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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Vote For Pat Burrell For All Star


Quick note: vote!!! Don't let the girl next door look fool you. This hottie can break hearts just as quickly as she makes them melt. At 26 years old, this Philly Hottie is a college graduate, working woman, and party girl all wrapped into one hot little package. Jackie's definitely got the look for this website....but does she have the personality and certain charm it takes to be a Philly Hottie?

OK I am an Assistant Buyer of designer handbags. I graduated from West Chester University in December of 04, where I was a sister of Zeta Tau Alpha - the best and hottest sorority there, obviously! For fun I like to go shopping, spend too much money on a dress I'll wear maybe once or twice, but then go out in Center City or AC and feel great! Though a big part of me is starting to settle down a little and I really also enjoy low key nights at random bars or sitting in with a movie and wine. I believe that everything happens for a reason and to ALWAYS have faith in what's meant to be will be.

She certainly does have what it takes....A sorority gal with blonde hair and the brown eyes to compliment her. She's a buyer of designer handbags, which I'm guessing is every little girls dream job...either that, or being a princess or something. The worst part is that as guys, we can probably rattle off like 5 different brands of purses, just as quickly as we can ring off 5 different brands of sneaker. We'll just never admit it. She also likes those low key nights at random bars, which are my personal favorite. Those usually end up being the best nights...good friends, cheap beer, and plenty of bartender schmoozing so that they occasionally forget to ring up your drinks.....if Jackie was along for that night, I can;t really imagine anything better...except for winning the lottery but come on, you;ve got a better chance of winning the lottery than taking out a girl like Jackie.

Tip of the Day

Q: Jackie, what's your best piece of dating advice for single guys in Philly?

A: My best piece of dating advice is to definitely be yourself and let the girl know that you're into her - flirt with her! You want a girl who's going to like you for you and not for the guy trying to be a stud at the bar in front of his boys!