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Monday, July 7, 2008

Excuse Me, Flo..What's The Hottie Du Jour? "It's The Hottie Of The Day" Mmmmmm, That Sounds Good. I'll Have That


Oh my gosh dangit. My liver says hello and goodbye all at the same time. Fourth of July and four day benders equal no good. The only good thing to come outta this weekend was this hottie. I think we found pure (like a blaaah) I'm in love, I think. This hottie hails from the south part of Philly...kinda like Rocky. But she's hot, oh, and she doesn't beat meat...hmmmmm she doesn't PUNCH meat. I don't know if I'm diggin the eyes or the smile more, it'd be a toss up. She says she's not too interesting, but you know what? That may be a good thing. During my in depth research I've found that the more "interesting" a woman is...the more likely she is to be hussy. Either way, someone grab some Cirque De Solil tickets and take this hottie out. She says she likes stuff like that, which most of us guys really don't unless we ate a lot of mushrooms or acid, but I'd take the hit for this one. I'd probably even go to a broadway show (shit, did I really just admit that?) for this hottie. Dammit, I'm just gonna shut up.....just eat up the hotness here. The smile is gorgeous. t turns me into butter...I just melt. I'm literally in love I think......just. wow. Is anyone else seeing a little Jessica Alba...maybe mixed with some Eva Evangelina? Dammit this girl is fine.

Tip of the Day

Q: What's your best dating advice for single guys in Philly?

Ayyyyyyy: hey there. single men advice??? ooh lord stay singlee haha no im kidding i say stop trying to find love in the club thats as real as it gets and of course when u get her treat her right and dont make her cry!!!

How come Usher can find Love In The Club, but I'm shit outta luck? Is it the sideburns? Or his ultra manicured beard?