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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Met Her At A Backyard Block Party By The Bar, And She Was Lookin At Me Like She Knew Who I Was


Mmmmmm, Italian girls. There's something to be said about these Italian girls. I love em. It's a confidence they walk around with...I noticed it ever since Meadow Soprano went to college. Crystal is no different. She's got that swagger that can't be faked or improvised. She's hot, she knows she's hot, and as soon as you see her, you'll know she's hot. If not, your probably an idiot. Crystal's a chameleon..she can switch from blonde hair to brown hair...nightclub clothes to scrubs, and still look hot doing it. That, my friends, is what we call a keeper. Well, Crystal, let's hear what you've got to tell us, hottie....

A little bit about me... well my name is Crystal. I am a 22 year old JERSEY GIRL :) I work for the Regional Medical Center and I am in school for Ultrasound/Diagnostic Imaging. When I am not working my ass off, I spend time w/ my boyfriend and I looove going to the bar/clubs, do my dance thing, get my drink on... and SLEEP!!

Oh shit, another Jersey girl. But she's a nurse. An ultrasound nurse, so the only way you'll get this hottie to check for hernia on you is if your pregnant. And that's not even possible. Damn. Well, you can take your knocked up one night stand in there, and if your smooth enough, maybe you can make a few moves on the hot Ultrasound girl while they rub that gooey stuff on your one night stands stomach. Unfortunately, Crystal is taken, buuuut if my theory proves right (and hotties travel in packs like wolves) she's got some gorgeous friends. Another brownie point to this hottie for loving to sleep. We don't hear that enough on this site....sometimes I just wanna spend a day in bed with a hottie. Finally, a woman who won't tear your head off for needed an afternoon power nap. This hottie seems a little edgier than most of the girls we have on here, like she walks the fine line between wild child and sweetheart...tip-toeing it ever so gracefully. I dig it. Thanks again're gorgeous.

Tip of the Day

Q: Crystal, what's your best piece of dating advice for all the Philly guys out there who need love like LL Cool J?

A: The best advice I can give to single guy looking for love is to be yourself. Nothing is worse than a man who tries to act like he is something he isn't, on top of a man who cannot say whats on his mind and just be upfront. You must always be able to hold a decent, intelligent conversation!! If you can't connect with someone on that level, you might as well forget it. I don't know about other girls, but I need someone who can hold his own, be upfront! Never use cheesy pickup lines, and NEVER get your boy to approach a girl for you, definetly not sexy!


WakeYourMindUp08 said...

:::sigh::: Where to start with Crystal?.. OH, I know! FAKE is one word that can sum it up just right. For starters.. let's talk about her look. Is she going for the trailer trash Barbie of the year award? touch up your new growth, the black roots, off blonde hair look is just all wrong. Its a shame for whoever your stylist is, because your mop looks like a rats nest. Maybe someone needs to take teasing 101? You think it looks good? Well good morning Sunshine, it looks like trash! Then again isn't that what Crystal is? hmmm.. One would think so with a "shit don't stink" kind of attitude this girl puts off. Earth to Crystal, you're not hot shit, you have no boobs, fat thighs, and a mediocre ass. Not to mention a face that doesn’t look any more original then the generic slut down the street. ONE MORE THING… I wouldn’t take dating advice from her either, she’s so clueless. She says be yourself.. well take your OWN advice, and stop being FAKE. I’d like to see a ditz like Crystal hold an intelligent conversation. ;-) Let’s see, what’s your comeback?