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Thursday, July 10, 2008

I wish that I was Jessie's girl??


Phils win!! Phils Win! Stop the presses. Suckers. Well thats ONE win....let's start a trend here. Today we've got the lovely Jessie. She hails from Levittown (L-Town! WHAT!!!) and is 21 years old. This cutie knows how to work a'll have to excuse me today, I'm sick as hell.

"For fun... i play the piano, i sing, i read up on mythology, i'm writing a novel/memoir.. i go out in old city a lot, have somme drinks. i absolutely love going to concerts and seeing broadway shows. i go to school for stenography (court reporting) and i want to do closed captioning for the eagles, phillies, and the E! network. then I'm going to school to be a fashion stylist. work is a little risque, haha.."

A little risque huh? She works as an exotic dancer at a club you;ve maybe frequented before. I'd tell ya the name but she's worried people aren't allowed to know her real name there. So, I'll be keeping this little gem of information to myself....selling it to the highest bidder. Also, during one of the Flyers game this year on closed captioning it said "Brayden Cockburn" I mean, thats pretty funny, right? This girl is the girl next door cutie....

Tip of the Day

Q: Jessie, what's your best piece of dating advice for all those guys out there?
A: Be yourself, and do not play head games. girls get to a certain point where they won't put up with it, and it's not attractive. don't come on too strong, but make sure to compliment her, and always be a gentleman. but most importantly... WEAR NICE COLOGNE! girls are a sucker (or at least i am) for guys who smell amazing :o)


not your typical Matt said...

absolutely gorgeous!.....good song too;-)