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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Knock, Knock, Yo I'm Knockin On The Bank

Barbie Bacardi

No, her real name isn't's Michelle. But barbie Bacardi sounds so cool. Apparently she got the nickname during a tagging spree that she may/or may not have gone on in high school. The details are shady, but it appears Barbie Bacardi is into some cool shit. Apparently she can tag, like graffitti...she likes money, she dresses pretty damn hot...but she said a few things about herself that really caught me a little off guard.......

I'm all about getting the most out of life. I wanna see it all, try it all, meet all types of different people,etc. I like to learn about shit and make them greenbacks (yaymean?!) which is why I'm going back to school next semester..on some entrepreneur shit... one day ill be so rich ill be able to swim in my cash flow Duck-Tales style. I'm really independent and ambitious. I work all the time and go to school. I wanna make a difference in the world... even if i just make a difference in one persons life.

Dude, swimming in a pool of money Duck-Tales style. Scrooge McDuck would be so proud of us today. That sentence alone gave me a semi. Barbie may be one of the cooler hotties we've had on our site, let alone one of the hottest. Oh Barbie....great boobs. Seriously, spectacular. That had to be said....we're all thinking it, and I can't just ignore them. To go along with the twins, she's got color changing hair (currently dark brown) and sea blue eyes....they'll hyptonize you if you look too long. Making a difference is important too....that's the one that kind of caught me off guard. I'm not gonna lie, but a lot of the hotties we pass up (and even some of the ones we profile) are pretty focused on themselves, and their wild dreams of curing cancer and ridding the world of poverty. Barbie realizes that the world can't be cured, but you gotta start somewhere. (Bites tongue...resists "I got a place to start" joke.....sigh of relief) I also like that she may, or may not, know how to how to graffiti. I was into that in high school, but I have no artistic ability, so my scribbling looks like a Friendly's Dinner Placemat. We've been doing VERY good these last few weeks, and Barbie is no exception....I honestly don't know why all women can't be like this...looks and personality, and plenty of pictures....

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your best piece of advice for all those single guys in Philly?

A: ok.... i was recently dating someone for a year come to find out he was still sleeping with his ex girlfriend the entire time and, when confronted, he lied about it to my face...and continued to tell me they were just friends. I recently found out and couldn't be any more hurt. I really trusted him but now he lost it all. The twisted thing is she knew about me. I'm disgusted. But hey I guess they deserve each other. I don't play that. I believe what comes around goes around. Men- just be honest..lying isn't worth the drama. Do what you say and say what you do.


Mike said...

I don't understand why any guy would cheat on someone as beautiful as you. I certainly wouldn't. :)

w.c. said...

if you two were just talking, is it really considered cheating? sounds alil shaky to me.

heem said...

hottest girl ever