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Friday, July 25, 2008

She Climbin That Pole, And I'm In Love With A Stripper

Allicia Leigh

Whoa, fellas. Look at this beauty. Allicia Leigh. It's not rare for us to have models on this site...not rare at all. But we do rarely have this type of model. Allicia Leigh is an adult model, and is now making a foray over into adult films. She was Miss Howard Stern TV May 2008, and has also been on Jenny Jones. I'm more of a fan of Maury, "Rob B. are NOT the father!" You can see this hottie at Rick's Cabaret, the hottest new adult club in Philly. The best part about Rick's....they fly the girls in from all around the country. So you won't see the secretary from your work strutting her stuff, but then again, that could make the workplace a liiiittle bit weird. Anway, let's have Allicia tell us a lil more about herself.

Im from Philly but live all over . I travel all the time for work so Im not home very much.

I love dogs. I have 4, 3 Bull dogs and a Yorkie. They are so much fun!! I love coming home from a trip and they are jumping all over me!

I have been Modeling for 14 years. Its so much fun. I am now doing film. Yes adult film . I dont want any little girls looking up to me and I dont want to be a childs role model!!! Hope that people will know I would only talk to an adult about this biz!!!!

This is what I'm talkin about! Different types of women. This is the 32nd flavor of Baskin Robbins...Forbidden Fruit. She looks almost like a Barbie Doll, but the Malibu Corvette isn't the best accessory. You can see more of this lovely hottie at Needless to say, this site is NSFW...and if you don't know what that means, and your at work...just click the link, dude. You're cool. I wasn't even gonna warn anyone about it. I just wanted to imagine your faces as you scramble to click it off the screen. Seriously, head over to Rick's sometime. You won't regret that decision one bit. Especially if you get a chance to see the lovely Allicia Leigh. Thanks again, Allicia. You can't miss her with the platinum blonnde hair and baby doll outfit. Fellas, I'm getting rid of the hands above the desk rule for the day. I'd kick my grandmother in the shins for a night with this hottie. Feel free to have a go.

Tip of the Day

Q: Allicia, where's the best place to pick up a hottie like yourself?

A: I must say there are not alot of good women in philly bars. The best place to pick a up is in the super market just look for the frozen dinners in there cart. dead give away she is single! and needs a home cooked meal !!


AlliciaLeigh said...

Its Allicia Leigh, I dont dance at Ricks cab I just was there for one night show and thats place is dead my god !! If you want to have fun go to Cheerleaders its a good time and will will not fall asleep like you will at ricks!!
also If you would like to see all of me GO TO
xoXXX,Allicia Leigh