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Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Like Girls Who Wear Abercrombie And Fitch

We're currently down due to BLOGGER issues. Hopefully we'll be able to bring you the lvoely bombshell tomorrow morning! Stay Tuned

Blondes on the loose!!!! We got another Jersey hottie for you today...Cherry Hill to be exact (the actual Philly girls are dropping the ball lately). Now before we even get into talking about this hottie, I'd like everyone to give a silent little golf clap at their work desks for this hottie. She's gorgeous and she's independent. She works for what she has, including her brand new car on 20 inch rims. Amazingly this hottie doesn't do any modeling, which is ararity for this site. Seems like every one and their grandmama can be a model anymore. This hottie certainly could Cryst'al, tell us a little more about yourself.

ok so i only have 63 days until i graduate my nursing program....i just turned 21...i thought i wasnt really going to like the bar scene.....well i was totally wrong...i cant get enough.... um i work at a local town bar every weekend...where i have great regular customers and friends..that just come to see me

A nurse...dude, she even looks hot in scrubs. And she works at a bar....but she's 21, so she may not have seen everything there is to see at a bar yet. For example, the dude who comes into the bar right after taking his "don't take with alcohol" medicine....then gets shitfaced off three beers and passes out in the bushes. That's my top bar story. He'd done it repeatedly too. Not just once. Here's the bright can;t possibly be that pathetic. And not being pathetic would probably mean you'd have a shot with a beauty like Cryst'al. Then again, I don't know you and I don't wanna rush to judgement. The best part about Cryst' can't take away a face like that. She's gonna be hot for, like, ever. This is what this site is about....beautiful women giving advice...and she gave some great advice. I gave her a specific question, and even a follow up question, and she didn't disappoint. With a face like that, she really couldn't have anyway.

Tip of the Day

Q1: Cryst'al, where's the best place to approach a hottie?

Ayyyyy: the best place to approach a hottie i would say, the easiest is a bar but it would be even better if it was like a grocery store and best buys...or even like target... it would be alot more easier to really get a great first impression...then the impression that im just at a bar and single and looking for anyone who i meet

Q2: Okay, so I'm at Best Buy and I see a hottie perusing the Simon and Garfunkel CD's, how do I make my approach? Just introduce myself, or say something cheesy, like that Paul Simon sure loves his pot?

Ayyyyyo: if shes not really like looking at you like she interested then dont even try to play yourself....but if shes kinda gives you the eye then be a man and approach shes a cool chill girl then even is she wasnt really interested she might even just exchange numbers to hang out..and when your going somewhere fun just send a simple text...but first thing first ask her if she has a boyfriend...if she says no she doesnt then from there be like well my name is _____ you just seemed like a pretty cool person if you ever wanted to go out for a drink sometime... then from there...

So Cryst'al, that Paul Simon sure likes his pot! Got a boyfriend or girlfriend? I'm Rob B. Fresh. Let's go get drunk. (Cool, I think I got the hang of this thing, right?...RIGHT?)

I actually have to say, that for the first time ever I had a problem deciding which picture goes first. Normally, it's a simple process. One picture is super sexy and the rest are hot...but one stands out. Today i couldn't decide against three of them. Literally took me 5minutes to decide.