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Monday, July 14, 2008

Foxy Moxie In The House


Long weekend. Some great advice (as per the norm) from the Atomic Bombshell this weekend. A nice Phils win yesterday topped it off. And today I need a little help from our readers....where in Bucks County is the best place to go for dinner? Not tooo pricey, but someplace with a good atmosphere. Leave comments to let me know. So to start the week off with a bang!, we're bringing you Moxie. Let me channel my inner Jay-Z and just go with "What more can I say?" Just look at this beauty. Blonde hair and a tiny frame are always a lethal combo, then you top it off with green eyes, and I'm puddy. She comes to us by way of Jersey, but keep an eye out for this hottie, cause it's not the last you'll be seeing of her. Why? We'll, read on, needledick.

i am not stuck up and i dont think i am better then you. Some times i am shy when i first meet you but i really like to be crazy and have fun. I support animal rights and I cry at the thought of abuse to poor defenceless creatures. I am famous for making up my own words and shortening sentences. I ALWAYS make time for my friends because they are important to me. I HAVE to wear matching bra and underwear! hah! i AM ARTiSTiC: i am a model, actress, singer, web designer, graphics designer, photographer, hair designer, interior designer.

This hottie can do it all. A model, actress, web designer, interior designer, she's artistic as shit and wants you to know that. The creative types are always the fun ones. Interesting fact: She's got "FOXY" tattooed inside her bottom lip. See...that's the artistic type. It's too much for some guys too handle, but once you get a grip on it...hang on, fella, it's gonna be a fun ride. I have a feeling this girl can bring you out of your shell. Like after a year of dating her all of a sudden you've got "I heart MOM" tattooed on your arm and you've suddenly grown emo bangs. Moxie is defined as aggressive energy; initiative. Foxy Moxie seems to fit that seems like she's a go getter and, really, who doesn't mind a little hot aggression once in a while? I'll sure take, just leave the whips and shit at home..the handcuffs? Yeah, you can bring them.

Tip of the Day

Q: Foxy Moxie, what can a guy do to impress you?

A: Best piece of dating advice? Always be honest and treat a woman like a princess. An amazing girlfriend would cherish you forever ;)

You can see more of Moxie at Browse through the site. It's worth your time. Like your time is that goddamn valuable anyway, loser. Get back to work.


SKIBUM said...

Moxie is an incredible Hottie and such a genuine sweetheart. When she is in front of a camera something beautiful and artistic is about to be created.

Anonymous said...

Moxie is a wonderful woman and a great friend. She really is a sweetheart and is as beautiful as she is genuinely nice. Treat her right and show her the respect she deserves.

~Jennifer Ann~ said...

ummm yeah. hi. I love her.