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Monday, July 21, 2008

This Hottie's A Real Jackass...No, Really....In a Good Way


In the words of the immortal Snoop Dogg, "Oooooooweeeeee!" Meliss is a bonafied hottie. A true southern belle, who moved into the Philly area recently. This 20 year old hottie has a body to die for and a face to match. Ive heard that the girls in the south are so much different from the girls around here. There's a politeness about them, a genuine friendliness that you don't find often around here. That's lovely every once in awhile, but I'll still take some attitude every now and then, please. This hottie can switch from her hair color from Brunette to Blonde in a moments notice, and she look gorgeous as both. She's also done some modeling with our very own , Kourtney Lee! Her and KL together are maybe the tandem in America. If they hit the road together, they'd be millionaires. Anyway, Meliss...tell em what makes you ..ummm well, you.

The names Melissa.. I moved to West Chester about almost a yr ago in October. I am 20 years of age and love going out to the city for a good time...Back home I mostly would go to events in a field partying and just to relax and have a good time. I am a country girl at heart with not a single mean bone in my body. I love to drink cold beer, and tanning, working out are my fav things to do. For fun I go out with my girls and having the best time dancing, smiling, and laughing till the night is over. Swimming is good exercise and a blast. I currently work at Hooters in Concordville, Pa but in September I'm going back to school to be a dental hygienist. I am a unique girl because not only am I pretty.. but I have the best personality.. all in one package. I can make you laugh with my sweet southern accent or make you smile by just a conversation.

A field party...this sounds like something that could be fun. Is this like I see in the movies where kids get all liquored up and play chicken with their tractors? That's awesome. Our interesting fact of the date...this hotties engaged to Rake Yohn of Viva La Bam and CKY movie fame. That's pretty neat, and just goes to prove that I got into the wrong form of entertainment. Melissa does model part time, and works at Hooters. Hot Damn...the southern belle thing has me baffled. I mean a woman who looks like this, and also has that little twang in her accent. I don;t even know what else to say....I'm speechless. Just look...I've always wondered what it would take to impress a Southern we know. Great advice today.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your advice for all the single, shy Philly guys?

A: First, the best place to meet a girl is while your out but sober. Calmly if you see an attractive lady kindly make slow talk.. conversation..What do you like to do for fun? Whats your fav food?.. ex..Second every girl loves a shy guy because it's fun taking on that challenge of finding out what that guys about. So if your shy don't be scared what do you have to lose? So you get knocked down well theres a million different fish in the saw..move on. The key is true love is when you least expect to find it so never be negative and make as many friends as possible.