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Monday, July 28, 2008

Liquor? I Barely Even Knew Her! Oh!

Maria Lucia

Blaaaaaah. I hate Mondays more than anyone actually knows. The Soul won a championship, but it doesn't really count as a Philly championship cause...well, Arena League Football isn't a major sport. It's similar to a Badminton team winning. there's not enough fans for a parade. More people would just be there to listen to the free Bon Jovi concert (Woooohoooo! Livin On a Prayer! JBJ Rules!) But, thank god we've got these beautiful women every week to get us started on the right foot, and to help us forget we haven't had a major championship in over 25 years. Today we ventured out into the farmlands and rolling hills of Bucks County to bring you Maria Lucia. She's from my area, and I need to know...where do these girls hangout? It certainly isn't anyplace I go! I only see soccer moms, and Weight Watcher patients. This 19 year old hottie is a dreamer...she dreams big, but I'll let her talk more about that. This beauty has the body and brains to make any man melt....let's her more about her, eh?

Hey everyone. My name is Maria Lucia. I am nineteen years old. I go to school at Bucks County Community College for business. I have big dreams and one day I want to be a lawyer for fashion companies. I work at Hooters in Princeton NJ. I also just started modeling. I plan on being a lingerie/ swimsuit model.

Just started modeling? Well, she picked the right modeling fields,...swimsuit and lingerie. I mean, just look at the pictures. She's a natural. The body curves dangerously at all the right checkpoints, and she's comfortable in those teeny little outfits (which adds bonus points). If you came home and found Maria Lucia cooking dinner in her workwear, you'd be one of the luckiest men on the face of the earth. Maria is also a Hooters girl in Princeton, and if every white trash man has one dream, it's to date a Hooters girl at some point in their life. Plus she's a humble hottie. She thanked us for thinking she's pretty enough to be on the website. She's even got goals and dreams. She wants to be a high powered attorney for Fashion companies....(Judge: "Councilor, I'm going to have to file a motion regarding your attire. The next time you wear a Hooters outfit into my courtroom will most certainly be the last") Okay, so she won't really wear that into the courtroom, but goddamn, how could she lose if she did? Really, though, Maria Lucia is smokin. Pretty, humble, smart, and she's get that certain tangible sexiness. You can;t see it or touch it, but you just know it's there.

Tip of the Day
Q: Maria Lucia....tell us about your perfect man!

A: My perfect man is a man who can make me laugh and has a gorgeous smile. Laughing and smiling are contagious and I love a man who just likes to have fun. Also though he has to be a romantic. The small things mean a lot sometimes more than the big things. A text saying "Hey baby, thinking about you. Hope you have a good day" makes me feel special. I also need a man who has a goal or goals in his life. My dating advice would be to be yourself and just have fun.


AiMERS said...

Maria you're so gorgeous. It seems like yesterday you were only 15 years old and in a little bit of an awkward stage, lol. Now you're beautiful young woman and on a great path in life. I'm so proud of you.

michael said...

My favorite Hooters girl :)