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Friday, July 18, 2008

I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It, I Hope Her Boyfriend Don't Mind It

Cherry Danish

This girls name alone sounds tasty. Cherry Danish...soak it up, suckas. Another Jersey girl, who can be found exploring the center of our fine city on the weekends. She's also pals with past hottie, Pasqualina, who I got the pleasure of meeting and she's even hotter in person.. So there's the Philly connection. Interesting fact about this hottie. She's got at least three tattoos. One on the inside of her bottom lip that says "Juicy", and one on each of her asscheeks. No effin lie. I think the left asscheek is a star, and the right asscheek is the sun. I don't know for sure, I was too mesmerized by her butt to properly examine the tats. Does a Cherry Danish taste just as good at night as it does in the morning? This hotties got some interesting things to umm...well, Cherry Danish, take it away!

Well I am a research scientist.. I do research on drug discoveries for human diseases such as neurological (ex: alzheimers, parkinsons), type I and type II diabetes etc. I would like to go back to grad school and obtain my PhD in biology. I am unique for MANY reasons believe me or ask anyone that knows me hahaha. I love to travel and see the world, I love being spontaneous and doing anything adventurous especially pertaining to the outdoors (water sports especially). I will try anything once and if I don't like it I just wont do it again hahaha. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE WINE AND SUSHI!!! I am a girly girl but I still love playing rough and throwing a softball around or going to the batting cages which is definitely a favorite of mine. I love to laugh and I LOVE making people laugh even if its when I make an ass out of myself hahaha..

Who knew science could be so hot? CSI is just television, so I never actually thought a scientist could really look like Marg Helgenberger (Rosinbagger...warm up, your goin in!). Then to top it off she can go from the lab to the batting cages... that's my final processing date. Like in the middle stage of hanging out..if a girl doesn't mind going to the batting cages, and then she can actually hit...we've got a winner. I still bet I can strike her out though. 4 pitches. The first ones a low outside fastball. Second one a long sweeping curve...third pitch is my brushback, then I'll paint the outside corner for a called third strike. Sorry, I'm competitive. She also doesn;t mind making an ass out of herself, just to make people laugh. I need to know what outdorrsy is it hunting your own meal, then cooking it....or is it canoeing through Tyler Park? I don't know, but I NEED to know. We've slept on this hottie for a while, and I'm kicking myself for not having her on sooner. Her boobs may be top 5 of best racks we've ever had on here. They're real and they're spectacular. Thanks again, Cherry Danish.

Tip of the Day

Q: Cherry Danish, what's your best dating advice for us single Philly dopes?

A: My best piece of advice for single guys is ALWAYS ask a girl out if you are interested... Never be intimidated because most of the time the girl wants you to pursue her.. DON'T FEAR REJECTION NO MATTER WHAT SHE LOOKS LIKE!