks. No effin lie. I think the left asscheek is a star, and the right asscheek is the sun. I don't know for sure, I was too mesmerized by her butt to properly examine the tats. Does a Cherry Danish taste just as good at night as it does in the morning? This hotties got some interesting things to umm...well, Cherry Danish, take it away!

Well I am a research scientist.. I do research on drug discoveries for human diseases such as neurological (ex: alzheimers, parkinsons), type I and type II diabetes etc. I would like to go back to grad school and obtain my PhD in biology. I am unique for MANY reasons believe me or ask anyone that knows me hahaha. I love to travel and see the world, I love being spontaneous and doing anything adventurous especially pertaining to the outdoors (water sports especially). I will try anything once and if I don't like it I just wont do it again hahaha. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE WINE AND SUSHI!!! I am a girly girl but I still love playing rough and throwing a softball around or going to the batting cages which is definitely a favorite of mine. I love to laugh and I LOVE making people laugh even if its when I make an ass out of myself hahaha..

Who knew science could be so hot? CSI is just television, so I never actually thought a scientist could really look like Marg Helgenberger (Rosinbagger...warm up, your goin in!). Then to top it off she can go from the lab to the batting cages... that's my final processing date. Like in the middle stage of hanging out..if a girl doesn't mind going to the batting cages, and then she can actually hit...we've got a winner. I still bet I can strike her out though. 4 pitches. The first ones a low outside fastball. Second one a long sweeping curve...third pitch is my brushback, then I'll paint the outside corner for a called third strike. Sorry, I'm competitive. She also doesn;t mind making an ass out of herself, just to make people laugh. I need to know what outdorrsy is it hunting your own meal, then cooking it....or is it canoeing through Tyler Park? I don't know, but I NEED to know. We've slept on this hottie for a while, and I'm kicking myself for not having her on sooner. Her boobs may be top 5 of best racks we've ever had on here. They're real and they're spectacular. Thanks again, Cherry Danish.

Tip of the Day

Q: Cherry Danish, what's your best dating advice for us single Philly dopes?

A: My best piece of advice for single guys is ALWAYS ask a girl out if you are interested... Never be intimidated because most of the time the girl wants you to pursue her.. DON'T FEAR REJECTION NO MATTER WHAT SHE LOOKS LIKE!

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